Chapter 46

Rain was on her feet in the same instant. "Jet!" she cried, a tone of panic seeping into her voice. She looked into his eyes, but they were void of their usual spark, replaced instead with rage and hate. This was not the Jet she knew.

"Jet?" she said again, more hesitant this time, even taking a small step back. Her voice seemed to be breaking through to him, though. The emotion in his eyes began to change from hatred to confusion. She then noticed that his eyes were downcast as he stared at the figure sprawled across the ground.

"James!" she exclaimed, dropping to her knees beside him. In the midst of her concern for Jet, she had totally forgotten that James was the one who had been knocked unconscious. "James, are you okay?" she asked, shaking him slightly. But he didn't move. A quick examination of vital signs confirmed that he was still alive, but out cold. It was useless to try to wake him up.

At this, Rain slowly rose to her feet again to confront Jet, who now wore a mask of disappointment. She didn't say anything, only inspected his expression to find some clue as to why he had overreacted so easily. After a moment, though, it was Jet who spoke. "Sorry," he mumbled under his breath so quietly that she had to strain to hear it.

There were so many questions streaming through her head, but she began with the simplest. "Why?"

Jet squeezed his eyes shut, as if the question had struck him painfully. "I don't know."

"What do you mean you 'don't know'?"

"I just don't, okay?" he yelled suddenly, surprising even himself. Now, though, his voice returned to just above a whisper. "I-I just was jealous, at first, because I knew you were with him . . . I tried not to care, because I knew it was a stupid thing to worry about. After that, I . . . I just don't know what happened. I couldn't see anything clearly, and it was as if my body was separate from my mind. Then I woke up . . . and James was on the ground." He could already tell that the story sounded ridiculous. He sounded like a madman, and the way Rain was looking at him now only reinforced this idea.

"So you're saying that your body took over, and you couldn't control anything you did?" Jet could sense the utter disbelief in her voice.

"Well when you put it like that, I can see why it would sound ridiculous," he groaned. "But honestly, we spend most of our time running from aliens and traveling through time and space in a tiny blue box. Is my story really that hard to believe?"

He had a point. However, it seemed more like an excuse than a legitimate reason to believe him. "You know, you don't have to make up ridiculous things like this. I can take whatever you have to say."

"Then why won't you believe me now?" he shouted. "I've never lied to you before. What could I have possibly done to lose your trust?"

Rain faltered at this. Unthinkingly, her mind flashed back to the day Jet had been hit by the car, the day he'd died. She remembered seeing him walk down the street on that very same day, looking as healthy as he had the day they'd met. Finally, she remembered the painful days following that, when he hadn't even known her name. She had fallen in love with him, and it had seemed as though all her progress had been for nothing. She thought about how she had broken him from this sort of amnesia, and her hand subconsciously flew to her abdomen. However, she dropped it when she realized that Jet was still waiting for an answer.

"Nothing," she said, realizing that it was true. "I'm sorry."

"So you'll believe me?" he asked hopefully.

She sighed. It didn't look like she'd have much of a choice. Plus, he was right; there was no reason that she shouldn't trust him. "Yes. But now we should probably take James back to his house."

"Oh. Yes. Right," Jet said, looking down at the still-unconscious man. Carefully, he bent down to pick him up, straddling a limp arm around his shoulder. Rain took the other arm, and they set off toward the village. It took them a little longer to get there than it had before, considering they were now carrying a considerably greater amount of weight, but slowly and surely they made it to James' house and laid him on his bed.

"How long do you suppose we have before he wakes up?" Rain asked.

Jet shrugged. "I'd say a couple hours at the least." They stood there quietly for a moment, not saying anything. "When do you think the Doctor will be back?"

Rain sighed. "I've been wondering the same thing."

"Well, we can't just sit here and wait until he does." Jet stated. "We might as well enjoy our time here. I was going to explore the village earlier, but you weren't around."

Rain smiled, remembering how the same thing had crossed her mind. "I think we've found a pastime for today."

"I think we have," Jet answered, holding out his arm to her.

She grabbed onto him gratefully, but cautiously. If he was telling the truth, and something really had possessed him, there was no way for her to know if it could happen again. But she kept these thoughts hidden inside of her, taking his arm and just enjoying his company for now.

As they ventured farther into the village, they passed several small buildings with people working in or outside of them. Loud clinking noises sounded from a garage where a man pounded red-hot steel, sending sparks flying. As he noticed them, he glanced up and waved before returning back to his work. This was how it went as they passed more and more people. Everyone here seemed to be friendly and enjoying themselves, even though all were hard at work. It was the kind of atmosphere in which you couldn't help but be happy.

Eventually, Rain and Jet ended up at the little bakery on the far side of the village. The smell of bread had been wafting through the village all day, and the two of them had been subconsciously heading toward this place all day. Peering in the window, they could see at least twenty different kinds of bread, probably more. The sight alone was enough to pull them through the door without even realizing that neither of them had any money. By explaining this to the friendly woman at the counter, they were able to leave with a small loaf each as "souvenirs." The loaves were gone in minutes.

The rest of the day was spent exploring everything else the village had to offer and chatting with the native people, who still seemed like the friendliest people on the planet, even though they had never met anyone else on the planet.

Before they knew it, the sun was setting. The day seemed to have passed in a blur. "I think James is probably awake by now," Rain said, giggling slightly.

Jet smiled. "Yeah, probably. But who says we have to go back just yet?"

"Well, we have seen the entire village by now," Rain pointed out.

He shrugged. "Then I guess we'll just have to check out the forest," he said, leading her into the trees.

They walked until the noise of the village was no longer audible. The only noises were the trickling creek and the wind through the trees. "It's so peaceful here," Rain pointed out. But Jet wasn't focused on her words. His eyes were locked with hers, drawing her attention away from the forest. They had been leaning closer this whole time without even realizing it. It was as if a magnetic force was pulling them together until finally they were only an inch apart. Rain closed her eyes, savoring the moment as Jet's lips crashed into hers. Her arms automatically flew around his neck, keeping him there.

This moment was perfect. There was no James and no villagers to intervene. Just them.

But then a noise came from the forest, only a few feet from where they stood. Vwoorp vwoorp was the noise that joined those of the creek and the trees. And soon a blue box stood amidst the forest.

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