The Teddy Bears' Picnic

Chapter 12

Elliot ran out onto the road, desperately looking around to see if he could spot the person who’d delivered the gift.

I’ve only been here a few minutes, how is this possible?

His stomach churned as he realised whoever was doing this had to be watching them. Closely.

His hands shook and he desperately tried to stop the ringing in his ears that was making it impossible for him to concentrate.

Without further thought he grabbed the box and bolted back inside, slamming the door behind him and sucking in a few deep breaths.

‘Tyrell!’ he shouted frantically.

Tyrell came running out to where he had flopped against the wall, suddenly drained of all energy.

‘Elliot, what’s wro-‘ he started, the concern in his eyes quickly turning to fear as he spotted what Elliot was holding.

‘I guess this is the next clue,’ Tyrell gulped, aware that he should be happy, but instead feeling rooted to the spot in terror. Elliot knew Tyrell hated this feeling of complete powerlessness as much as he did.

‘Yeah,’ was all Elliot could muster breathlessly.

‘So, I guess I should open it.’ Still he took no steps towards Elliot, and looked like the last thing in the world he wanted was to know what was in that box.

‘I-I could do it,’ Elliot stammered, and Tyrell just nodded mutely.

Elliot unwrapped the box carefully, as a memory from his childhood filtered into his mind. He could just catch snippets of it; him slowly unwrapping a large box while Darlene shouted at him to hurry up and rip the paper off. His father had laughed. Elliot couldn’t remember what was in that box, or even how old he was in the memory. He’d listened to Darlene though, ripping off the paper with joyful abandon. It was a happy memory. He wasn’t going to do that now though. This was not an occasion for joy.

He could see Tyrell was holding his breath as he watched him open the box. Elliot could, for what felt like the thousandth time, almost taste his disappointment. He pulled out the contents and handed them to Tyrell. His disappointment started to fade though, as a look of recognition entered Tyrell’s face.

Tyrell looked down at the soft teddy-bear in his hands. Elliot could see tears in his eyes and the tension in his jaw as he fought to keep himself from sobbing out loud. He looked on, wanting to reach out and touch him, offer comfort, but he felt completely paralysed.

Tyrell was squeezing the bear now, knuckles white and forearms shaking, as his tears spilled over. After several long moments he snapped out of it with a gasp, and turned away from Elliot. Elliot too snapped out of his trance and moved forward to put his hand on Tyrell’s shaking shoulder.

With alarm he suddenly realised that Tyrell was furiously digging his fingers into the bear, as if trying to rip a hole in the fabric.

‘Tyrell, what are you doing?’

Tyrell didn’t respond, and managed to rip a small hole in one of the seams of the bear. With one small, precise movement he extended the hole, and started to remove the stuffing.

Elliot moved round to stand in front of Tyrell, but his hair had fallen forward so Elliot couldn’t see his face.

Within seconds Tyrell had removed most of the bear’s stuffing, strewing it carelessly on the floor. He put his hand in again, but this time stilled as if he had found something. He straightened to look at Elliot, his eyes wide and scared.

‘What is it?’

He slowly pulled his hand out, but Elliot couldn’t see what he was holding in his clenched fist.

Tyrell squeezed his eyes shut, simultaneously dropping what he was holding, and stepping back from it, as if it had burnt him. He stumbled to find something to grab hold of, as Elliot bent down to pick up the item.

Elliot studied it and saw that it was a small roll of paper tied with string. Attached to one end of the string was - oh. Shit - a small white gold wedding band.

‘I’m so sorry, I-‘ Elliot started, his eyes wide and full of sympathy.

‘She can't be...I don't un-'

‘Read the note,’ Elliot said gently, holding it out to him.

Tyrell accepted it with a nod and gently untied the piece of string, putting it in his pocket. He unfurled the note and began to read. It was fairly long, and Tyrell seemed to need to re-read it once he was done. After a while Elliot couldn’t tell if he was still reading, or just staring at the paper. Again, with his head bowed and his fringe covering his eyes, Elliot had no way of seeing the expression on his face. After an excruciating amount of time had passed Tyrell carefully folded up the note and put it in his pocket to join the ring.

He looked up and Elliot was finally able to see his face. There was a storm raging behind his light eyes and it seemed to be taking every ounce of his strength to keep himself still. Elliot could see his jaw grinding, and the trembling in his hands he was fighting to control. In the silence he could almost hear the thrum of Tyrell’s heart, and he was acutely aware of his own pulse skittering like the wings of a hummingbird.

They were both locked in the moment, Tyrell battling to hold in a violent torrent of emotions, and Elliot desperately trying to decipher the look on his face and the physical tics that threatened to overthrow him. Elliot felt electricity crackling through the air, and feared that any small movement would send them both up in flames.

Tyrell’s look suddenly changed into one of fierce determination, and the way he was staring made Elliot feel like a mouse being sized up by its prey. Tyrell’s eyes slid down Elliot’s body, then snapped back up to his face.

A sudden movement from Tyrell broke the spell, and to Elliot it felt like all the air was suddenly rushing back into the room. His senses returned to him with overwhelming clarity, as if someone was yanking him out from under water.

He felt himself being slammed against the wall behind him, and had braced himself for a blow to the face, when he felt Tyrell’s lips against his. In surprise he pushed Tyrell away, and tried to get a read of his face. His mask was long gone, whatever was in that letter had ripped it from his face and torn it to pieces. Elliot could see Tyrell clinging to the shreds of it as he continued to fight for dominance over his features, but it was no use.

With a guttural moan of longing he lunged forward again, capturing Elliot’s lips with his own. The heat of his mouth felt as if it was branding Elliot’s skin as he left a trail of messy kisses along his neck. Elliot moaned involuntarily as he felt Tyrell’s hands under his shirt. Tyrell stilled momentarily as if seeking permission silently.

‘Yes, yes,’ Elliot whispered like a mantra, and Tyrell continued his blazing path along Elliot’s body. One hand was digging its fingernails into Elliot’s chest, and the other had moved to fist his hair. Lips continued to suck and kiss Elliot’s neck.

For Elliot the pace was already dizzying, so when Tyrell pressed himself roughly against him, Elliot felt as if the wind was being crushed out of him.

None-too-gently, Tyrell pushed his leg between Elliot’s. The smaller man groaned, long and deep, as he bucked his hips to rub his aching cock against Tyrell’s firm thigh.

‘I need you Elliot,’ Tyrell groaned hoarsely in his ear, and it sent a jolt of arousal through him. They continued to grind against each other, kissing fast and messily, the sounds of wet lips, desperate friction and unashamed moans filling the air.

Elliot was starting to feel breathless, so he took his mouth off Tyrell’s, and shifted so he was breathing moistly and raggedly into Tyrell’s ear. The sound made Tyrell shiver, and he looked at Elliot deliriously, lust clouding his eyes. Still grinding against Tyrell, Elliot pulled the taller man even closer so their bodies were completely pressed together. One hand was snaking its way into the waistband of Tyrell’s trousers, while the other grabbed roughly at his hair.

Before Tyrell could register what was happening, Elliot had flipped them so that it was now Tyrell who had his back against the wall. He slammed forcefully into Tyrell, mirroring how they’d been positioned a moment ago. Desire blazed in Tyrell’s eyes, and the shift in dominance seemed to be sending him over the edge. Elliot had never been looked at with so much hunger before, and he shivered with anticipation. Tyrell stood panting before him, his hair swept messily across his sweaty forehead and an almost unhealthy flush colouring his cheeks. Elliot felt desire surge through him once more.

Sensing that Tyrell wanted to be dominated Elliot grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the wall. Tyrell gasped, and swore loudly in Swedish. Elliot swallowed his sounds with another kiss, rough and needy, and Tyrell thrust wildly against Elliot’s leg. He was desperate for release; Elliot could see the need winding tightly inside him like a coil. He released one of Tyrell’s hands and used his own to palm Tyrell’s cock through his trousers. Tyrell moaned so loudly it echoed, and his breath was coming in stuttering gasps. Elliot slipped his hand under the waistband of Tyrell’s boxers, and the older man hissed sharply as he let his head fall back against the wall.

Elliot, despite the awkward angle, managed to grip Tyrell’s cock, and he started to stroke slowly. Tyrell cursed some more, and his breathy moans were almost enough to send Elliot over the edge. Tyrell was coming un-done, and seeing him like this was as beautiful as Elliot had hoped for. As he had predicted, Tyrell was extremely vocal, and his moans, gasps and cursing sent Elliot’s desire soaring to levels he’d never experienced before.

All of a sudden, Tyrell seemed to choke and struggle to catch his breath and Elliot stopped abruptly and looked up with concern. Tyrell’s eyes flowed over with tears, and he squirmed away from Elliot’s gaze in embarrassment.

‘Hey, hey, Ty’ Elliot pressed a hand to Tyrell’s cheek, ‘we can stop, it’s okay. Do you need to-‘

‘No, no, no’ Tyrell breathed out, shaking his head vehemently. ‘I’m okay.’

Elliot stared a moment longer into his eyes, trying to ascertain that the other man wasn’t lying. He didn’t have long to think though, as Tyrell leant down to kiss him again.

Elliot quickly built the pace back up, until he could feel Tyrell nearing the edge of his release. He recaptured one of Tyrell’s wrists and pinned it against the wall, while kissing Tyrell so forcefully it left them both breathless. Tyrell’s moans became louder, and more frequent, and he started to clench and squirm beneath Elliot. Elliot kept him pinned to the wall though, and moments later Tyrell was groaning his release into Elliot’s mouth.

Elliot fell against Tyrell and they both slumped against the wall; Tyrell utterly spent, and Elliot pulsating with arousal.

Eventually Tyrell seemed to recover, and breathed out another shaky curse word. Elliot laughed, a delirious giggle bubbling up deep inside him, until a look from Tyrell stopped him in his tracks. Looking thoroughly dishevelled, he said in a low, gravelly voice,

‘Elliot, I’m going to need to take you to bed.’

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