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Changing The Course of Time

Chapter 2: 1st Day of Classes

Harry's P.O.V. (At the feast)~

Once Dumbledore was done with his speech, we were allowed to eat. And let me tell you, his speech obviously never changes besides introducing new teachers. I didn't really bother to listen that well, but I could tell Tom was just as bored with the speech as I was. As soon as the food appeared on the tables, the great hall went from relatively quiet to 'you could probably hear everyone from miles away.' Not that it bothered me all that much, I was kind of used to it. Tom and I talked a little bit during the feast, but not a whole lot. He was mainly just giving me pointers and what not to do and things I could get away with. For some reason, I felt a profound amount of trust for him. He seemed way more trustworthy to me than Dumbledore ever did, or Hagrid, or Hermione, or even Ron. I felt like he'd never lie to me and I don't know why. Tom and I, however, did crack a few jokes here and there. Although, like half way through the feast, we felt eyes on us and noticed that it was Dumbledore from the corner of our eyes. Tom then explained his suspicions about Dumbledore and how Dumbledore for some reason always keeps a close eye on him. He also expressed his worry that Dumbledore was out to get him. I just nodded while he explained all this to me, not wanting to interrupt him. Although, I have to say that he's much nicer than what everyone made him out to be.

Once the feast was over, our head of house lead us to the Slytherin dormitories. To say the least, it's way more cozy and homey than I ever thought it would be. No, scratch that, it's more homely than the Gryffindor dormitories. And down here, you only share a room with one other person. I offered to share one with Tom if he didn't want to share one with anyone else and he said "Okay." So, I'm sharing a room with him now.

Ever since I've been in this new time, I haven't had any real trouble sleeping. I think it's mainly to do with knowing that I don't have to worry about Vernon coming after me cause he's not even born yet. Plus, Voldemort isn't even Voldemort yet, so nothing to worry about there. Besides, we seem to be getting along well. So well, we might even be friends or become friends.

After I got my side of the room set up how I liked it, I said goodnight to Tom who, surprisingly enough, said it back and then drifted off to sleep.

Back in the time Harry came from (no one's P.O.V.)~

Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, McGonagal, and Snape were all rushing around trying to find Harry. Finally, they decided to see if he used any spells to hide himself. That's when they found out that a time-turner was used. Unfortunately, they found out too late and couldn't detect in which direction of time he went or how far. They searched every data base they could, hoping he went back in time and used his real name. They didn't find anything. They were all thinking the worst. That he went so far back, they couldn't trace him. And, well, he did. But, they didn't know that for sure. Little did they know, Harry was still alive, just much older than he was at Hogwarts. He also wasn't their Golden Boy or Savior anymore. In fact, he was a nightmare to them, almost as bad as Voldemort himself.

They tried to go back and stop Harry, but they couldn't. It was a fixed point in time. They could only manage to get there right after he had left. So, instead, they focused on figuring out why he would do what he did. But, no one had any good explanations. They were utterly stuck.

Harry's P.O.V. (The next morning; 2nd year, years ago)~

I woke up to a shower running. Surprisingly, even though it was super early in the morning, I felt somewhat refreshed. I got everything I would need for a shower and waited for Tom to finish. Once he did, I quickly hopped in the shower.

After I was done in the shower and dressed, I met Tom in the common room.

"Hey." He greeted.

"Hi." I responded with a light smile. "You ready to see our schedules for this year?" I asked as we started on our way to the great hall for breakfast.

He nodded his head slightly. "I guess."

While we were eating, our head of house came by and handed us our schedules. I was about to look at mine when I heard Tom sigh. "What is it?" I asked. He pointed at my schedule. "Oh." I stated as I started reading through it and saw that we have most of our classes with the Gryffindors. Luckily, though, we did have quite a few with the Ravenclaws, who are normally pretty quiet for the most part as they are always too busy trying to get the best marks.

'I guess it could be worse...' I thought as we walked to double DADA. 'As long as no one finds out that I'm in the wrong time, I should be good. I hope...'

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