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It was by accident


a girl who lost her dad at the age of 10 ran away from Depression so she went to her Cousin’s house and started gathering up money so she could go to back to where she was born (Japan) But then things start happening and she discovers the secret behind her past and find love along the way.

Mystery / Drama
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It was by accident

I was around 10 when it happened....it was my birthday and my dad was driving back from the Shop to get me something....we were dancing and eating snacks and then we decided to watch tv but instead the news came on cause I didn’t really know how to work a tv...it was my dad and he died by a car accident...I immediately had long depression so my mom comforted me through the whole day and I had to end my birthday so quick and later in the afternoon I was packing some of my important stuff and I opened my window and walked to my cousin’s house cause her house was on the left side of the street I was glad I walked there safe...I explained to my cousin everything and she was like 20 years old and she lived alone but I told her not to tell anyone it was me so she accepted it so I had to pretend to be someone else my new name was “Chowa hoshi”(Japanese name) and I cut my hair to my shoulders but before that it reached to my Butt and I curled my hair and got purple highlights and contacts only when I was older though but I kept myself hidden until I got older so my mom could not tell it was me but yea


Now I am 17! Basically 7 years had past and yes I can walk around and people do not recognize me! And I still live with my cousin and yes! She is 27 years old! And now we know each other more cause we only seen each other when I was 5 and met 6 times when I was 6 and never met after that but now we know each other more and we are best friends!!! And my Job is a book writer! My story is called”Keep me safe”

I am cautious and I am aware of Germs and I am smart! And I know I sound boring and no fun at all but trust me I know the dangers of the world and what they can bring you! I was mostly taught by my cousin but I was not on the news and there were no posters of me so I was very scared whether she cared or not but to be honest I was saving up my money to go to Japan! While I was at work my cousin told me she was going to someone’s funeral but I did not feel sad and neither did she but I was looking on the news and very websites to figure out if there was any new funerals but there was nothing but I gave up anyways cause it is not my business but when I got home she was not there but I was only gone for 3 hours but I went on my computer and realized she just had died....

To be continued and if you wanna read more of my stories! Download Inkitt! And you can read all my other stories! Just search”MeiYuki” and you can see my stories and I can post updates and you can read other stories! And if you wanna make your own get”Inkitt writing”and they are both connected

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