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Calling | OT7


“That’s bullshit.” Yugyeom states and Jungkook chuckles slightly at the words. He should’ve known that Yugyeom of all people wouldn’t like the idea. Although, Jungkook wasn’t sure if he was really going to take Yugyeom’s opinion to heart considering the other was happily matched with Jinyoung.

“Of course you would say that. You’ve found your soulmate already.” Jungkook said, taking a swig of his water before continuing. “I’m 22 and haven’t even gotten laid yet.” He admits openly. If this were anyone else, Jungkook would be way too embarrassed to admit such a fact, but at least he knows Yugyeom won’t judge him.

Yugyeom bursts out laughing and slaps his knee. Jungkook’s eyes narrowed in an unimpressed way and he rolls them before sighing. Maybe he put too much faith in Yugyeom. Jinyoung steps out of the kitchen and hands Yugyeom a mug of hot chocolate. He smacks the back of Yugyeom’s head lightly and pouts.

“Yuggie, don’t make fun of Kookie for never leaving his house.” He scolds and Jungkook simply looks at him as if he didn’t make the situation better. He really didn’t. Jinyoung simply winks playfully at Jungkook. The youngest male whines at being hit in the head and sticks his tongue out at Jinyoung.

“But really Jungkook, do you think it’s safe to go to that resort?” Jinyoung asks, sipping on his hot chocolate little by little as he stares at Jungkook. The second youngest shifts in his seat slightly as he sighs.

“I know that there have been a few cases where there is forced bonding, but I can take care of myself,” Jungkook assures, and both Jinyoung and Yugyeom look at each other before looking at Jungkook.

“Kookie, we know you’re strong enough physically to take care of yourself, but the mental strength needs to be there too,” Yugyeom adds, staring into his mug and watching as the steam rises slowly. Jungkook bites his lip and licks at the inside of his cheek. What did they mean?

Jinyoung seemed to read Jungkook’s mind because he reaches over and sets a reassuring hand on Jungkook’s thigh. It was comforting, but Jungkook was still confused.

“You have to be mentally prepared for everything involved with soulmates and the bonding that comes with it.” He says, and Jungkook simply continues to stare, expecting more. Jinyoung licks his lips before continuing. “First of all, you need to be strong mentally when someone tries to forcefully bond with you. Your body will reject it at first, but eventually, the bonding process will try to take over. If you don’t initially fight off the person physically, you have to be ready to repel them emotionally and mentally.”

Jungkook felt a shiver run down his body. He remembers stories about people who were forcefully bonded with. If they ever found their real soulmate, their bodies rejected them. But because that was their real soulmate, a part of their bodies still wanted to be with them. Being so torn between two people, the person’s mental state ends up just plummeting and they eventually...

Sometimes such events make Jungkook wonder what would happen if someone had more than one soulmate.

“Not only that,” Jinyoung starts again, looking at Yugyeom for a moment before looking at Jungkook. “You’re still so young. It might be... frightening to find your soulmate so suddenly. I’m not saying you’ll most definitely freak out, but I know you’ve heard about what sometimes happens to people whenever they try to reject any sort of bonding process. Especially when under the influence of the drugs at that resort.”

Jungkook understood why they could be worried. Jungkook got freaked out once when they went to a club and a girl attempted to take him back to her place. It was then that he realized he would probably be such a terrible soulmate to whoever he had out there.

Jinyoung once again never lets his mom powers fail and he squeezes Jungkook’s thigh lightly before pulling back and drinking a bit of his hot chocolate.

“You’ll be a wonderful soulmate to whoever it is, Kookie.” He says reassuringly, resting himself in Yugyeom’s warms and laying close. “Your soulmate is someone you can feel safe with constantly. It might be really awkward at first, but things will eventually fall into place as long as nothing else really interferes with it. I promise you.” He says, and Jungkook can’t help but smile slightly as Yugyeom and Jinyoung shares a slow kiss. Then he shifted in his seat when they began to forget he was there.

Jungkook clears his throat his and stands, making sure his bottle of water is screwed shut before grabbing his jacket. “I’m going to head out. I have to start heading to the resort now or else I might miss out on my reservation.” He says awkwardly. Jinyoung pulls from Yugyeom’s lips, but the other only begins kissing down the expanse of skin on his neck.

“Okay, Kookie! Keep us updated on everything like a good boy!” He says, voice slightly shaky. Jungkook shivers.

“Don’t come back till you pop your cherry!” Yugyeom shouts, surprisingly audible considering he was attacking Jinyoung’s neck. Jungkook’s face flushes and he quickly leaves so he doesn’t invade on their private time.

Although, he was sure neither of them would mind if he stayed.

“Oh my god. This place is incredible.”

Jungkook had driven for what felt like weeks, but at max was 8 hours. He was tired but surprisingly made it through listening to endless hours of music and a bottomless cup of coffee. Although, it felt like even the view was worth it.

There was an array of colors, the hotel itself had cream-colored marble walls, but the lines outlining it made the building glow. Jungkook caught sight of like, 4 different pools which all glowed with the most beautiful shades of blue he feels like he’s ever seen. What Jungkook presumes are the clubs are a mixture of reds, blacks, and purples that made it feel sensual yet fun at the same time.

There was music playing everywhere. In the parking lot, Jungkook heard a soft calm song playing. While he’s walking towards the registration confirmation booths, he hears more calming songs with a slight EDM feel to it. Upon getting his ticket with apparently all of his information, he tugs his black luggage along towards the booths up ahead. This was apparently the last “confirmation” before he could finally start his “Soulmate Resort” experience. A shiver ran down his spine just thinking about it.

He could feel that pull. The pull towards his soulmate. It was weak, it always was. But just focusing on it a little bit more, it feels just a tad bit stronger just being here. Jungkook got jittery with excitement. His soulmate might really be here.

He steps to the booth with a cute young woman running it, the outfit they’re wearing (which Jungkook assumes is the uniform) is a formal black blouse with blood-red lining. There’s a lot of tiny intricate designs on it which are highlighted in certain areas with gold that help Jungkook see its flowers and hearts on it.


The young lady looks to Jungkook and smiles, holding out her hand.

“Your ticket, please?” She asks, her voice light and airy. Even she had Jungkook’s heart racing. He doubted she was his soulmate considering his calling would probably be unbearably strong, but he definitely liked her. He hands the woman his ticket and she looks at it thoroughly before putting it into a machine. For a few moments nothing happened but then she grabs what looks to be a receipt from the machine and gives it to Jungkook. The black-haired male takes it and smiles. She bows slightly and waved.

“Thank you for joining Soulmate Resort. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay. When you walk inside, head to the main desk and hand the person your receipt. There, you will receive your room number, key, a map, and a packet of information to make your stay the most enjoyable.” She says. Jungkook knows that she probably says that all the time, but he couldn’t help the next rush of excitement in his body. He bows and utters a soft thank you to her before he begins walking into the place.

The place was most definitely better up close. Now he could hear the upbeat music muffled from the walls of the club and the playful shouts and screams that came from the wonderfully lit pools. Jungkook felt like his legs would give out with every step. While he wanted to say it was purely from excitement, it was mostly because he was doubtful of how fun the place would be and sorta brought his entire gaming system just in case.

He finds the main office after a bit (he didn’t mean to get distracted by the snack stand, but he hasn’t had banana kicks in forever) and heads inside. The inside was a cozy pastel pink and white. Several couples of people sat in chairs, stools, and sat on the couch just chatting away. Jungkook felt slightly out of place. Maybe he should’ve invited Jinyoung and Yugyeom. They were the only two who could get him out of his shell. They were the only ones who were able to get him to be the “fun Jungkook” he could be.

Maybe this was a mistake.

Jungkook does his best to shake off these thoughts and steps up to the front desk, smiling at the friendly-looking boy who seemed to be running it at the moment.

“Ah, good evening sir! I assume you have just gotten here?” They ask, their voice soft, yet still a stark difference from the girl Jungkook had met just a bit earlier. Not like it was bad though. Jungkook wouldn’t mind if they decided to sing him to sleep. Jungkook nods and the man types a little bit on his computer before he holds out his hand.

“May I take your receipt then, please?” Jungkook nods again and hands him the thin piece of paper. They look Jungkook up and down and smirks slightly before he takes the receipt with a gentle thank you and sets it under a camera. Jungkook watches as the computer processes the picture of the receipt and proceeds to make what seems like an entire profile.

How advanced are these guys?

Suddenly, the male is holding up several things. A packet, a key with a number on it, and a map. Just like the lady said he would receive. The man bows slightly and Jungkook bows back, thanking him.

“If you need any help finding or doing anything, please don’t hesitate to come down. Or, if you prefer the comfort of your Resort room, call us. The front desks number is in the packet if you need it.” He says, and Jungkook swears on his life he saw the male wink. But then they’re sitting down and back to typing away at the computer.

Jungkook’s face flushes lightly and he begins treading towards the elevators, maneuvering his key slightly so he could see what his room was.

F3, R97

“Floor 3, room 97 I guess. Simple enough.” He utters, waiting for the elevator doors to open so he could proceed to his room. Upon the doors opening, Jungkook’s eyes widening to a kissing couple, completely oblivious to him standing there. Did they... even know he was there?

Jungkook awkwardly clears his throat and they finally pull away. Jungkook couldn’t lie, they were both extremely attractive. What’s up with everyone being super amazing looking here? Jungkook was beginning to get really self-conscious. The couple stiffens slightly and then awkwardly laugh, separating a bit but keeping their hands entwined as they leave the elevator. Jungkook hopes the soft red on his cheeks wasn’t noticeable on his face as he steps into the elevator. He presses 3 and (although he wouldn’t admit it) presses the ‘close door’ button more than once.

Soon he’s on the third floor and he easily begins heading towards his room. Jungkook noticed how there were more twists and turns instead of just a single hallway with rooms on either side, but he guesses he should’ve expected that. This isn’t just some random hotel. This was one of the biggest resorts in all of Korea. It helped people find the loved one they never thought they would find unless chance was on their side 24/7.

Jungkook finds his room in no time and fumbles with the keys a little bit before finally unlocking his door and stepping inside. He flicks on the lights and closes the door behind him before getting a good look at the place. And man, did it look nice.

Jungkook didn’t get anything super fancy. He just searched for a room that seemed like it would have enough outlets for his console. And luckily, it looked like he had just that. The view, even from the third floor, looks fantastic. Jungkook feels lucky getting here at night and looking down at the luminescent blue pools and the seductively eery club. The trails of gravel and cement with lines of green and white giving people some light so they don’t walk in complete darkness. And if Jungkook is not mistaken, his room is completely soundproof. Probably for different reasons than raging at Overwatch, but that was more than useful regardless.

Jungkook sets his luggage aside and lays on the sinfully comfortable bed provided. He lets out a content sigh. He’s here now. At Soulmate Resort. While he doesn’t know the ins and outs of this place yet, Jungkook is determined to figuring out everything. Especially the most important part about this place.

Jungkook is positive that his Soulmate, whoever they may be, is here. At Soulmate Resort.

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