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Swan Song//taekook


taehyung knows that he is different. ever since he could remember he could know people's futures, dreams, hopes, sorrows just by a touch of a hand. what will happen when he meets the assassin, jeongguk? the mysterious man that seems to know more about taehyung than he himself does. [DISCLAIMER - I do not own any of the characters, nor any images that may be used, credits to rightful owners]

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p r o l o g u e


“Wow is that your car?” the girl at the convenience store asked as she eyed the black Mercedes Benz.

The ravenette nodded as he gulped down the coffee in front of her and placed the banana milk on the counter.

“So cool,” she breathed out in amazement as she stared down the expensive car at the gas pump. “It’s not often that we get cars like that here,” she said as she brought her attention back to the handsome man.

No I bet you don’t, the man thought as he tried to remember just where ‘here’ was. He was out in the outskirts of Daegu, an area that was just a blip on the map.

“Pump one please,” he replied in a dismissive manner.

The girl looked at him, completely entranced by his raven hair and piercing dark eyes. She shook her head as she brought her attention back to the register to ring up the coffee, gas, and banana milk. When she met his eyes, it shocked her out of her reverie. “So, are you staying in town or just passing by?”

While she was attempting to make small talk with the stoic man, the ravenette scanned the girl. She was almost tall as him, but that wasn’t saying much as he only stood at 6'0.

He came to the conclusion that she probably goes to the giant high school at the entrance of the town, and is working the job as a part-timer.

The observation was both irritating and amusing to him. All of the knowledge that he had about high school was gained from media- tv, movies, books. He could picture it now, the loud obnoxious jocks in their letterman jackets, with the cheerleaders on their shoulder vying for attention. Couples everywhere, hanging on one another and forgetting about their education all together until senior year came. It was a completely different world than what he was used to living, and he rolled his eyes at the thought.

Their world was full of an innocence and naivety that angered the ravenette, they were old enough to fight and yet they wasted their time on prom. No one knew that there was a war going on right underneath their very noses.

“I’m just passing through,” he said politely as he showed the girl a small smile as he handed her some cash money. Her face fell at his response.

“Oh, I was hoping that you would be going to our high school, but I guess that doesn’t make any sense. You look like you are in your twenties or something,” she chuckled nervously.

“Or something,” he replied with a smirk that would knock anyone’s breath away. He wasn’t about to tell the girl he was only 18 years old. She was right in a sense, he was forced to grow up at a young age, giving off the appearance that he was older than he appeared.

She took the money and tried stalling by making more small talk with the ravenette, but her talking faded into the background as he felt his phone vibrate in the pocket of his leather jacket. His heart leapt at the feeling, he grabbed the phone and turned it on to see that he had received a text.


At the words the boy’s heart started to race, adrenaline already beginning to pump through his veins. It has been at least three weeks since he last received an assignment, and he was starting to go stir crazy in his rented out hotel room.

“--if you need someone to show you around or--” he heard the girl continue to say

“Yeah, um, maybe next time,” he said in a hurry to the girl behind the counter as he grabbed his coffee and banana milk from the counter, “maybe next time though.” He said as he left the convenience store, change still in her hand.

As he pushed open the door he was hit with the humid air of August. He walked over to his Mercedes Benz and slid into the low riding vehicle. Turning on the car and blasting the air conditioning, he opened his phone to find more details regarding the case. The leather seats wrapped around him as he put in the address from the file into his GPS.

Daegu to Seoul, approximately a three hour drive. He should be there by 3 am. The ravenette took a big gulp of his coffee as he put his car in drive. One would think that he is crazy for going so late at night or so early in the room, but Jesus felt like all he has been doing these past weeks is sleeping. He continued to feel the rush of the prospect of a new hunt as he pulled out onto the highway towards his destination.

He turned on his radio BigBang blasting through the speakers as he sped out of the small town with a smirk on his face, wondering what the girl at the convenience store would think about him if she knew that he had a semi-automatic rifle in the trunk of his car.


In a small neighborhood on the outskirts of Seoul, the headlights of a black Mercedes Benz shined.

His clock read 02:49 he made good time, even getting there before his GPS predicted. The streets were silent, indicating a seemingly peaceful night. The streetlights illuminated the road and gave off a warm glow that brought comfort to the ravenette.

He parked his car a couple of houses down from the address that he was given, and was concealed in an area where the streetlight did not shine as bright. The ravenette had brought his rifle to the front seat of the car, and clicked the fully loaded magazine into place. The house that he was staking out appeared no different than any of the other homes on the block.

The creature was hiding in plain sight, and made the ravenette sneer with disgust at the thought. He kept his eyes peeled on the door, waiting for any movement. The ravenette looked through the scope of his rifle and brought the house into focus. From that vantage point he could read the name printed on the side of the house Wang.

‘How originally,’ he thought. ‘The creature chose a surname meaning king,’ he scoffed.

After screwing the silencer onto the rifle there was only one thing the ravenette could do. Wait.

He settled his gaze on the house intently, feeling that oh-so-familiar buzz. Back then when they used to hunt in groups, though the stakeouts were boring, it was something the ravenette enjoyed. While waiting for the action he could spend time with his friends and family. He missed those days.

Around two hours later, the front door opened at the house revealing a man who seemed to be in his 30s. The ravenette had the rifle in place within a second as he watched his target turn to lock the door behind him. The man walked down the stairs and started walking toward the city at a brisk pace.

The ravenette lowered his rifle unsurprised that Wang was in his human form. The ravenette was not in the position to strike yet. He waited until Wang was far in front of him before he got out of his car to follow the target with his gun tucked away in his coat.

As he turned the corner he could see the target heading to bright lights, the tell tale sign of a club-the perfect feeding grounds. He focused his attention on the target and allowed for his training to come through. He could now see the flickering silver aura around Wang as he passed the bouncer and entered the club. The monster hadn’t fed in days, meaning good for the ravenette but also bad for the creature’s soon-to-be victim.

The ravenette hid behind one of the cars that was parked on the street, and once again he waited.

Just then the door to the club slammed open and out walked a man that had a little too much. He staggered out of the building, patting the bouncers in drunken manner with a smile that proved he was a borderline unconscious.

Not even moments later did Wang exit the building walking up to the drunken man. With a smile on his face he told the bouncers that he would be sure to get the man - who’s name is Sungchul, as the ravenette overhead - back home safely.

The ravenette propped his gun over his shoulder and looked through the scope as he watched Wang lead Sungchul away from the bouncers, the crowd, and into a rundown alley. Not taking his eyes off Wang, the ravenette focused on the man’s aura as he locked his attention on the target.

A shudder ran through his body as he saw the true form of Wang, an angel.

Sungchul looked up at the beautiful creature that was hovering in front of him, his face shifting from fear, to shock, to amazement in a matter of seconds.

The angel’s wings were spread out and gave off a brilliant light that would cause anyone to stare, but the only two that could see it was the ravenette and sadly, the soon-to-be victim.

“Oh my God,” Sungchul breathed out in amazement.

Half a street away, the ravenette looked through his scope as he saw the angel reach its hands toward Sungchul’s face. He had his finger on the trigger, waiting for the right moment.

“Don’t be afraid,” the angel said in the most soothing of voices, it sounded like bells, clear and bright. “I’m here for a reason. I have sensed that you are in need of a blessing, yes?” it asked the man, who was now on his knees.

The ravenette watched as the aura of Sungchul began to mix with the angels. Bright silver melding with the yellow of the man’s.

“What I do will not hurt you,” the angel said. “In fact this will be the most amazing moment of your life.” And with that the angel began to drain the man.

The ravenette saw the color of Sungchul’s aura fade around him, dulling in color. He then focused his attention to one vulnerable place on an angel. The halo.

As the angel began to say sweet nothings to Sungchul, the ravenette pulled the trigger.

In a piercing bright light, the angel’s energy expanded until there was nothing left. The creature was simply gone, in a display that is similar to the finale of a grand fireworks show, the only audience being the ravenette, and the now awestruck man.

There was silence, and the ravenette then made his way over to the now awed - and drunken - Sungchul.

“Hey man, are you okay? I just saw you collapse,” the ravenette said as he approached Sungchul, his hand reaching out to help the man up.

It was as though Sungchul didn’t even see him. “Did you see it? It was so beautiful,” mumbled Sungchul as he stood up unsteadily.

The ravenette rolled his eyes, “yeah I bet,” he started as he helped Sungchul make his way back over to where the bouncers were.

He left Sungchul with the bouncers as he kept muttering about the angel. With a brisk walk he said goodnight and went back to the car.

The ravenette placed his rifle back in the trunk and then sat in the driver’s seat of his baby. He breathed out, his body still reeling from the hunt that just happened. He couldn’t help but think of Sungchul and all the damage the angel has done to the man from its feeding.

With a shake of his hand he brought his phone out his pocket.



He put the phone back in his pocket and turned on the car, the engine purring with life. With one last sigh he went to find the closest hotel to finally get some rest for the night and work off the rest of the adrenaline that was coursing through him.

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