Runt to Royalty


(This story is my version of One of Runts by the amazing writer @Cyberwolfwrites. She has given me full permission to do this and has a big input in the book. Some chapters are mostly the same to the original and some are different) Join Ella and others on the journey on the hunt for the lead rogue, Alpha Tyson who has stole the kings mate and some of his female pack members in order to try steal the crown. Ella is a young 17 year old runt who has never been given the chance to prove herself to her pack. She is lightly abused and disrespected constantly because she is seen as weak and small. But will she finally be given the chance to prove herself?.....

Fantasy / Romance
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Authors note

Hey guys and girls,

I'd like to formally introduce myself.

My name is Caitlin and I'm 17.

So as you can probably tell this is my first ever book and I admit I'm not the best writer. However I'm willing to try my best.

As most of you have read from the description this isn't actually my book, although I've made it my own. I was given permission by the amazingly talented CyberWolfWrites to write my own version of her story One of Runts. I'm honoured and I hope that I do a good job on this.

As stated before although this is going to mostly made to be my own story, some chapters shall be very similar to the original. These chapters will have the original writers full credit at the top.

As mentioned this is my first ever book and updates will be super slow. I can't guarantee they will be regular but I will try my best. They may be more frequent for the next few months as I don't have college, however once I'm back at college updates will definitely be slower.

Thank you for deciding to read my version I hope you enjoy. I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts.


Caitlin x

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