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society wasn't the same. humans weren't in charge no more. things were deranged-taken over, more horrific as each day went by. a human-who spent his life under his parents captive toxic wings mistaken it for love. he knew it wasn't what he imagined it to be, but something he always wished it was. he wanted revenge on the certain specie that killed his parents and left them for dead in his household. the toxic society and higher ups made his life now more complicated than it should. and him maybe pairing with supernatural beings that he hate so much was probably the only way, he can actually get things done- even though there was a big problem in the midst of this. and, he didn't know how to approach it. MAJOR ANGST, FLUFF, ROMANCE ©️-kmjin BTS copyright ©️ 2020, all rights reserved.

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

i. the fall before the beginning

appetence: [n.] an eager desire,

an instinctive inclination;

an attraction or a natural bond.

trigger warning: mentions of blood,

and distorted bodies.


that was all that was left in the streets of Seoul, the once busy city. the city where many humans walked freely around. until it happened, it as in, the world ending for humans. well—some, but mainly the country not being ran by humans anymore. but, species of different kinds. different clans, underground groups and more decided to take their own humans and keep them as pets, friends and much more to their liking.

jungkook of all people stared at the once beautiful built suburban homes sitting across the street, from his house. that was burnt down. half of it was crumbled within, while the rest was still standing hanging by a thread. he didn't know where to go, or who to go too. his friend was nowhere to be found. the poor didn't know where he was, and the fact that he wanted to go see them today. he just prayed his friends were honestly safe.

he didn't understand what was going on. his body knelt down in a crouched down position, his hands wrapped protectively around his shins as he leaned his chin directly on his knees. blinking slowly, trying to divert his eyes away from the dark crimson colored of blood seeping within the wooden burnt floor. where he was placed directly between two laid out bodies. one who's skull was busted in leaking flesh. while the other body had bones cracked in places that seemed very inhumane, and not likely possible. but you'd be surprised at how unique and strange the human anatomy can get.

how did this even happen? he was coming home from studying only to see, a group of people running at a speed that wasn't possible away from his home while he saw house burning to flames. the smell of burnt wood lingered in his nose still as he could remember the taunting flames, and the soft but strained crying that seemed far away but wasn't.

"I hate you."

being the last words his mother whispered to him, as he held her bloody body in his arms. hearing those words shocked him, but his facial expression didn't show the emotion he felt. He dropped her back down on the ground. he ran in to help save his parents in that place he called home. but—after those words he changed his mind leaving them there as he ran out letting the fire air out. while studying he heard around about the species taken over, and he noticed that some that were out acting as humans were being more rowdy than usual.

they were seeming as if they already owned humans, and were bossing them around more. a lot of older adults didn't do anything but let it happen. it made him wander did they already know this was going to happen. it irritated him in greater depths, and he wanted answers. but he wouldn't get any sitting here in a pile of dried of blood between his dead parents. jungkook, took in a deep inhale holding it for a few seconds before exhaling it out.

an specie invasion entrapping humans as to whom they own now. it was weird but for some reason he should've seen this coming. he's never personally met a specie even though he knew some went to his school, but they were still not out there as you think they would be. but, maybe he just never noticed because a lot of them possibly blend in with the humans so no one would expect them to be any specie. he had to get out of here, and find a more secure safety, and not get caught at all. no telling what would happen if he was caught. and, he wasn't ready for that at all.

"mom, dad—" jungkook paused for a couple of seconds, as he began to stand up hearing his knees pop, and release built up tension that accumulated over time as they almost locked up on him from that position. what was he supposed to say to his parents? they treated him horribly but he tried so hard everyday to endure it and be the best son he can be.

"I love you. even though, you never loved me. I loved you both, even though I went through hell and back when under you guys. I hope hell is serving you what you both deserve."

and, soon after that jungkook crawled out the burnt fumble of his childhood home, quickly rushing out for a new safety.


vminkook [eternal soulmates] soulmates destined to be with one another for eternity or when death does them apart.

taehyung : Omnikinesis // assassin • sniper

jimin: Sanguine vampire // assassin • sniper

jungkook: human

yoonjin [platonic soulmates] - in this book platonic soulmates are just eternal friends who thrive from affection of cuddles, kisses, and being in one another arms without wanting the need to be more than that, or needing to be more than that. are glued to the hip. no sexual needs at all. just fluffy lovebirds but platonic.

seokjin: sanguine vampire // assassin • knifes

yoongi: Umbrakinesis // assassin • knifes

namseok [platonic soulmates] - this duo is platonic soulmates as and will do the same even though they are not as verbal with their emotions like the yoonjin duo. cuddles when out of sight, likes keep their cuteness behind close doors due to not wanting to ruin their reputation out the doors, before they use his weakness as a bait for some reason. just love one another and makes sure each feel loved throughly. not wanting to ever overstep boundaries. stuck together through thick and thin.

namjoon: alpha werewolf // assassin • daggers

hoseok: demon control // assassin • sniper

[another note] with platonic soulmates, they are randomly chosen like how regular soulmates are chosen for people. usually platonic soulmates comes to people whom lost their eternal soulmate or somehow was rejected by them before even meeting them, so in replacement they were given a platonic soulmate. [if any questions you can like ask in the comment section.]

assassin is a large group of trained people of different genders, separating them into small groups numbered that works for the higher ups. they are basically the front line people to kill any unregistered humans, or humans that oppose of the new lifestyle that was forcefully beginning to happen. they show no mercy and are trained to do what they need to do to get the job done. each species has a specific job that they have to do besides handling their specific weapon. you'll see more of what they do throughout the chapters.

supernatural are rare beings born with abilities that are inhumanly impossible to humans or those who don't possess abilities like them. their powers can range from anything which makes them largely wanted from the higher ups. they want everyone of them captured and taken in to be use for these purposes of being apart of assassins.

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