Holly Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone

The Vanishing Glass

Almost ten years had passed since I was found on the Dursley's front step and I don't think Privet Drive has changed at all. Well, maybe a few things. In the house number 4 on Privet Drive, if you look around the living-room walls, instead of pictures of a baby girl with blond hair in different-colored dress, there were photos of a blond girl riding a pony, on the carousel with a red-headed girl and a girl with brown hair at the fair, being pushed on the swings by her father, and being hugged and kissed by her mother. Looking around you would probably think there were only three people living in the house.

Will you'd be wrong, I'm here alright, sleeping at the moment, but not for long.

I heard a knock on my door which made me wake with a start, sitting up in my bed "Up! Get up! Now!" My aunt said annoyingly. Then I heard her walk away.

I flopped back down onto my bed with a groan 'And to think I was having a good dream but weird too. It had a motorcycle in it and it was flying. It's funny but I think I've had that exact same dream before.' I thought to myself.

"Are you up yet?" My aunt demanded, sparing me a little.

"Nearly," I said rolling to my side facing away from the door.

"Well, get a move on, I want you to watch over the bacon, and don't you dare let it burn. I want everything perfect for my little Dottie's birthday."

"Oh right, that's today." I groaned under my breath.

"What was that?" She snapped through the door.

"What was what?"

"Oh never mind, just hurry up." And with that, she walked away, again.

I slowly got up and started looking for my sweater. After a few minutes, I found it under the bed and, after pulling a spider off of it, I put it on. I'm used to spiders, mostly because my bedroom is right under the stairs. I put on my glasses and my mother's locket, on the outside it said 'Traiesc viata cu magia si dragostea mea Fawn mica' which means 'Live life with magic and love my little fawn' I learned the language was Romanian when I was seven. On the inside was a picture of my mom and dad on one side.

I went down the hall to the kitchen wall putting my mass hair in a high ponytail. I walked into the kitchen and looked over to the living-room and no surprise it was full of Dot's birthday presents. It looked as though Dot got the new computer she wanted, not to machine the second TV, probably more clothes, shoes, and makeup, and a guitar. Why she wanted a guitar was a mystery to me, Dot is way too impatient to learn how to play the guitar or any interment for that matter. How do I know because on her ninth birthday she got an ocarina and in three days she gave up on it, then on her tenth, she got a violin and in a week she gave up on that and now they are both mine and I've gotten pretty good at both and now a guitar. I give it a week or two till she's back to her favorite game 'Teasing Holly'.

But I don't let it get to me, I never have and never will. Of cause, I guess I have it coming. I mean I have a thin face and knobby knees and I always thought I looked skinnier and smaller than the other girls. My glasses are round and are had together with a lot of scotch tape, thanks to Dot and her friends.

The only things I really like about my appearance is my long black hair that goes down to my lower back almost to my hips, my bright green eyes, I also like wearing a lot of black, I guess you could say I'm kind of a goth but at the same time I'm not, you see I'm shy so even if Dot and her friends didn't keep people from me I probably wouldn't have many friends, and I also have a very thin scar that looks like a lightning bolt on my forehead. I've had it ever since I could remember. It was the first question I ever asked and I got "In the car crash that your parents died in and don't ask questions." As my answer. Don't ask questions, that was the first rule the Dursleys gave me and I was only five.

Uncle Vernon entered the kitchen as I turned the bacon over. "Branch your hair!" He barked, as a morning greeting.

"Good morning to you too," I muttered under her breath.

"What was that?"

"What was what?" I said putting the bacon on plates

"Oh never-mind." He said as Dot entered the kitchen with Aunt Petunia. Dot has blond hair that goes down to her upper back but she had it in a high-ponytail like always, she has watery blue eyes, she's wearing a light pink tank-top that said birthday girl in hot pink glitter, a light pink skirt, and light pink ten-a-shoes.

Dot started to count her presents as I started to fry eggs. After a few minutes, her face fell.

'Ah oh, here it comes.' I thought as I put the eggs on the plates with the bacon.

"Thirty-six, that's two less than last year." She said looking at her mother and father as I put the plates on the table.

"You haven't counted Aunt Marge's present darling, it's the one under the big one from mommy and daddy." Aunt Petunia said as I went back to the stove to make me some scrambled eggs.

"All right thirty-seven then, but that's still one less than last year." Dot said putting her hands on her hips.

'Good thing I desisted to eat in the kitchen.' I thought as I eat a piece of bacon. Dot looked like she was going to flip the table over. Aunt Petunia must have scented danger too because she quickly said.

"And we'll buy you two more while we're out today. How's that sound pumpkin."

Dot thought for a minute. It looked like hard work. Finally, she said "So I'll have thirty-nine than. Okay." And with that Dot sat down and began to eat.

"That's my girl, wants her money's worth." Uncle Vernon said. A few minutes later the phone rang and Aunt Petunia went to answer it. While I took care of the dishes, Uncle Vernon watched Dot unwrap a VCR, two new makeup kits, and five different outfits.

I looked over to see her opening a new MP3 player, and I know what that meant I get the old one 'Now I just have to find a way to the computer.' I thought going back to the dishes when there was a rapping on the kitchen window. 'Oh ya' I thought looking over my shoulder again to see that Uncle Vernon and Dot didn't notice like always. I wiped off my hands then want to the fringe and got five red seedless grapes, went back to the window and opened it to see a small red fox on the window silly "Good Morning Floare." I whispered putting the grapes on the window sill. I found Floare at the park down the street about a year ago.

It was raining and I decided to go thru the park after another bad day at school. Thanks to Dot and her friends I had a black eye, a split lip, and more bruises than I could count, they ganged-up against me in gym class when we were playing dodgeball. I sat at the big oak tree in the park and gave a sigh. That's when I heard a soft worn next to me. I looked over to see a baby fox crowd-up into a bowl. 'Pore thing.' I thought as I looked at her. 'She looks like she's a week old.' I thought as I reaching for her, she flinched a little which made me move back but only a little bit, after a few minutes the baby fox shift my hand and licked it. I picked her up slowly and put her in my coat to warm her up.

"There you go, nice and warm," I said smelling at her. I looked up at the sky "Doesn't show signs of stopping. Oh!" I looked down to see the fox baby chowing on my locket. "No, no, no that's not to eat," I said taking it away from her. "But I might have something you can eat, or drink I should say," I said grabbing my lunch box and got out milk and the bowl I used for grapes. "Here you go," I said pouring the milk into the bowl and held it up for her. She sniffs it a little then started to drink the milk "There you go, don't drink too fast okay." I said looking down at her.

A few minutes later she finished the milk and I put the bowl back into my bag and cuddled her closer to keep her warm and to shield her from the rain, which was easy since I have my father's baseball cap with a "G" on it. I was looking down at her then I looked at the sky. "Oh!" I looked down to see the baby fox pawing at my locket again "What, are you wondering what it says." 'Yes' "Well... what did you just talk to me?" She nodded again "So I can understand you and you can understand me?" She nodded then pawed my locket again. "Oh right, well it says 'Traiesc viata cu magia si dragostea mea Fawn mica' it means 'Live life with magic and love my little fawn' and on the inside is a pitcher of my mom and dad. It's from my mother I don't get to meet her or my father." I looked up at the sky and took a deep breath

Rain is pourin' down like the heavens are hurtin'.

Seems like it's been dark since the devil knows when.

How do you go on, never knowin' For certain,

Will the sun ever shine again?

Feels like it's been years since it started to thunder.

Clouds are campin' out in the valley and glen.

How do you go on, when you can't help But wonder.

Will the sun ever shine again?

What if the rain keeps fallin'?

What if the sky stays gray?

What if the winds keep squallin'?

And never go away?

Maybe soon the storm will be tired of blowin'.

Maybe soon it all will be over, amen.

How do you go on, if there's no way of knowin'?

Will the sun ever shine? Wish I could say.

Send me a sign- One little ray.

Lord, if you're list 'in', how long until then?

Will the sun ever shine again?

I looked down at the little fox and saw she fell asleep. I smiled at her then got up, grabbed my bag, and started home. A few weeks later she was back to full health, I desisted to name her 'Floare.'

And we've been together ever since then but I had to keep her a secret from my aunt and uncle. Just then I heard Aunt Petunia coming back "Aunt Petunia's coming back, I'll see you later," I told her, she nodded and jumped off the window sill. I closed the window just as Aunt Petunia walked in, she went to Uncle Vernon

"Vernon we have a problem." She told him

"What is it Petunia?" He asked her

"Mrs. Fen has broken her leg." And with that single sentence, I felt my heart stop for a sac because I know what it meant. "She can't take her today."

"What!!!" Uncle Vernon said with shock and anger. I looked over to see that Dot looked like she had seen a ghost, she was pale white and looked as though she was going to faint. "What about your friend Sara?"

"Don't be silly, she hates the girl, especially since the incident with her dog."

'It's not my fault; the little mutt was chasing Floare. They don't expect me to just stand there, so what if the mutt's going to be purple for a year or two, or three.' I thought to myself with a little smirk.

"Well, what about what's her name ---- Cony?"

"She's on vacation in Rio." They always talked about me like I wasn't in the room

"Can't I just stay here?" I said hoping they would say yes, for once I could be able to watch the Walking Dead or Supernatural on Netflix without being interrupted by Dot or Aunt Petunia, saying it there too violent or too disgusting or to scare and make me turn it off.

"Not in this or the next lifetime. I don't want to come home to find the house upside-down!" Aunt Petunia said looking like she swallowed a lemon then turned-back-round to Uncle Vernon. "We can take her and leave her in the car."

"Not in my new car Petunia. I don't want her doing the same thing she did to the last one."

'I swear you paint a mare on the car ones and it haunts you forever, I mean he did say he wanted a new color on the car and a new way to advertise his business.' I thought rolling my eyes

Ding Dong

"Oh my, they're here." Aunt Petunia said then went to the door to open it. Dots best friend Penny Options walked in with her mother. Penny is a brunette, she has brown eyes, is scrawny with a thin face, and she was wearing a hot pink t-shirt with a light pink bunny on it, a hot pink skirt, and hot pink ten-a-shoes.

"Penny!" Dot yelled running up and hugging her

"Happy Birthday Dot," Penny said hugging her back, wane they let go Penny gave her a present. Dot opened it to find a pair of pink bunny earrings.

"Oh, Penny I love them!"

"Come on girls let's go to the living-room so Dot can open the rest of her presents." Aunt Petunia said taking Dot, Penny, and Penny's mom into the living-room. I can't believe this, I might actually be going to the zoo. "Vernon, can you come in here please?" Aunt Petunia called, Uncle Vernon walked into the living-room and Aunt Petunia walked into the kitchen and right up to me. "Alright girl you're going to have to come with us to the zoo, so I want you to finish up the dishes then go and brush your hair and teeth, get dressed into something suitable, than when Dot is taking her new staff upstairs you are going to pick up all the wrapping paper, understand?"

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," I said caring to hide my happiness.

"All right then get to it." Aunt Petunia said then she went back into the living-room and I got to work. A few minutes later I finished all the dishes then I want to my cubed and changed out of my PJ's and changed into a black shirt that had the Walking Dead on it, dark blue jeans and my black mid-calf boots. Then I went upstairs to brush my hair and teeth, I put on my dad's baseball hat and put my hair into the opening in the back to look like I had a ponytail. Then I went back downstairs to see that Dot had just opened her last present. I guess Penny's mom left wall I was upstairs. Penny and Dot were taking Dot's presents upstairs so I got to work.

An hour later I was in the car going to the zoo, I am so psyched. I've never been to the zoo or anywhere fun for that matter. Every year Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon would take Dot and her friend's some way fun and I'm stuck at Mrs. Fen's horse, but not this year, this year I finally get to go and I don't have to go to Mrs. Fen's for a whole year, I mean don't get me wrong I like Mrs. Fen she's really nice to me but she's a bit, oh how do I say this without sounding mean... she's a crazy cat lady. Anyways I was staring out the window, listening to Uncle Vernon complained to Aunt Petunia. For some reason, he liked to complain about things: people at work, me, the council, me, the bank, oh and me. Today's topic motorcycles, "... roaring along like maniacs, the young hoodlums." he said as one went by.

"I dreamed about a motorcycle." I said, "and it was flying." Ok, that was probably a bad idea because the second I said that Uncle Vernon slammed on the brick. I looked up to see he nearly crashed into the car in front of us. He then turned and yelled


"I know that it was only a dream!" I said reiterating saying anything, Uncle Vernon turned back around and coined to drive. I guess I should have known better than to talk about my dreams. I mean the one thing the Dursleys hated even more than me asking questions, it's talking about anything acting in a way it's not supposed to, no matter if it's a dream or even a cartoon. They think I might get dangerous ideas or something. A few minutes later we arrived at the zoo. It was a sunny Saturday morning and the zoo was crowded with other families. My aunt and uncle bought Dot and Penny large chocolate ice creams at the entrance, we were about to go in when

"Do you want something dear?" The lady asked me. I looked over at my aunt and uncle who were looking at one another than Uncle Vernon sighed then said to me "You can get an ice pop and that's it." I nodded then picked a cherry one. This has been probably the gratis day of my life. We want all over the zoo, we saw lions and tigers and bears, oh my..... Okay, I need to get new books but still, it was so cool. I could tell Dot and Penny were starting to get bored by lunchtime. We ate at the zoo restaurant, and of course, Dot had to have a tantrum over the ice-cream-sundae not having enough strawberry ice-cream. So Uncle Vernon bought her another one with extra strawberry ice-cream and I got to finish the first one. After lunch, it got a lot hotter than this morning so we want to the reptile house. It was nice and cool; it was also dark with lit windows all along the walls, with different types of lizards and snakes. I loved it but I don't think Dot and Penny were.

"Hey Dot look!" Penny said pointing to a huge cobra.

"What?" Dot said walking over to see. I want to look to, the cobra was big but very pretty.

"You see the color of its scales?" I hear Penny say.

"Ya." Dot says

"That's the color of the handbag I want from the mall, the one I was telling you about."

"Oh wow, that is a nice color."

'Is that really what they think when they look that this beautiful animal?' I thought a little mad as they walked away"I'm so sorry about them."

'It's ok.' I heard her say

"Where are you from, anyway?" She jabbed her tail at a little sign next to the glass. "Oh, Boa Constrictor, it's in Brazil. Is it nice there?" She jabbed her tail at the sign again. "Oh, I see.... so you've never been to Brazil?" She nodded her sadly. "I knew how it feels, you see this locket," I asked holding the locket. She gave a nod " Will the language is Romanian, it was from my mother. I've never been to Romania or knew my mom or my dad." I said with a frown.

"Who are you talking to, frack." I heard a voice say behind me. I turned to see it was Penny.

'Ah oh, I'm in trouble.' I thought, looking at her.

"How did you do that?" She said looking behind me. "Hey, Dot, come look this!" Penny yelled running to the glass and almost knocking me over. I dusted myself off when out of the blue I was pushed to the floor. I looked up to see that the one who pushed me was none other than Dot.

"Oh, I'm sorry Holly I guess I didn't see you there, no what that's a lie I did see you but I thought you were behind the glass. Where you belong." Dot said with one hand on her hip and the other on the glass.

"Haha, nice one Dotty," Penny said copping Dot. As Dot and Penny were laughing I looked at the glass 'You two belong behind glass.' I thought, putting my head down so they won't see my tears that I was trying to fight back. As soon as I thought that I heard Dot and Penny scream. I looked up to see the glass to the case was gone and so was Dot and Penny. I heard coughing from inside

"What.... how did we..." I heard Dot start but then it went dead silent. A few seconds later the cobra slithered out of the case she came by me, lifted her head and said

'Thanksss Amiga.'

"N...No problem," I said still a little phased about what just happened. She lowered her head and slithered away and I could have sworn she said something like

'Brazil here I come.' On the way out. Well, that's something you don't see happen every day. After Dot and Penny were pulled out, the zoo director himself made Aunt Petunia a strong cup of sweet tea, while he apologized over and over again. I kind of felt sorry for him. On the way home Dot and Penny were talking about how the snake almost killed them. We made it to the house and then the worst thing happened to me

"And Holly was taking to it, won't you Holly?" Penny said as we pulled up the driveway.

"Is that so." I heard Uncle Vernon say.

'Great.' I thought as I sunk down further into the sit wishing I was somewhere else. Penny's mom came to pick her up a few minutes later and let's just say what happened next was not fun.

"Go -- cupboard -- stay -- no meals!" Is all he said before he collapsed into a chair. Aunt Petunia got him some tea as I want to my cupboard. I lied there for what seemed like hours, I heard Dot go to bed an hour ago and now Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon just went to bed. I'll wait a little bit longer just in case. After a good five minutes I got up and want to the back door, I opened it to see Floare curled up into a ball. I picked her up then took an apple from the fruit basket and went back to my cupboard.

After we ate then want to bed.
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