Holly Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone

Who Sent Me A Letter?

This has been the longest punishment ever!!! I wasn’t allowed out of my cupboard in tell summer. Which wasn’t any better because Dot’s friends would come over after a day at the mall, EVERY DAY! For once I can’t what for school next year because Dot and her friends are going to some private school in London and I’m going to Stonewall, a public school not too far from here. Maybe I’ll make some friends if I can talk to people. Anyways, not much has happened this summer, yesterday Aunt Petunia took Dot to London for her school uniform and I was stuck at Mrs. Fen’s. She was different than usual, appallingly she tripped over one of her cats and broke her leg. So instead of looking at her photos of her cats we had some tea and cake, we talked and I interspersed her to Doctor Who, which she really enjoyed. Today I walked into the kitchen and a horrible smell hit my nose, I looked into a large metal tub in the sink to see, what looked like dirty rags in gray water

“What the heck is this?” I murdered to myself

“Your new school clothes.” Aunt Petunia said not looking happy with me, but what else is new

“But I have clothes.”

“You mean the black rags you wear our clothes?” Dot asked as she walked in.

“Funny you say that, conceding you wanted them in the store.” She stopped for a second then sat at the table, I grabbed a pear and want to the back door. I opened the door

‘Good morning Holly.’ I looked at Floare, I sat down and gave her half of the pear. A minute later we heard the mail slot and the flop of the letters on the doormat.

“Dot, be a dear and get the mail.” Uncle Vernon said and I didn’t need to look at him to know he was reading the paper

“Make Holly get it, I’m doing my nails.”

“Get the mail, Holly.”

“Whatever.” I said as I got up and walked behind Dot then I looked over her shoulder “You missed a spot.” Then walked away with a smirk as Dot panicked trying to find the spot. I walked up to the door and grabbed the mail and looked the letters over: a postcard from Uncle Vernon’s sister Marge, who is in Isle of Wight on vacation, a bill and -- a letter to me? Who sent me a letter? The envelope was thick and heavy, made of yellowish parchment and it said in emerald-green ink

Miss. H. Potter

The Cupboard under the Stairs

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


I turned it over to see a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounding a large letter H.

“Holly!” Uncle Vernon shouted from the kitchen, making me jump a foot in the air “What are you doing, checking for letter bombs?” I heard him chuckle at his own joke. I just rolled my eyes and walked back to the kitchen as I looked at the letter. I handed Uncle Vernon the postcard and bill then I walked back to my place at the door. “Marge’s ill,” He told Aunt Petunia “Ate a funny whelk-”

“Daddy!” Dot said suddenly as I started to unfold the letter “Daddy, Holly’s got a letter!” Then she snatched it out of my hands

“Hey! That’s mine!” I lunged at her just as Uncle Vernon took it out of her hand

“Who’d be writing to you?” He asked opening the letter and glanced at it. Then his face went from red to green faster than a set of blinking Christmas lights then he turned white just as fast. “P-P-Petunia!” I want to grab it only to have Uncle Vernon hold me back by one hand as Dot tried to grab it only to be beaten by Aunt Petunia. She looked it over then she looked like she was going to faint.

“Vernon! Oh, my goodness - Vernon!”

“Get out, both of you,”

“Not in tell I get my letter back!” I told him

“I want to see it!” Dot weaned as she stomped her foot

“OUT!!!” And with that Uncle Vernon pushed us out of the room into the hall, slamming the kitchen door behind us. I just know Dot’s going to go for the keyhole so I looked up at her hair and asked

“What’s with your hair?”

“My hair!” She swirled as she started to take out her hand mirror, as I made it to the keyhole to see Aunt Petunia sitting in a chair reading MY LETTER! As Uncle Vernon pacing back and forth “That was not funny Holly.”

“I thought it was.”

“Vernon,” Aunt Petunia started

“Will it wasn’t-” I put my hand over her mouth to shut her up as Aunt Petunia countered

“Look at the address--- how could they possibly know where she sleeps? You don’t think they’re watching the house?” Dot removed my hand and put her ear to the door

“Watching--- spying--- might be following us,” Uncle Vernon said still pacing

“But what should we do, Vernon? Should we write back? Tell them we don’t want--”

“No,” He said stopping her and his pacing “No, we’ll ignore it. If they don’t get an answer... Yes, that’s best... we won’t do anything...”


“I’m not having one in the house, Petunia!”

“Daddy’s really mad.” Dot whispered to me. I put my finger to my lip to shush her as Uncle Vernon continued

“Didn’t we swear when we took her in we’d stamp out that dangerous nonsense?” Dot and I exchanged looks then Uncle Vernon went to work, I was in my cupboard reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when there was a knock at my door. “Holly, may I come in?” I sighed then put my book down

“I guess so.” I told him as I sat up, he opened the door “Where’s my letter? Who’s writing to me?”

“No one.” He said quickly then cleared his thrust “It was addressed to you by mistake,”

“That’s a bunch of bull, it had my cupboard on it, so where is it!”

“SILENCE!” Uncle Vernon yelled making a few spiders fall from the ceiling

‘Wo, what a ride!’ One said ‘Help I can’t get up!’ Another said waving her legs around, I reached over and flipped her over ‘Thanks.’ I heard Uncle Vernon sigh making me look at him, he had a forced smile on his face.

“Er- Yes, Holly- about this cupboard. Your aunt and I have been thinking... you’re really getting a bit big for it... we think it might be nice if you moved into Dot’s second bedroom.”

“That’ll go smoothly.” I murdered under my breath


“What?” I asked looking like I didn’t say anything

“Never mind. Gather your things.” It took me about two trips and that’s only because when Dot shops, she SHOPS. Anyways the room I was taking, Dot kind of turned it into a walk-in-closet. But two hours later it had a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a book shuffle full of books Dot got over the years, though they all look like they were bought an hour ago. The whole time Uncle Vernon and I were cleaning out all of Dot’s stuff she was downstairs whining to Aunt Petunia about how she didn’t want me in the room. Uncle Vernon was packing up the last box so I decided to take a chance

“Um, Uncle Vernon?” He made a sound signify he was listening “Well I was wondering if I could get some paint? For the room.”

“I’ll talk to your aunt.” And with that, he walked out with the last box. So I started to unpack my things, you know yesterday I would have loved to be in this room but right now I just want that letter. The next morning at breakfast no one talked, I was sitting in the door frame, god I wish I had opened that letter in the hall. Just then the mail arrived “Dot go get the mail please?”

‘Sigh’ “Whatever.” She went to get it, “There’s another one! Miss. H. Potter, The Smallest Bedroom, 4 Privet Drive-” Just then Uncle Vernon leaped out of his seat as I made a run for the front door. I grabbed the letter and started to open the door only to have Uncle Vernon snatch it out of my hand

“Hey!” I lunged at him and almost had it only to have him push me back into the door.

‘I’ve got your back, Holly!’ I heard Floare yelled coming throw the kitchen and leaped up and grabbed the letter and run for the back door. We ran to the kitchen to see Aunt Petunia trying to hit Floare with the broom. Aunt Petunia got Floare in the tail, making her drop the letter and run out of the house and Uncle Vernon picked it up

“Go to your rooms, both of you.” He told us. I stomped up the stairs with Dot behind me. I was walking back and forth in my room thinking about the letters. Who was sending me letters? How did they know I moved rooms? What do they want to tell me so bad? Well, whoever it was I was getting the next one. So the next morning I work up at five, I was going to what at the corner for the mailman. I quickly put on my ten-a-shoes and quietly went down the stairs, I got to the last step only to step on something squishy and did it just groan. I jumped back and landed on my butt. “Bloody hell!” Uncle Vernon groaned as he sat up

“I was about to say the same thing,” I muttered as he looked at me. He didn’t ask me why I was up, guess he already knows. We started at each other for a bit in till he sighed

“Be a dear and go and make some coffee?”

“And let you take another one of my letters, not bloody likely.”

“Watch your mouth! Now go and make me some coffee!” I glared at him as I walked to the kitchen. I started the coffee and that’s when I heard the mail slot. I got to the kitchen door to see Uncle Vernon repping two of my letters up into little shades. “See I didn’t take them.” He told me as he got up with two bills in his hand. “Clean that up.” He told me as he walked by. After I cleaned the shades up I walked back to my room and fell onto my bed with a sigh. Floare came through the window and over to me

‘Didn’t get it today either, huh?’ Floare asked as she laid down


~Time Skip~

Uncle Vernon stayed home today, he’s been drilling planks to the mail slot. I don’t know why it’s not going to stop the mail from coming. I watched from the top of the stairs as he did this. If I wasn’t so pissed off I’d find this funny, just watching him go crazy. Falling apart at the seams. Wow, I am really dismantled at times.

“See,” Uncle Vernon explained to Aunt Petunia, who looked worried “if they can’t deliver them they’ll just give up.”

“I’m not sure that’ll work, Vernon.”

“Oh, these people’s minds work in strange ways, Petunia, they’re not like you and me.” The next day I say Uncle Vernon burning at least twelve of the letters as he hummed ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ then he went to the shade. Whoever is sending me those letters really wants me to read one because the next day at breakfast Aunt Petunia opened an egg and there was another letter and that wasn’t the only egg with a surprise

“Who on earth wants to talk to you this badly?” Dot asked as Aunt Petunia put the letters in her food processor. That can’t be good for the processor, I walked to my room as Uncle Vernon started to make furious phone calls. I got to my newly painted black room and opened my window, I sat on my bed looking up at the sky. That’s when I say an owl flying through the sky.

~Sunday Morning~

At breakfast, Uncle Vernon looked like he was going to pass out but he had the biggest smile on his smug face.

“No post on Sundays,” He said holding up his newspaper “no bloody letters today, nope!” We got it no post on Sunday. Just then I heard a whooshing sound and something hitting Uncle Vernon in the back of the head. “What the-” Uncle Vernon turned to the kitchen chimney just then thirty or forty letters, maybe more, came rushing out like bullies. Everyone ducked as I tried to grab one only to have my hand snatched by Uncle Vernon “OUT!” He threw me out of the room and closed the door behind him after Aunt Petunia and Dot ran out. “That does it,” He does not sound happy “I want you all back here in five minutes ready to leave. We’re going away. Just pack some clothes. No arguments!” I know better than to argue with him when he sounded like that. I want to my room and grabbed my suitcase

‘What a show!’ Floare said coming in

“You didn’t see the finale,” I told her as I packed my clothes after I closed my suitcase I started to pack my backpack with some books, my ocarina, and my dad’s baseball cap. “You don’t mind coming with, do you?”

‘And leave you alone with those nuts? Besides who knows how long you guys will be gone, it may be years?’ She jumped into my bag

“You’ll just miss the free food I give you.”

‘That too.’ We laughed at that then I took my stuff and took it out to the car. I passed Dot’s room to see she was trying to force her oversized suitcase close and it wasn’t alone. An argument and some warning later we were all in the car, speeding to the highway. Dot was snuffing at not getting what she wanted, in a way I felt bad for her but not that much. The hollow ride Uncle Vernon was whispering to himself, I couldn’t tell what it was but from Aunt Petunia’s experience, it had to be something crazy. I’m slowly starting to like this more, a lot more. Uncle Vernon scared of his own shadow, Aunt Petunia not having anything to say and Dot not getting her way. I don’t care what people say, I’m starting to like karma... Seriously I’m I that twisted? A few hours later we stopped at a hotel, I shared a room with Dot and all she did was complain, mostly about the room so that was a plus. She finally fell asleep leaving the room quiet enough for me to think, Floare had fallen asleep an hour ago but I just couldn’t. What was so bad in that letter that my aunt and uncle didn’t want me to know? The next morning we were at breakfast when a lady came up to us

“Excuse me but is one of you Miss. H. Potter? There’s a stack of letters for you at the front desk.” I was about to get up but Uncle Vernon bit me to the punch

“I’ll just take them.” When he got back we loaded up the car and started off. This is starting to not be fun, first Uncle Vernon took us to the middle of a forest, then in the middle of a plowed field, halfway across a suspension bridge and at the top of a multi-level parking garage. And now we’re sitting at the coast, locked in the car, who the heck is sending me letters and why is Uncle Vernon so scared of them?

“Daddy’s gone mad, hasn’t he?” Dot asked Aunt Petunia as it started to rain. “It’s Monday mama, New Girl’s new episode is on tonight.” She whined. What, Monday? That means tomorrows my birthday, I’ll be eleven years old. Usually, my birthday isn’t much fun, the only one who remembers my birthday is Floare but I don’t mind, it’s better than not having anyone remember at all. The rain had slowed down but hadn’t stopped when Uncle Vernon came back with a long, thin package.

“Found the perfect place! Come on, everyone out.”

“But it’s raining, my hair will frizz!” But it was no use, Uncle Vernon took the suitcases out of the car.

“Storm forecast for tonight!” He yelled as the wind blowed, Dot complained about her hair blowing everywhere as Uncle Vernon led us to a small boat that belongs to a toothless man.

“I am NOT getting into that!” Dot protested but Uncle Vernon just puts our bags in the boat.

“Isn’t your phone in there?” I asked her wanting to get out of the rain. She squealed and was helped into the boat, I was helped after her and we were off. It felt like hours on that boat until we reached a rock after we got out of the boat and Uncle Vernon led us to a broken-down house. And to make it better the inside smelled strongly of seaweed, the wind whistled through gaps in the wooden walls and the fireplace was damp and empty. Not to mention there are only two rooms, the living if you can call this living, room and a bedroom. Uncle Vernon tried to start a fire with empty chip bags but all it did was smoke and shriveled up

“Could do with some of those letters now, eh?” He chuckled, I just rolled my eyes then want in the room to change out of my wet closes. I slipped on my Doctor Who sweater, black leggings, and my slip-on boots. I brushed out my hair as Dot came in

“This is ridiculous!” She yelled slamming the door making the room shack

“Slam a little harder, the house is still up,” I told her

“Holly this is serious! Do you see where we are?” I sighed and looked at her

“If you hadn’t noticed, none of this word have happened if you had just let me read my letter.” I turned to my bag as she tried to find the words. I put my hair in a high ponytail just then a hot pink wrapped present landed in front of me. I looked at Dot, who sat in front of her bag, I looked back at the present and took it in my hands

“I thought you should have at least one decent outfit.” I unwrapped the present to see a black dress, it was a mid-thigh spaghetti strap with white ruffles at the end of the skirt. I’m not really a dress person, as you probably guessed, but I kind of liked it. Not surprising, Dot is good at picking outfits and what would look good on someone. I put the dress in my bag then zipped it up

“Thanks.” She shrugged then I walked out as Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were going to bed. I set up a blanket and pillow on the floor as Dot came out and started to make up the church. Dot fell asleep fast but I just couldn’t sleep, I drew a cake in the dirt as Floare curled in front of me.

‘I wish it was real, I’m hungry.’

“I do too but there is one thing I want more.” I looked at Dot’s Hello Kitty watch, five minutes to go.


‘What was that?’

“Probably the roof.”

‘Let’s hope it won’t fall in on us.’ I looked at Dot’s watch to see I had a minute left ‘Make a wish.’ Ten seconds to go, I made my wish than as midnight strike, I blow out the drown candle flames.


Floare and I both jumped, that so was not thunder.

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