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The Cursed Man (Short Story)


A funny short story about a cursed guy

Humor / Other
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Run away

There was a cursed guy, bad luck chased him everywhere he went, always unlucky in everything he does. One day he decided to move to another country and start from nothing hoping he’s gonna have a better luck elsewhere, while on the plane, the pilot annonced that the plane is running low on fuel and they need to throw all the bags in the ocean plus someone who volunteers to jump and save other passengers, the cursed guy by the way has 9 fingers one is gone, anyways they did a game to decide who is going to jump, somehow the cursed guy was the chosen one, he was upset and told them “how about this, if you guessed correctly how many fingers do i and the guy sitting next to me have, im going to jump, if not we choose .” He said, they replied “that’s easy 20!.” He started laughing and said “wrong, i have a missing finger.” The guy next to him Showed his fingers and the big surprise was he had 11 fingers.. the cursed guy was thrown away from the plane and the other passengers arrived safely to their destination.

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