Chance Meeting


It had been six months since Daphne's wedding. Astoria and Draco had gone public, and while the reactions were mixed at best, neither of them could care less. All the nasty gossip in the world could not make Astoria give up what they had. Her mother had been icy at first, but it had gotten better- she could now be in the same room with Draco and not make annoyed faces every thirty seconds. Unfortunately, all the progress she had made with her mother was about to be tested.

"Are you sure you want to tell them today?" Draco asked as they walked, fingers intertwined, up the steps of the Greengrass house.

"What better time than now?" Astoria smiled. There was no way this could be worse than the time she had announced to her family that she was dating a former death eater. "Let's just do it."

Draco nodded, and they continued on into the house, walking towards the dining room, where Astoria knew her mother would be preparing the place settings for dinner. Only one more thing had to be done. Astoria reached into her pocket and pulled out a diamond ring, placing it on her left ring finger.

Her family had been able to accept them dating eventually- accepting that they were getting married should be a piece of cake.


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