Just In Case



In case I don't survive,

From the moment I set foot on Platform Nine and Three Quarters- It must have been clear to see that I was nothing more than an immature little boy; who at just eleven years old, could never hope to match his brothers. I met Harry first- and I knew immediately I had something my brothers never had. I had Harry, the greatest best friend anybody could possibly hope for. Brave, loyal, and eternally witty, in Harry I found the hope maybe things wouldn't be all that bad in the end.

Then I met you. To this very day, I still don't know why I insulted you that day. Personally, I think it might have been because I didn't want to lose Harry before I really knew him. It seemed to take very little time before it turned into a mutual hatred of each other; I regret more than ever that it was we began as. I wasn't to know how you'd change my life, but I wish I had, you're truly one of the most sensational people that I have ever met. The time we lost could have been even better if the Trio was fully together back then.

Did I ever tell you that I'm really glad we saved you from that Troll? To be honest, I probably didn't so I'll do it now. Hermione Granger, I am so glad we saved you from that Troll; I don't think you'll ever truly understand what you did for me. After all, there are some things that you cannot go through without ending up liking each other.

When you consider everything me, you and Harry have done over the past seven years, saving the Philosophers stone was probably the greatest thing that could have happened to us. Okay so yes, Voldemort nearly came back three years earlier than he actually did and Harry nearly died, but that isn't the point here. Before you get mad at me, just think about it, through all the trials and tribulations we faced that year, three unlikely people came together in an unbreakable unity that none could ever break. The Boy-Who-Lived, the Smartest Witch of Her Age and the Weasley King- three unlikely friends who united in the face of terrible adversity. They say there are some things you can't go through without becoming friends, and staying that way. This was one of those things. In time we became dubbed the Golden Trio, the saviours of the school time and time again, though we never wanted to do what we did. We only ever did what was necessary.

My main purpose of this letter is to tell you the things I never got to tell you in life. Hermione Granger- I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anybody. I love other people of course, but my soul couldn't be whole without the smart, beautiful, powerful woman that you are. I need you to stand by my side because truly, without you I would still be the small boy who believed he could never better his older brothers, or be loved as much as his younger sister.

At eleven to thirteen years old, you were the best friend anybody could ever ask for. It seemed like you would always be just one of the guys to us. Then of course things changed, as they usually do when hormones come into play. Then, at fourteen, the Yule Ball came to Hogwarts, and I finally realised you were a girl. I know I was dense, I know should've seen it earlier, but you know what it's like- we were all so close that you just seemed like one of the guys, it didn't occur to me until fourth year that you could be anything else. If I am being truthful, then I think it was when you walked into the Great Hall, clutching on to Viktor Krum's arm, that I realised just how much I love you; I would never tell you of course. After all why the beautiful Hermione Jean Granger would ever want a small pitiful Weasley like me, I don't know. I think everyone else could see it though, even Harry could, and we know from experience that he is totally clueless, and useless in that department.

Even now, three years after I first realised I love you, I still haven't acted upon my feelings for you.

I suppose, with the return of Voldemort we were to face triumph and tragedy of an epic proportion. We were soon to loose Sirius, Dumbledore, and recently we received news of Tonk's father. I suppose with the return of Voldemort; the fight in the Department of Mysteries, the Umbridge bitch, and the Horcruxes as well as now being on the run, there has never really time for a normal teenager's romance. I, you and Harry have never been normal after all. We never chose this life, it chose us, and though we never particularly went looking for trouble, again, it usually found us anyway. We never were the perfect example of teenager's; we never had time for much normal. It was always find the clues, face the enemy, save the day and then go home again after- even if we were a little battered and bruised. Even now, I still hate what was thrust upon us.

Right now, we have just one more Horcrux then we can go after him, the bastard that ruined so many innocent lives. I do not know if I am going to survive all the battles that are certain to come to pass in the near future, so want you to hear me out when I say this:

We are all just stories to be told. That much is certain. Next time you feel down, like nothing will go your way- remember, the next chapter of your book, your life story, must be a difficult one to write; after all, triumph and tragedy take more than just one page. There is no agony like having an untold story within you. Your life is the story, and you are the story-teller. Tell it, write it, and embrace it, for you only get one chance at it. So if you are to survive and I am to fall, I hope the rest of your life is the best that you can make it. I would love dearly to be a part of your story, but if I am not, then make your story a good one yeah.

I am proud of my own story you know; I think that I did all that I could with what I had. I achieved, in some way, the greatness that I dreamt of as a child. Much of that is really down to you and Harry. Are we really going to be the names that sit, in an old history textbook growing mould? Or are we going to fight and go down in history? I hope it is the latter.

I must go now though, Harry is calling me- we're about to go over the plan before our stupid and entirely crazy trip to Gringotts.

I Love you,
Forever Yours,
Ron Weasley

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