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opposites attract - (draco x reader story) ♡


elle rosegrove is a gryffindor. being best friends with the golden trio, she's grown to hate the arrogant, cocky slytherin boy - draco malfoy. however, draco has other things on his mind. will the unlikely pair get together? but, you know what they say. opposites attract.

Romance / Fantasy
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o n e ~ a new year

I sipped at the warm, chocolately liquid that lay in my mug, as I glanced around the red and yellow common room. My common room. Last year, I spent most of my time here being scared out of my skin, expecting to be attacked by Sirius Black, the supposed mass-murderer, only to find out that Sirius was actually innocent - and was Harry's (one of my best friend's) godfather. It's funny, thinking back to that time. It was only a couple months ago I waved goodbye to Hogwarts, whilst snow was falling from the sky, but after Christmas and New Year, it seemed like ages ago. I sighed, taking another sip. I placed the mug down onto the wooden coffee table, only to be greeted by Hermione as she paced into the room.

"Hey, Hermione, are you alright?" I asked.

"Fine I just- have you seen Ron by any chance?" she questions, biting her fingernails in concern.

"Uh, no, I haven't actually. Why?"

"Oh well I just - it's nothing really, but Flitwick's work is due tomorrow and-"

"Yeah, I'd rather not talk about the subject of homework right now."

"Oh. Sorry. Hard night?" she asks, a little taken aback.

"Yup. Double potions and Transfiguration..."

"Ah, well at least it's finished now, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Well, thanks anyway, see you!"

And with that, she walks out the room, shutting the door behind her. I've been sitting by myself in here for about two hours and all I've done is drink hot chocolate and read books. I think I'm starting to go insane. I don't know where Ron is, but Harry's at Quidditch practise, and I guess everyone else must be somehwere around the school. I decide to go to the library, and try to find someone I can be bored with.

You're nearly there when suddenly, someone shoves past you, knocking you into the wall. "Oi! Watch it, Rosegrove."


"Are you crazy? You bumped into me!" You snap, rubbing your shoulder where you fell into the wall.

"Maybe. But still, you should have moved out the way." he smirks.

He always has to pull that annoying, arrogant little smirk.

"Oh yes, because I must constantly be on my look-out for stuck-up idiots like you, Malfoy, who decide to rampage into me - knocking me into a wall, where I, may I add, injured my shoulder, so actually, no, you should be the one who should 'watch it'" you say, sarcastically.

He looks shocked at your response. Guess no one's stood up to him like that before.

"My father will hear about this, Rosegrove.." he spits.

"Oh yes, I'm sure he will. Why don't you tell him what a little priss you are to before he-"

Before you can finish your sentence, he grabs you by your collar, and pins you to a wall.

You wince, and let out a small whimper. He was a lot bigger, and stronger, as he's just proven, than you. He could easily hurt you. "W-what a-are you d-doing..?" you stutter.

Expecting him to punch you, you're taken aback as he loosens his grip slightly, furrows his brows, and smirks.

You can't help but notice the way his smooth, blonde hair covers his peircing, grey eyes.

"You've got some nerve, Rosegrove."

You don't know how to respond to this, so instead, you bite your lip.

He fully relaxes his grip, lets you go, and walks off, winking at you as he goes.

"What the hell was that about? Prick.." you say to yourself.

Once you have regained your balance, you head into the library. On a table, you see Ron and Harry, with papers and books spread out all around them.

"Hey guys, uh Ron, I think Hermione's looking for you - something about homework.." you say, coming closer to the table.

"Awh bloody hell, what have I done now-" he sighs, "Well if you see her again tell her I'm down here, will you?"

"Yeah, sure, that's fine. And Harry, I thought you were supposed to be at Quidditch?"

"As were you?" He questions.

"Well yeah, I had some homework to finish off and it was cold and-"

He raises his eyebrows, skeptically, and carries on with his work.

"Well, if you two are busy, I'm gonna head out." you say.

"Alright, bye." Harry says, with a little wave.

Ron doesn't even seem to notice you leave.

Damn, they must have a lot of work to finish, then.

As you're heading towards the exit, you see Draco, Crabbe and Goyle outside it, blocking your way out. He was wearing his Quidditch jumper - green, with a silver serpent on the front, along with the words, Malfoy on the back.

"Um, excuse me - can I get past?" you ask, although you know he's going to make this difficult for you.

"Well, well, well. We keep bumping into each other today, don't we, Rosegrove." he says with his signature smirk, moving closer towards you.

"Um, well yeah, maybe if you let me past then-"

"Nope, Filch said nobody's allowed out."

"Uhh, why? And why'd the hell he put you in charge..?!" you ask.

He scoffs, before saying. "Well, I don't know if you're aware of this, but when it's cold, the ground starts to freeze then we get this magical thing calked ice. Did you know that, Rosegrove?"

"Well, obviously I'm not-" you start, before he cuts you off.

"Well then I suggest you get out of MY way."

You take another look into his stormy eyes, before looking back down at your feet. If he wasn't going to let you through, you'd just have to make him.

You barge past the platinum blonde, knocking him into one of his goons, Crabbe, before running down onto the snow covered ground outside. You breathe in the frosty air, and look around at the pale blue sky before you. Before you can say anything else, someone takes a firm grip of your hands, the shock causing you to trip over into the snow.

"Goyle! GOYLE! Look what you've done you BLITHERING IDIOT!" Malfoy shouts.

"You told me to get her." he replies.

"Yeah, not to plummet her into the four foot snow!" He walks over to where you're lay, and takes out a hand.

"Take my hand, Rosegrove." he says, extending his pale hand out further.

"Um, what..?" you questions.

"Take my hand for god's sake!" he repeats.

You place your freezing cold hands into his, which are surprisingly warm, and he lifts you back up onto the ground.

"Woah, you're freezing cold-" he says, peering down at your robeleas Gryffindor uniform.

"No shit." you say, with a half smile.

"I mean I did tell you but noo let's go run out into the FREEZING COLD SNOW where-"

This time, you cut him off, as you gather up some snow into your hands, forming it into a ball.

"W-what are you.." he stutters, pacing back.

BAM. Too late. The icy substance hits his chest, leaving a mark where it did so.

"You little-" he starts, before chasing after you.

Hesitantly, you start sprinting down the hill, giggling like a five year old as you do so. You scoop up another ball of snow, but before you can mold it properly, a freezing cold ball hits your back, dripping the icy water down your neck.

"Draco!" you shout, before plummeting into a fit of laughter.

"Payback." he says, with a smirk, before running back down next to you. He grabs onto your arm, before swining you down back into the snow. Your hands are still attatched, so you decide to bring him down with you. He lands on top of your chest, almost crushing you as he did so.

"Ow- Draco.." you say, wincing as he scrables back down next to you.

"I mean you did drag me down." he smirks, before putting an arm out to support his head.

"Prick." you say.


"Stuck-up dickhead."

"Stubborn mud- ...mink." he says, correcting his mistake.

You turn to face him, and suddenly, you forget three years of picking on and name-calling. He seemed... different now.

He strokes a strand of his platinum blonde hair out of his eyes, before smiling. Not a smirk, but a real smile.

"You remember that time we first met?" You laugh.

He lets out a small chuckle. "Yeah. I was just minding my own business, eating a chocolate frog and suddenly this tiny little girl comes up to me shouting about stealing Neville's toad..."

"Um no, that is NOT how it happened!" you snap.

"Really? Tell me what happened then."

"Ugh, fine. So I'm sitting with Harry on th Hogwarts Express, and suddenly Neville walks in saying-" you stop, as you notice his fists clench a little after hearing the word Harry. You decide to ignore it and continue with the story.

"So... Neville comes in and says that a boy called Draco came in and stole his toad, so obviously, we go to help. He looked really shaken up, the toad obviously meant a lot to him. So he tells us what compartment you were in, so I go in, and calmly ask for the toad back, but you-"

"Yeah, I hardly doubt it was 'calmly'" he mocks, laying back down onto his back.

A strong gust of icy wind comes and blows. I shiver, as I'm only wearing my uniform. Draco notices, and wraps a strong arm around you.

"W-what are you-?"

"Well you're obviously cold, and I'm listening to how much of a shittily told story this is." he smirks.

"I know but... why are you being so nice so suddenly?" you ask.

"You got a problem with it, Rosegrove?" he snaps.

"Back to first name terms I see, Malfoy." you snap back.

"Just take my jumper, alright? Don't show anybody you're wearing it though... I don't want people to know I was hanging around a Gryffindor girl." he says, taking off his jumper, revealing a white button up shirt below it.

You can't help but notice how it enhances his muscles so well. You'd never really noticed how muscular he was, to be honest.

"Oi, are you taking it or what?" He said, with a hint of gruffness in his voice.

"Yeah yeah! Don't be so impatient." you reply, taking the green sweatshirt out of his hands. Placing it over your head, you realise it smells strongly of his cologne. The sweater, which was hugely oversized. left only a tiny strip of your skirt on your legs, and covered all of your hand.

"You look l-" he coughed. "Like a slytherin." he says, going a couple shades redder.

"Yeah.. I mean, it's definitely, different."

He slowly nods in agreement, before saying. "Meet me tonight, behind the greenhouses, at seven. You can give me it back there."

"Oh um- okay."

"And remember, Rosegrove, if anyone sees you wearing that, you are dea-" Draco stopped, and looked at something behind my back. I turned round.

"Looking for someone, Weasel?" He said, his sarcastic and cocky tone coming back.

"Yeah, actually. I was just wondering why the hell you're with Elle... wait-" Ron paused, and looked at me, or rather, what I was wearing.

"Why the hell are you wearing Malfoy's jumper?!" he snapped.

Shit. What do I say.

You quickly think of a lie. "Oh, well I was just telling Malfoy how ugly the Slytherin jumpers are, so he told me to try it on and see for myself. I said I still think they look ugly, I don't know about you?"

"Um. Right. Well, yeah. Come on then." he said, eyeing Malfoy as he did so.

You hesitantly looked back at Draco and then walked back over to Ron.
"Aren't you gonna the little bastard his jumper back?"

"Watch it, Weasel. My father will hear about-" Malfoy starts.

"Draco, please. Not now." I say, taking off his jumper. He scowls at Ron, and then mutters, under his breath.


I nod, and then slump back over to Ron.

"Elle." He says.


"I'm not thick."

"Uhh... I know?"

"I saw you running around with Malfoy."

You gulped. How long had he been standing there?
"It was nothing, Ron. Seriously." I lie.

"Alright then. But I'm just saying, Malfoy's trouble. Don't be getting too comfortable with him."

"Yeah, I know." I say. But something tells me that isn't true.

☁︎*~. a u t h o r s n o t e .~*☁︎
thank you so much for reading the first chapter! it means a lot to me that you've tapped on this story :) there is a couple things i want to mention before you finish reading:

1. i noticed about halfway through writing this that i have been switching between views and tenses a lot. i am still unsure on what view i want this to be in, but i'm thinking about having it first person. i haven't gone and corrected all my mistakes just yet because i was eager to start writing the next part, but at some point i will go back and correct my mistakes, either changing everything to 'you' or changing everything to 'i'. the rest of the chapters i will write with only one view & tense.

2. you may be thinking that elle and draco's relationship is moving quite quickly, but i want you to remember that this is after a lot of communication between the two of them. draco and elle have been talking/picking on each other for a while before what is written. so it's not as if they've just met and suddenly draco is being super nice. i hope that makes sense?

3. most ___ x reader stories use y/n, l/n in it, but i just don't like using those, so i used a real name instead: elle rosegrove. people have no problem inserting their name into those two words, so i thought you should be okay inserting your name into elle and rosegrove? or you can keep your name as that, either is fine!

4. i guess this isn't an x reader story but this is my first one i've written so i'm really sorry if i'm doing this wrong. thank you <3

- jellie bean/leesie ;)
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