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The Great War (GTA, Half life, SCP crossover)


The Great War happens during 2014, The U.S will fall.

Action / Horror
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The Siege on Black Mesa

MTF- Mobile Task Force (SCP Security Guards)

NOOSE- National Office Of Security Enforcement

HECU- Hazardous Environment Combat Unit

Multiple MTF Units are dug into the Black Mesa Building since an SCP is rumored to be in it. HECU Soldiers have arrived in helicopters and are dropped off at Black Mesa. NOOSE Soldiers have arrived in NOOSE Cruisers, Hummers, and Riot Vans, they set a perimeter around the Entrance of Black Mesa. NOOSE has arrived thinking that MTF is A Terroist Group, They are unaware of HECU. HECU opens fire on Black Mesa personal, Making the MTF Hostile. Due to shoots fired, NOOSE storms Black Mesa, and saves the remaining Black Mesa Personnel out of dodge. Head Crabs Get onto some NOOSE soldiers, MTF Attempt to contain them, they were successful. Unfortunately most of the MTF Units were killed due to being less Equipped than NOOSE and HECU Soldiers. The last of the MTF take the Captured SCP and pull out before anything gets worse. About 1/4 Of the HECU Soldiers were killed, and 1/5 of NOOSE are killed. Some Captured HECU Soldiers explain to NOOSE that they were part of the Army, so HECU and NOOSE team up and Pull out of dodge. The Black Mesa Base is Nuked.

Days Later.

The SCP Foundation thinks that the U.S Government is against them due to MTF Squads being killed by Government forces during The Siege on Black Mesa, they declare War.

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