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The Alpha Kings Avenger Mate


This story is going to be my own take on things its going to take place after civil war but Tony and Steve are friends again and they took care of the accords problem, and Tony also forgives Bucky to, and is trying to help him. oh and instead of Tony dating pepper potts he's dating Peter Parker aunt and has become like a father to Peter In a world where there are The Avengers, there are werewolves but people don't know they exist, and one day The Alpha King who has been looking for his mate since the day he turned 16 now 29 he finds his mate, but she human, and he finds her hanging out with her friend Peter, so what does The Alpha King do. He kidnaps them. But he didn't realize that he kidnap two people part of The Avengers, so come along on the ride, and see how The Alpha King copes with his Avenger mate, and how can he get The other Avengers off his back for kidnapping Jess and Peter

Action / Adventure
Jesse Streeter
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Chapter 1

Jesse POV

Hi my name is Jesse Stark, and I'm an Avenger. They call me The Phoenix, My powers are fire, ice, sonic scream, and much more you'll find out as the story goes on I don't know how I got my powers but I hope I find out soon though.. Anyway I have long black hair, dark brown eyes with black ring around the iris, and I have curves in all the right spots. Now that the introductions are out of the way on to the story.

The day started out pretty normal I was picking up my friend Peter Parker A.K.A Spider-Man from school because his Aunt May, and Tony are dating, and decided to go on a vacation for the weekend. Peter is like a brother to me, because Tony is like a father to me, why you may ask. Because one day he found me wondering down a road during a rainy stormy night, and I was 17 at the time, and I don't know how I got there either, and it was after Tony came out as Iron Man. After he found me he decided to keep me instead of put me into a home, and then when my powers showed up he's been there even more by teaching me how to control, and use them. Now that that's out of the way back to the story.

" Hey Peter how was your day?" I asked as soon as he got into my car. " Good can, we go fight some crime?" Peter asked with a smile on his face. " Peter Tony had me promise him that we will take a break this weekend, unless something really bad happens." I said even though I'm 28 years old I still listen when Tony tells me to do something, it's more out of respect. " Come on I need to practice so I can be a great Avenger like you." Peter said giving me his puppy dog eyes. " Flattery will not get you anywhere, but let's go get something to eat, and go hang out at the mall, and maybe something will happen." I said putting the car into drive, and headed to the mall.

(At The Mall)

Peter and I were sitting at a table in the food court, talking but through our minds because that's one of my powers, and the reason why we were talking through our minds is because even though we are Avengers, we are the ones that nobody knows our identities, and we want to keep it that way. " So will you train me some more Jesse please?" " Yes, but Tony can't find out, because he really wanted us to take a break." I said looking at the people that were around us. " Yay, your the best." Peter said with a a lot of happiness.

As we continued having our conversation three men that we didn't know decided to sit down at our table, and I knew something was up with them because of the power that they were radiating, and also because Peter kept saying through my mind. " Jesse I think we should go, I feel like something is up with these guys, and it's not good." I just shook my head in agreement, and started to get up along with Peter to leave when one of the men who I can describe as tall, dark, and handsome grabbed my hand, and stop me from leaving. " I suggest you take your hand off me if you want to continue having a hand." I said glaring at him. " And why would I do that beautiful." The man said smirking at me.

" Because I said so." I said yanking my hand our of his hand, and walking off with Peter in tow. As we were walking away I started to get this feeling that something was going to happen, and I didn't like, but since we don't want people to know who we are, we can't use our powers. As we made our way outside, and towards my car.When a black SUV pulled up, and out jumped the three men that sat down at the table, and they were coming Peter's and my way. So we did the next best thing run. We almost made it to the car when I felt someone grab me from around the waist and pull me to their chest, and when I looked to see who it was. Low and behold it was tall, dark, and handsome.

" Let her go." I heard Peter scream running towards me, but before he could get anywhere near me another one of the men that sat at out table, a blonde hair blue eye man with a crew cut, came up behind Peter really fast and put a cloth over his mouth and nose, and I just knew what it was before another cloth was put over my nose and mouth the same as Peter.

I tried not to breath in, but it was no use, and as soon as I breathed in the chemical I started to see black spots, and before I knew it I blacked out.

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