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태양과 달


A geek gets invited to a Halloween party. He gets a LOT more than what he bargained for.

Romance / Other
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My name is Kim Casian, also known as Cass. I’m 18 years old half-Korean, half-Romanian - weird combination, I know, but tell that to my parents. I’m relatively short, my eyes and hair are brown. I like fantasy, games and kpop. All in all, there isn’t anything even remotely interesting about me. At least most of my school thinks so.

Ah, my school. Itaewon West High School, the place to go if you want to find a bunch of geeks, sluts and future kkangpae members trying, and in most cases failing, to complete their education. Right now I’m standing by the front gate, waiting for the usual black Subaru to drop off my best – and probably only – friend. And speaking about the devil…

“Cass! Oi! You finally gone deaf or something?” a low, but still unmistakeably female voice could be heard calling my name, and a heavy weight settled on my back as someone leant on me. I don’t really mind, that happens every day. I just sighed and turned around to greet the person that makes my school life a tiny bit less miserable.

“Hey, Rin.”

Choi Seung Lee, or Rin, 18 years old, third year like me. Taller than me by exactly two centimetres. Black chin length hair, blueish-grey eyes, wears a lot of black and red. She is the president of the Fantasy/Sci-fi Club and a fellow geek, but the only thing anybody here cares about is that she’s the younger sister of Choi Seung Hyun, the resident kingka. It is because of her that I’m protected from most of the bullying going on at this fucked up excuse for a school. Everybody knows that if you anger Rin, you may as well have angered Seung Hyun. He’s THAT overprotective. Sucks to be him, because his sister is the most independent, open-minded person I know. Oh, she’s also the only soul alive that knows I’m gay.

“You don’t ‘Hey, Rin’ me!! You didn’t call or write the whole summer! I thought you’ve opened the wrong wardrobe and fell into Narnia! “

„Now, now…I’d never leave on an adventure without you, my loyal sidekick!” I did my best imitation of a boasting idiot and sent Rin into a fit of laughter.

“Okay, my lord Quijote, but if you want to make it into Literature on time, I suggest moving your noble ass, and fast. The tardy bell is in five minutes.”

“Oh shit.”

Five minutes later found us practically falling heads first into the door of our classroom. Luckily the teacher, Mr. Woo – or Taewoon as he wants us to call him – was not yet present. I collapsed into my seat and heard Rin on my left side do the same. Not a moment too soon, as the door burst open once again and Mr. Woo was here. He waved at us to sit down, left the door open and started by taking attendance.




“Here, seongsaengnim.”



“Dong? Kids, don’t tell me Taeyang’s absent again.” In that exact moment, a person walks through the open door.

“I’m here now, don’t stress it, Taewoon.” Gods. Oh, by all that’s holy and all the Lord’s angels, that voice. I could listen to it all day all night, it’s the most glorious sound I’ve ever heard. And it belongs to the one person that makes me go weak in my knees, that causes my cheeks to redden and my tongue to stutter. I sat there, struck still by just that incredible voice…and then I made the worst mistake of the day.

I looked up.

He was there, the too-tight blue T-shirt hugging his muscled torso in all the right places, his chocolate abs noticeable even underneath a layer of clothing. His platinum-white hair suited him well, bringing out his pretty cheekbones and maroon brown eyes. His plush, red lips looked oh-so-kissable as he smiled his million-watt smile, instantly brightening the class as if someone turned on the light.

“Just sit down and be quiet. Since it’s the first day, your only punishment is one afternoon in detention with me, but please be on time tomorrow.”

As the lesson resumed, I turned my eyes out of the window. The cold, blue winter sky reflected the dilemma in my heart quite accurately.

My name is Kim Casian, 18 years old. And I’m madly, irrevocably in love with the school slut, Dong Young Bae.

Well, fuck my life.

Calling Bae a slut may have been a bit hasty. Not that he’s not one. I’ll bet you a hundred won the only reason he got detention was so Taewoon could get a free blowjob. But there is more than that.

Young Bae is part of “Bigbang”, a group of the school’s top five kingkas. There is their leader, Ji Yong, a self-centered fashionista with absolutely no brains to speak of, Dae Sung, the football team captain who has an incredibly mean streak (and likes to unleash it on me more often than not), Seungri, a cute panda who used to be a geek before he befriended Ji Yong and joined the dark side, and of course Seung Hyun, Rin’s brother and probably the scariest man alive. Together, they rule this school with an iron fist and not even teachers are willing to cross them in fear of getting fired. Yes, fired. Ji Yong’s dad owns this whole goddamn institute.

Me and Rin were on our way to our second lesson of the day (Chemistry, blegh!), when someone knocked my legs from under me and I landed on my back, hard. I didn’t even need to look up to see who it was, as I heard Dae Sung’s voice. He was arguing with Rin.

“What did he do to you??? It’s only the first day and already you’re picking on my friend!”

“He didn’t do anything…he exists. Reason enough.”

“Arggh…grow up, Kang Dae Sung!!!”

“No, you grow up and stop associating with trash!”

“My best friend is not trash, thank you very much! The only trash I see here is you!”

“Ow. Your friend isn’t exactly the nicest, is she?” a voice suddenly spoke to me. And not just any voice. THAT voice. If my back didn’t hurt like hell, I’d jump ten feet up.

Young Bae was talking to me.

I was probably silent for too long, because he took the liberty to answer himself.

“Then again, Dae probably deserves it…” Here he finally noticed that I’m still laying on the ground, hissing in pain. “Are you okay?”

In my defense, it hurt really badly. Okay, crap defense. Nothing can excuse my next words.

“What does it look like to you, dumbass?” Luckily, he took it only as the pain talking and…lifted me up bridal style and walked off? WHAT THE-

“Stop fidgeting, you’re gonna make it worse. FYI, I’m taking you to the infirmary.”

“I’ve already deduced that, dimwit.” Somebody really should duct tape my mouth. But to my surprise, the next sound I heard was…laughter? Beautiful, angelic laughter. I probably just sounded really stupid or something, I don’t think he could find my remarks actually funny.

Before I could further embarrass myself, he kicked open the infirmary door and laid me on my stomach on the nearest bed.

“Cass, right? Could you take off your shirt?” Wait, what?

Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming. Not only does my crush of three years know my name, he has just asked me to take my shirt off IN FRONT OF HIM!!! Breathe, Cass, breathe…my heart was beating like I’ve just run a marathon and my face was probably lobster red, but outwardly I nodded stiffly and did as I was told. He gently pushed me back into the mattress and sat next to me.

“Now, I know it hurts, but you have to stay like this, ‘kay? I’ll try to ease the muscle pain with a massage…hopefully it’s nothing serious.” And true to his words, his warm, calloused hands descended on my back and started rubbing, somehow targeting perfectly all the right places where it hurt the worst. By then I was ready to melt into a puddle of goo, my mind drowsy with pleasure and total relaxation.

“Cass!!!” Rin? This is heaven, what are you doing here?


Those hands left my body and my mind cleared. Everything came back to me and I suddenly took in the position me and Young Bae were found in. It seemed almost…intimate. No wonder Rin looked as if she might faint any second now.

Stupid yaoi fangirls. Then again I wouldn’t mind if she actually had a reason to fangirl.

“Really? I can’t let you out of my sight for five minutes??? You just have to go and get yourself massaged by the hottest guy in school?? Kim Casian, you lucky dog!”

Three hours later, and Rin still couldn’t bring herself to forget the whole infirmary episode. After we’ve left Bae there – quite rudely may I add – she had put me through a full-on interrogation about what happened. When I told her the story, she had punched me upside the head and called me stupid for “not exploiting the situation”, whatever that meant. Then she probably remembered what started it in the first place, flipped her phone open and called her brother, which led me to my next predicament.

Me, Rin, her brother and the WHOLE FUCKING REST OF BIGBANG. Eating lunch together. As in, at one table together. The Choi siblings had looked at us with those scary glares and completely seriously told us to “socialize”. Everybody – including Ji Yong, who is supposed to be the queen of the hive – just obediently put tails between their legs and opened their lunchboxes.

The conversation was a whole new level of awkward. I don’t have to remind you that most of Bigbang are jerks – not counting Bae, of course – and although Rin had somehow managed to drag Seungri into a conversation about some book or another, the other three kingkas were just sitting there, silently eating their food and hoping for this incredibly embarrassing experience to be over soon. Wait – three?

A muscular arm suddenly hooked itself around my shoulders and another snaked into my lunchbox, stealing a piece of my kimbap. Admittedly, I freaked out.

“Yah!!!” I slapped the ‘offending’ hand away, unfortunately with the stolen food.

“Calm it, short stuff…your food is good, you can’t blame me for liking it – and for being hungry, since Ji ate all of mine.” And there it was, the billion-watt smile, directed at me, full power. I could just melt away and die happy right then and there. This angel had to go hungry? I marveled on the world’s unnecessary cruelty for a second and then wordlessly offered the rest of my lunch to him. He raised an eyebrow, but picked up his chopsticks anyway.

The smile he gave me while finishing, with half of a rice cake dangling out of his mouth, was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

The date was the 31st October. All Saint’s Eve, Halloween, Samhain, call it whatever you want. Me and most of the nerds at Itaewon West, we called it Hell. Don’t get me wrong, there were no teachers performing secret voodoo rituals on unsuspecting students or the janitor sneaking around with a chainsaw. No. There was something incomparably worse.

The annual Bigbang Halloween Extravaganza, BHE for short.

Getting an invite for BHE was a trick in itself. You had to be either incredibly well off, a gangster, a kingka/queenka or a slut to get in, which automatically ruled out normal people like me. Rin did get invited every year (Sister of a kingka, remember?), but she’s never failed to ditch the party and keep me company with a bottle of cheap white wine and sappy chick-flicks, even though she hated both.

That doesn’t explain why the BHE was such a terrible occurrence. Well. Once upon a time, when Itaewon West was still a Kwon-free, normal public school, it wasn’t that bad. Or so I have heard. The party, then named Itaewon West Halloween Festival, was a day-long celebration created by students, complete with a haunted house, crazy foods in the school canteen and false spiders and snakes on the toilets. The sci-fi/fantasy club has it described in their journal, they used to be the main brains behind all the scary supernatural stuff. But when the last headmaster retired, Kwon Han Yang got his position, privatized the school and changed it into an institute for the rich and spoiled. And when his son entered freshman year, he immediately became the school’s top kingka and created what is now known as the BHE. The only way a nerd can get in is to be lucky and get selected as a waiter or something, the others are stuck working their asses off during the prep and don’t even get to see the finishing result.

All this ran through my head as I was nearing my first class for the day, Advanced History. I was alone – Rin had a before-school club meeting and there was no one else I could talk to. I opened the door and was surprised to see most of the class standing around my desk, looking at something. I could see the girls already gossiping and some nerdy boys threw me murderous looks.

“Excuse me…let me through, please…what’s happening here?” I tried to make my way through.

A guy stood up in the back row. I remembered him as Woo Ji Ho, the one Rin’s been dancing around since like forever (and he’s been eyeing her even longer than that – those two are soulmates, I tell you).

“Ya don’t know what’s happenin’???? Man, don’t even ask, just look at yer desk!”

I kind of deduced that as the most logical action, but nothing could’ve prepared me for what I saw.

A thin, white-and-gold envelope with a diamond-shaped insignia on the front and my name written in tiny, elegant European letters. An invitation.

A fucking invitation to the BHE.

I snatched it away and ran. Ran from the classroom like a bat out of hell, just managing to yell at Ji Ho to inform Rin I won’t be coming back in time for the lesson – such a good friend I am, giving her the opportunity to speak to her crush. I stopped in front of the library, looked around and when I saw no one, quickly entered. Setting my things onto a nearby table, I grabbed a letter opener (don’t ask why there are letter openers in the library. I dunno.) and delicately cut the top of the letter off. The invitation itself was printed on expensive pergamen-like paper in ink black script.

Kim Casian,

You are hereby invited to the annual Bigbang Halloween Extravaganza. The festivity begins at exactly 7 PM in the club “Bangtan”. Costumes are required, you will not be let in without one.

We are expecting you.


Short, to the point and it still managed to sound extremely arrogant. That’s Ji Yong for you. I read the whole thing at least three times before I noticed another sentence, this time written in hangul by an incredibly messy hand on the bottom of the paper. It explained perfectly just who was behind my sudden invite and at the same time raised more than one question.

Thank you for the food.

I could only laugh.

Since I still didn’t really understand what the fuck was going on, I decided to confront Bae about it during lunch period. It’ll be very, very awkward, but with Rin (and her brother with the creepy stare) there it should be okay.

So when the bell rang, I made my way into the canteen and right to Bigbang’s table. I saw Dae Sung already thinking about ways to embarrass me and Ji Yong’s arrogant smirk, but I only concentrated on Bae. He was smiling at me again, and I nearly forgot why I came here in the first place and just stared. Luckily Rin arrived just at the right moment and high-fived Seung Hyun, the movement startling me. I summoned all my non-existent courage and walked up to Bae.


“Oh, hey.”

“Can we….talk alone? Please?”

“Heh!! The geek just wants to try if you won’t fuck him!!” Dae Sung, who was listening to us, added in. Bae just flipped him the bird.

“Fuck off, we don’t need your input!” he turned to me. “Okay, come with me.”

He dragged me into an empty classroom and closed the door. He sat me on a table and looked me straight in the eyes.

“So? Don’t tell me Dae was right.” His eyes sparkled with mirth and a bit of mischievousness.

“Oh no!! Certainly not!!!” My face went completely red. “No. I just want to know why you sent me this.” I showed him the invitation.

“If I told you that it was because I wanted to thank you, you wouldn’t believe me, right?”

“Nope. Crap reasoning. Try harder.” I folded my hands and stood up. I tried to glare at him, but as my glares lack the intimidating quality that is Choi patented, he just laughed.

“Okay. I just wanted you there.”

“That’s even worse!!! Who would want an unpopular nerd like me on such a huge party? That’s crazy!” I was breathing hard by the end of my rant, standing just a step from him. I knew that my face was probably red from embarrassment and I moved to step away, but Bae’s hand on mine stopped me. He pulled me towards him and snaked an arm around my waist. Our faces were only centimetres apart.

“Well, then I must be crazy.” He murmured and crossed the distance between us. The moment his lips met mine, my already red face gained the colour of beetroot and my heartbeat quickened to the point I could hear blood pounding in my ears. I don’t know how long I stood there, frozen, but I eventually kissed back, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing into him. We made out for at least five minutes before he gently pulled away – with a last peck on the corner of my mouth, of course.

“See you at the party then.” He said and disappeared.

Dammit. Guess I need to find myself a costume.

Five hours later found me in front of my mirror, panicking. I had on my costume, which was…ehem…something. I practically tried to be original, but it ended up as a mix of anything and everything I have in my wardrobe. A total disaster.

Doegopa neoui oppa

Neoui sarangi nan neomu gopa

Doegopa neoui oppa

Neol gatgo mal geoya dugo bwa…

My phone started ringing. I picked it up, Rin’s ID brightly lit on the screen.


“OPEN YOUR GODDAMN DOOR!!!” I held my phone away from my ear and went to do so. My friend burst in holding at least three full bags of…stuff. I don’t even wanna know what’s in there. She barged into my room and threw it all on the bed. It was only then I saw what she was wearing. And it completely puzzled me. She had on a long black dress with long sleeves and a collar and a necklace – some sort of dragon made of silver and obsidian, probably? She also did her make-up – black eye shadow and dark red lipstick. Her hair was dyed fire red. She caught me looking at her and scoffed.

“I’m not letting you go alone. At least Hyun will finally stop whining that I never go.”

“So…you’re going with me? What are you?”

“Well….it WAS supposed to be a pirate witch.”

“You tried.”

„Oh shaddup. Now it’s time for your costume. “ She took something from one of her bags and held it out to me.

It was hair dye. Blue hair dye. She proceeded to pull out a white kimono and an ornamented blue haori plus socks and zori sandals and from a case she took a beautiful flute of ivory and silver. I watched it all with my jaw on the floor.

“W-What is that?”

“That is your costume. Tsukiyomi-no-mikoto, the moon god.”

“This must have cost you a fortune! I can’t accept this!”

“Not at all actually. I made it two years ago, just waiting for the day you finally get invited. If you never did, I planned to press Hyun into allowing you attendance in your final year.”

“Strangely it doesn’t really surprise me…”

I gave up and let my crazy friend work her even crazier magic. She dyed my hair a shade of deep blue she called “indigo”, did my makeup, dressed me into that kimono thing and crowned me with a tiara resembling the moon. And in all that, she never even once allowed me to look into the mirror. So here I stood, being used like a damn mannequin and not even knowing what I looked like. Then she took a photo with her phone and started giggling. Giggling. Choi Seung Lee, Miss Manlier-Than-Ji Yong, giggling. Something was really wrong. I grabbed the phone – and froze.

An ethereal, unearthly creature was staring back at me. Its skin was snowy white (courtesy of all the rice powder), its silver eyes (So that’s what the contacts were for!) accented with the same indigo shade, blue hair falling stylishly over its shoulders (hair lenghteners). Its lithe body was clad in pure white kimono and light, icy blue haori and in its obi was a case that hid the incredible flute I’d seen earlier. The silver tiara glowed slightly – a proof of royalty, of godhood.

It was almost beautiful.

It was me.

“Rin? You’re a fucking genius.”

“I know. And don’t curse, you’re a god.”

We arrived at the club, hitching a ride in the Choi family Bentley – which Rin had “confiscated” for the night. She did say something about getting somebody else to drive me home, but I’m afraid I didn’t quite listen. I was too busy staring.

The Bangtan was all dolled up in Halloween-themed props, pumpkins and fake spiderwebs concealing the entrance, even the bouncer was wearing a Freddy Krueger costume! We showed our student IDs and entered. Upon exiting the narrow stairway – and getting scared to death by an extremely real looking skeleton – we were welcomed by a butler. To my surprise I actually recognized him, it was Yoo Young Jae from the science club. He glared at me from behind his monocle glass – I got invited and accepted, which in their eyes was betrayal. I set my guilt aside and searched the crowd for some sign of Bae.

I could see Ji Yong and Seungri, dressed up as devil and angel respectively, standing together by the punch fountain (yeah, a bowl wasn’t enough for the spoilt brats), drinking from cups that looked like skulls and talking about gods-know-what. There were Dae Sung and Seung Hyun, dressed as werewolf and vampire, dancing and looking so happy I had to look away. I turned to ask Rin if she wants to go sit somewhere, but she’s already disappeared from sight. I scanned the room briefly and spotted her sitting on a barstool, nursing something that looked like a Bloody Mary and laughing at Ji Ho (whose costume was probably a pirate, what with the dreadlocks and all). I spared a moment to mentally pump my fist into the air and shout “FINALLY!!!” when he leaned in and kissed her, because really, the whole school has been waiting for them to get together since first year. I then proceeded to the other side of the bar and asked the barkeep for a negroni (Rin made it for me on my last birthday and it was awesome).

“Hey beautiful.” Someone sat on the stool next to me. A guy, tall, dark and handsome. He was dressed in red and had huge crimson wings fastened to his back. A dragon perhaps? He gave me “the look”, the one you usually see on sleazy, dirty men in sleazy, dirty bars and I wanted to tell him to fuck off, that I was waiting for someone.

“My name’s Kris, yours?”

“That’s none of your business.” I knew I’ve made a mistake when he moved closer to me, covered my hand with his and closed the distance between us, so that we were only inches apart.

“That’s not nice, little moon god…you should know which name to scream when I take you.” His whisper was probably supposed to be seductive, but I only felt disgusted.

“Fuck off.”

He didn’t take that well. I was suddenly dragged through the filled club and into the back, to a door that said “staff only”. He pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked it, then threw me in and closed the door behind him.

“Now, now, be a bit more polite, little god…or should I say little bitch.”

I felt the urge to scream and puke at the same time, my stomach heaving and head spinning. Did he put something into my drink? No, that was just my consciousness telling me I’m stupid. Of course I was gonna get raped and killed in this dark room and nobody will ever search for me. And if Rin does, they will get her too, and our bodies will be thrown into the Han River.

I must have been totally beside myself, because when I looked up, who I saw wasn’t Kris, but a much shorter person whose white hair caught the bit of light going in and betrayed their identity to me.

“Young Bae?” He knelt next to me and wordlessly checked my body for any prominent injuries. Then he took my hand – my hand! – and led me out of that room and back into the noisy and crowded main club. He sat me on a stool and looked straight into my eyes. I noticed he had golden contacts (They were incredibly sexy. Just saying.), and that his hair was styled up into a Mohawk-ey thingy that cascaded down his shoulders – his bare shoulders. He was shirtless, skin covered in what looked like some sort of tattoos. The only things he had on was a pair of white pants (like the bottom part of a toga) and some thick golden bracelets. He looked like sex personified.

I was definitely staring for too long, because he snapped his fingers before my eyes and laughed at my startled reaction.

“I invite you to a party, arrive a bit late and you’re already getting raped by Wu Yi Fan? Really?”

“Thanks for saving my ass, by the way.”


“Random question, what are you supposed to be?”

He stood and bowed, the old-fashioned European bow complete with hand-kissing.

“Helios is my name, the God of the Sun. But you, my fair maiden, may call me Taeyang.”

“The sun god, how fitting.”

“You tell me, although I didn’t know the moon god was allowed to look this hot.” Wait, is he flirting with me? Oh My Gods, he is!!! I scrambled around my brain for anything usable as an answer, but still ended up blurting out the first thing that came to mind.

“Well, the moon is lightened up by the sun, it doesn’t have any natural light, so I guess the hotter the sun, the more light the moon gets...?” Fuck fuck fuck….curse my nerdy self for paying too much attention in geography.

“Did you just call me hot, in that weird, scientifical way?”

“M-Maybe…” and I was definitely blushing now.

“You’re adorable.” A-adorable? Me?

“Yes, you are.“ Shit. Did I say that out loud?

“You did.” Fuck. Of all days to start thinking aloud.

“True. I can imagine it to be embarrassing.” Really brain? In front of the one person in this whole goddamn school I want to end up in bed with???

“Would you believe me if I said I want you to end up in my bed?”

“Wait - What??? You really mean that? I mean, a nerdy guy like me…no, that sounded like I was insulting myself…are you sick? Because that is completely illogical and imposs-“ Whatever I wanted to say, I forgot in the next second when those heavenly lips captured my own in a searing hot kiss. I melted, nearly falling from my chair, only saved by those strong, tanned arms wrapping around my waist, holding me up.

“You want to change scenery?” I nodded, trying not to look as stupidly eager as I felt.

I was swept off my feet and carried bridal style out of the club, having just enough time to wave in the direction of where Rin and Ji Ho were making out and hoping my best friend caught it and won’t search for me. My brain probably shut off then, because next thing I saw, we were exiting a car and Bae dragged me through double doors, up a staircase and through another door. I got thrown onto something soft – a bed, probably – and then he was upon me, peppering kisses on the side of my neck and stripping me off my kimono.

His hand caressed my left nipple and I moaned out loud, a whorish sound I will later deny ever making. I didn’t want to seem too needy, in fear that he will kick me out without even touching me, but he only smiled and repeated the motion, making me moan again. By then I was completely naked and spread open, my legs parted wide to show my cock and twitching hole.

“So pretty, Casie~ And only for me.“ He purred into my ear, kissing up the side of my neck. His fingers were still teasing my nipples, causing my breath to hitch ever-so-often. I was slowly but surely coming undone, my virgin mind and body unable to take in all his ministrations.

I whined slightly when his hands and lips left my body, thinking that he will surely leave me. But then I felt his touch on my innermost thighs, light and teasing, and I stopped thinking again.

“Pretty Casie, tell me…what do you want?” he breathed out, his lips upon mine in the most gentle of kisses. I tasted their sweetness and suddenly I wanted them elsewhere, wrapped around my cock and milking me.

“Bae…I w-want your m-mouth on me.” I stammered out, red in the face and embarrassed. He smirked at my shyness, licked his lips and knelt between my legs. In the next moment, the head of my cock was enveloped in moist warmth. His tongue flattened against the prominent vein on the underside and he swallowed, the tip of my manhood hitting the back of his throat. He didn’t gag, and a part of me wondered momentarily if I should take offense in that fact, but I shushed it and continued on moaning like a slut. My hands had somehow made their way into his Mohawk (which was not much of a Mohawk anymore) and my hips were bucking up slightly, but not quite enough to face-fuck him. He still kept going at a fast pace, clearly with all the intention on making me cum first. I was fixated on the pleasure I got from the blowjob and didn’t notice his hand sneaking between my ass cheeks and slipping one lubed up finger into my hole. It felt dimly uncomfortable and I whined, but then the finger curled up, scratching my inner walls, and I nearly screamed when it hit that one special bundle of nerves inside me. I could feel Bae smirk around my cock, he hit that place again – and I saw white, coming into his waiting mouth. He swallowed everything and let me go with a wet pop, but kept his finger inside. When I thought it was over, he added another one and scissored me open, making sure to only lightly brush that place.

I was getting desperate, my cock half hard again and my back lifting slightly from the bed. I wanted, no, I needed more. I needed him in me, fucking me into blissful oblivion. That irrational need made me wrap my legs around his waist and bring him closer. I kissed him passionately, whining when his fingers left me empty. But then I felt the blunt head of his cock pushing in, and his hand distracting me from the uncomfortable feeling, pumping my dick into full hardness.

The pain was still there, dulled only a bit by the pleasure from his hand, and I clenched my teeth, trying hard not to hiss. He was now fully seated in me, much larger than his two fingers. I felt so full, maybe too full.

“Casie…are you okay?” his voice sounded worried. I nodded, smiling up at him and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Move.” I ordered, trying to not appear scared. He caught the tremble in my voice, but decided to ignore it. He withdrew almost completely from me before plunging back in, making me groan in half pain, half pleasure. The first few thrusts were quite painful, the feeling of his swelling cock breaching my inner walls faintly uncomfortable. He kept peppering open-mouthed kisses all over my face and neck and his hand never left my own manhood. That, combined with his slow pace, lulled the pain into a dull ache.

“More…faster, Bae…harder~“ I moaned, spreading my legs just that bit wider and clenching my walls that bit tighter, making him groan deep and speed up, his dick pounding into me harder. I saw stars as he hit my prostate, the angle only slightly changing. He banged into me, my back lifting up from the bed and my head thrown back, the pleasure leaving me immobile and unable to do anything but whine and beg for more. My mind was fogged with lust, the tight heat in my loins chasing away all thoughts besides mindless pleas.

Last few thrusts, and Bae came in me, filling me even more, his warm cum coating my insides in white. The feeling triggered my own orgasm, and I came for the second time that night, the mindless need turning into a lazy sort of pleasure, the perfect sort of afterglow.

He pulled out, the already cooling white liquid trickling down my thighs. I’d imagine it to feel uncomfortable, but I only felt sated and content, my eyes already lidded and half-asleep. I felt Bae gently covered us with a blanket and snaked his arms around my waist. The last thing I perceived was his breath on my ear, a sleepy voice murmuring.

“You’re mine now, pretty Casie…I will never leave you, you’re mine forever.”

Well, it’s decided. I’m Kim Casian, 18 years old, and I’m madly, irrevocably in love with Dong Young Bae, my incredible boyfriend.

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queenkrissi: bis zum schluss, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste kapitel😊

Sandra: Eine sehr schöne Liebesgeschichte, ich freue mich schon auf den 2ten Teil.

Nguzi Banda: - I liked May’s character very strong and educative, she managed to deal with mental issues

Jaqueline Leal: Me gustó, la temática fue fuerte pero abordada de una manera responsable y respetuosa, me encanta la manera que tienes de escribir muchas felicidades, sigue haciendo lo siempre

Estefanía: Me pareció un poco dramática la reacción de ella. Pero en general me ha gustado

Teresa Knapp: Getting better!Still feel like you could have gone into more detail in some areas and I see where you left it open at the end for another one!

allison o'connor: Didn't sleep and now I've got a headache. But I'm loving them! On to book four.

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Jessie Dean: This was a very touching book. The writing was great and I loved the characters and plot.

Nashla_343: Me encanta ❤️🤣 y me dio mucha risa

marilyn: I love how Tate has a mate as well. I love foxes. They are so cute. I bet the dragon will be mated to Bridgett

marilyn: I am so happy ivy is back. Even though her name is saffron now.

marilyn: It's awesome to hear about all these shifters finding their fated mates. I can't wait to hear more about them. I also want to hear about the cubs. And for Daryl to find his mate.

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