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a new student came to your college, he was a foreigner, from France. what will happen if you fell in love with the frenchie who already have a girlfriend? will he stay with her or break up? find out the answers and much more by reading! Note : everything in the story is from my own imagination ୨୧˚started : 9 july 2020˚୨୧ ୨୧˚ended : ? ˚୨୧

Romance / Other
Sucré rose
Age Rating:

𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐞

the door of the classroom opened, the teacher walked in which made everyone turn silent, you looked at her analyzing her mood by the way she acted, she was happy.

"today we will welcome a new student in our class, he's from France so please take care of him" she gestured to someone to come from outside the classroom, a boy similar to your age entered the room, standing next the teacher.

he was tall, he was wearing a black sweatshirt and white jeans, his hair was silky, gray , the boy looked up and your breath hitched, he was attractive, he had a dominant aura around him, you even noticed some girls looking at him with heart eyes.

"class this taehyung, he'll be joining us this year, taehyung please introduce yourself" the teacher said looking at the class while smiling.

"bonjour, i'm taehyung kim and i'm from France" he had a french accent, oh god and his voice, his voice was so deep and beautiful.

"thank you taehyung, you can go sit on one of the empty seats" you looked around there was 3 empty seats in the class so taehyung had to choose.

you watched as he made his way toward you and looked at you " can I sit here?" he asked in a soft voice that made you melt.

"o-of course!" you slapped yourself mentally for stuttering and blushing.

he smiled and sat down, looking at you "i'm taehyung, et vous?" he titled his head, you didn't know what does "et vous" mean but he was introducing himself so it probably meant "and you".

"i'm y/n" you smiled at him, he chuckled "ton prénom est jolie comme toi"

you titled your head confused, when he saw the confusion on your face he chuckled "oh nothing don't worry" he said while smiling.

you blushed and smiled while saying a small okay and got back to work.


it was lunch time, you were packing so you can go to the cafeteria when someone tapped your shoulder, you turned around and noticed that it was taehyung.

"hey, um.. i wanted to ask if we can have lunch together? as you know i'm new here and i don't have any friend" he said scratching his head.

you blushed, taehyung wanted to have lunch with you, you were definitely dreaming.

"of course you can! let's go!" you smiled at him which made him smile, you both walked toward the cafeteria, grabbing some food and searching for an empty table, once you found one you both sat down.

taehyung looked at you, you looked so angelic, so pretty, so adorable, he blushed while thinking about your beauty, be never saw such a beautiful human.

he felt the need to protect you, to be there for you, to shower you with love.

"tu es magnifique" he said then widened his eyes and blushed, while you looked at him confused "did you say anything? sorry i wasn't paying attention" you giggled softly.

" i was saying that the food is good" he chuckled hoping you won't notice he's lying, sighing in relief when you didn't notice and just smiled.

it was wrong, he had a girlfriend, but you were just so beautiful and innocent he couldn't help it.

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