Keeper of the locket


,, Come in.'' Said a high pitched, but dark,voice from inside.

Bellatrix pushed open the door of her Master's study, walking inside.

When inside, she dropped on the floor, face down, bowing to her Lord.

,, My Lord.''

Voldemort turned around on his spot in front of the window and looked at the woman kneeling by the door.

,, Rise, Bellatrix.'' He simply said, while the woman was standing back on her feet again. ,, Why have you come here?''

,, I have come to show my Lord something that I know he will enjoy.'' Bellatrix said, smirking.

,, I remember the day my Lord told me about the way he split his soul into seven parts and how I swore to keep one of them save in my vault. And how I swore to keep an eye out for the others, may they be endangered.'' She continued, now walking behind Voldemort, who had abandoned his place by the window, looking rather confused.

,, So, when I was walking around Diagon Alley a few days ago and saw some shady figure selling some of his stuff, I decided to walk past. That was until I saw this.'' She finished, still standing behind Voldemort, but now dangling a golden necklace in front of his face.

Voldemort first looked at it and then grabbed it out of her hands.

He walked away from her, still looking at the locket in his hands, while she looked slightly offended.

,, Bellatrix, come here and hold the locket for me.'' Voldemortsaid. He had to know if it was real, even if he had to use his best lieutenant to be sure.

She walked over to him and took the locket from his outstretched hand, wondering why he was returning the locket from which she was sure was one of his Horcruxes.

,, Open.'' Voldemort said in Parseltongue. He smirked as he saw Bellatrix's confused face for she didn't know what he's just said.

The locket sprung open and exploded with force that threw Bellatrix off her feet, against the wall.

Then the Horcrux began to speak.

,, I have seen your heart, and it is mine.''

,, I have seen your dreams, Bellatrix Lestrange, and I have seen your fears. All you desire is possible, but all that you dread is also possible...''

,, Unloved by-''

But before it continues, Bellatrix began to speak again.

,, My Lord, please, it is working, stop it.''

,, By the D-.''

,, Master, please.'' She almost begged.

,, Close.'' Voldemort said in Parseltongue, closing the locket. He smirked as he picked the locket up from the floor. ,, Well that can go into The Daily Prophet, '' He continued with an even wider smirk as Bellatrix stood up again. ,, BellatrixLestrange just begged to someone.

He now turned to her and saw her angry, but also shocked expression.

,, Now, now, don't be mad. You did well on returning that locket to me. That was no punishment, but merely a way to see if it was the right one.''

,, The right one, my Lord?''

,, Yes, the right one.'' Voldemort said, walking past her and seating himself at his desk.

When he saw her puzzled look, he chuckled and then continued.

,, When your cousin, Regulus was a Death Eater, I asked the assistance of his house-elf to place this part of my soul inside a cave I had specially created for said Horcrux. That was before your cousin decided to turn against me, yes he turned against me.'' He said that last upon seeing her expression, which gave away that she didn't believe him. ,, In fact, his change of allegiance is the reason why I had to make sure this locket was real. He thought I didn't know, but nothing goes past Lord Voldemort.''

,, He and his house-elf went back to the cave and replaced my Horcrux with a fake one, as he meant to destroy the real one. Unfortunately for him, a sacrifice has to be made when taking the locket. And I guess he didn't want the elf's life to end, pathetic.'' Voldemort spat out the last word as he did not understand why Regulus would save a filthy house-elf. ,, So he sacrificed himself and ordered the elf to destroy my Horcrux, which he could not, obviously. But what I did not know is what the house elf did with it after his failure of trying to destroy it, so I did not know where it was located, until now, of course.''

Bellatrix just stood there, unable to say something for a little while. She knew her cousin had died, of course, but she never had known how.

,, That filthy traitor.'' She muttered, just audible enough for Voldemort to hear. He actually did not expect her to say that. Of course, he didn't expect her to cry over her cousin's dead, but he had expected something as she, like every pureblood family, was very concerned about her family members.

,, Well, it's better he's dead then. To betray our family, to betray you cannot go unpunished.''

Voldemort smirked, her loyalty always amused him, to talk like that about a family member, which you have just heard the 'terrible' death of, is cold. But then again, she was cold, cold as ice.

,, Indeed it is, Bellatrix. Now, leave me. And before you return home, go to your vault and check my Horcrux its safety.''

,, Yes, my Lord.'' She said, bowing. And she walked out of the room, leaving Voldemort to his thoughts.

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