Keeper of the locket

Entering the enemy's mind

(Set at the same time as last chapter, but focused on Grimmauld Place)

All three of them were beyond happiness; they were one step closer to defeating Voldemort. Sure, death and suffering could be waiting for them at Bellatrix's house, but at least they had a clue about what their next move is going to be.

The three of them sat back down at the table, discussing a plan, while Kreacher was making them tea.

,, So, what are we going to do now?'' Harry asked the other two.

,, We have to make a plan to get to her house as soon as possible.'' Hermione said.

,, Hmm...let's think, which way of intruding an insane murderer's house will cause us the least of pain?'' Ron joked and the three of them started laughing.

,, But honestly, what are we going to, to-'' Harry began to say, but suddenly felt a sharpening pain in his forehead. He tried to ignore it, but it didn't work and he collapsed on the floor.

Everything went black and he was in another room, a study of some sort. But he didn't get a good look of the room around him as there was dangling something in front of his face.,, It was the locket.'' Harry thought. ,, How could she have come by it? Oh of course, she had just told him, she got it from a shady looking man at Diagon Alley, how did he get a hold of it?''

Harry snatched the locket from the woman's hand and started to walk forwards.

He couldn't believe this was his locket, it had been lost for so many years and now it's back. He had to know if it was real.

,, Bellatrix, come here and hold the locket for me.'' Harry said in a high pitched voice, very unlike his own.

He now looked at the woman walking towards him, he didn't exactly want to use her, her being his best lieutenant and the Horcrux could do serious damage, but he had no choice at this moment. The woman grabbed the locket and stared at it confusedly.

And before he gave her any kind of warning, Harry began to speak.

,, Open.''

At this, the woman became even more confused, Harry now understood he had been talking in Parseltongue and she hadn't understood him, he smirked.

A few seconds after Harry had spoken the locked sprung open with an explosion and the woman was fired backwards against the wall.

He now knew this locket was the real one and smirked. He could order the locket to close again, but he was rather curious on what it was going to say. Harry decided he would watch the scene, for as long as the locket did no real damage to her.

,, I have seen your heart, and it is mine.''

,, I have seen your dreams, Bellatrix Lestrange, and I have seen our fears. All you desire is possible, but all that you dread is also possible...''

,, Unloved by-''

,, My Lord, please, it is working, stop it.''

The woman spoke, but Harry paid no attention to her, as he was starting to become curious on who Bellatrix was unloved by exactly and why it would be bad for him to hear.

,, By the D-''

,, Master, please.'' The woman almost begged.

It was rare to hear her beg; in fact she had never done it before. He didn't know whether he wanted to keep listening to her begging to stop the locket form speaking or just to stop it. He decided the latter, she was quite useful and he didn't want that thought changed by what she was trying to stop the locket from saying.

,, Close.''

The locket closed itself; Harry picked it up and smirked.

,, Well that can go into the Daily Prophet.'' Harry said, smirking even more as he heard the woman standing up again, with a little difficulty. ,, Bellatrix Lestrange just begged someone.''

Harry turned around to face the woman and saw, to his amusement, that she was rather angry at him.

,, Now, now, don't be mad. You did well on returning that locket to me. That was no punishment, but merely to see if it was the right one.''

,, The right one, my Lord?''

The woman in front of him began to fade, as did the chamber he was standing in.

Harry woke up, lying on the floor, wet from sweat. Ron and Hermione were looking at him, worried expressions on their faces. This view comforted Harry, as odd as it sounds, at least now he knew he was back in his own body again. Well he had always been inside his own body, he had just looked into Voldemort's mind, seeing and thinking everything he was at that time.

,, Harry, Harry, are you okay? What happened?'' Hermione asked.

,, Wait, Hermione, let him calm down first.'' Ron said to Hermione, helping Harry to his feet, who thanked Ron for it.

When Harry sat at the table again, drinking the tea Kreacher had made for them, he began to tell Ron and Hermione what he had seen; Voldemort getting the Horcrux, testing it on Bellatrix and deciding it was the real one.

,, No,'' Ron said a while after Harry was done, letting it sink in. ,, If he has the Horcrux, how are we supposed to get it?''

,, We had to go look for Bellatrix as soon as we heard about Mundungus giving it to her. If we had done that, maybe we could've gotten a hold of it, but now it's lost.'' Harry said, putting his teacup down with a bit more force than he had intended.

,, Harry, we couldn't have done that and you know it. You know we had to know where she lived first and yes, of course, that's no use anymore now, but at least it was better than just running around everywhere drawing attention with trying to find her house.'' Hermione said. She too was disappointed, but she knew they had done the best they could.

The three of them were, silently, thinking of a way to get to that Horcrux now. They were about to give up, when.

,, Harry!'' Ron called at once. ,, You entered Voldemort's mind, didn't you? Did you get a glimpse of the house he was in?''

Harry was about to ask why Ron wanted to know this, but then he understood. He started to concentrate on the moment, but the only thing he ever saw from the building was the room Voldemort had been in.

,, I didn't. The only thing I remember is the room he was standing in and that could be in any house.''

,, Oh.'' Ron said, disappointed. ,, Can't you try to enter Voldemort's mind again, though? Try to see how he got to that room?''

,, I can try.''

Harry strongly concentrated on Voldemort. At first nothing happened, but then.He was flying, not just flying around, but headed to a certain house; the house he was staying at.

He inherited a manor from his father, of course, but how could anyone expect him to live there, to live in his filthy Muggle father's house.No, he would never return to that house, it already was a shame he had to a few years ago, when trying to get himself a body.He stopped flying and landed right in front of a gate; no ordinary gate, an invisible one. Yes, the Black family has always been good at hiding their homes from Muggles. If Muggles were to try to enter this particular home, they'd forget about where they were headed and head home instead.

It wasn't only hidden for Muggles, though, it was well protected from both Magic and Muggle. Only the people that were allowed by the owner or the people that had entered before, either by imprisonment or allowance could get in.

Harry, as Voldemort, walked through the gate and saw the handsome manor in front of him.

Harry, as himself again, broke the connection and found himself back at the kitchen table.

,, He's there.'' Harry managed to say, even though shaking; looking into Voldemort's memory still wasn't a very pleasant feeling. ,, At her house, I saw it, he stays there.''

,, What are we going to do now?'' Ron asked. ,, Trying to get the locket from Bellatrix is one thing, but from Voldemort as well, we won't survive.''

,, I think we have to try.'' Hermione said.

Ron and Harry looked at her, confused; Hermione was the one who always told them not to get into dangerous situations, but now she was encouraging it?

,, But, Hermione-.'' Harry said.

,, No, Harry. I know it sounds mad, but we have no choice, we have to destroy it. And whether we do it later or now, we still have to face Voldemort. And if it helps, I don't think Voldemort keeps the locket on him, he keeps it close of course, but not on him. I think he's hidden it somewhere in Bellatrix's house or maybe he's given it to her to protect. Either way, we have to try.'' Hermione said determent.

Harry and Ron were thinking about it; Hermione had a point, doesn't matter if they try now or later, it'll still be dangerous and the locket could indeed be anywhere in that house.

,, Okay, we'll do it, but how?'' Ron agreed with Hermione.

,, Maybe use Polyjuice Potion to turn ourselves into Death Eaters? We'll have to find some hairs, but with those standing out in the front of this house, it'll be no problem.'' Hermione suggested.

,, No, that won't work. Don't you think it's rather suspicious to see three Death Eaters looking through Bellatrix's stuff?'' Harry said. ,, I think we shouldn't plan it, just go. I know it sounds mad, but it doesn't matter how we disguise ourselves, we'll be suspicious any way.''

,, True, but how are we getting in? There'll be protection of some sort.''

,, There is.'' Harry said. ,, I saw it in Voldemort's mind.'' He continued as he saw Ron and Hermione's puzzled faces.

,, But we'll be able to get in. Voldemort said, well thought, that only the people who are invited and the people who have been there before can get in.''

,, Well, that sounds rather stupid. I mean, if everyone can get in who's been there, it isn't much protected is it? I mean people, like Lawrence, escaped, didn't they? They could step to the Ministry.'' Ron said.

,, Well, Ron, I think it shows Bellatrix's sure that nobody will ever escape. I mean, it's like Lawrence said, no one ever gets out.'' Hermione said.

,, Oh…yeah…'' Ron said, feeling rather stupid. ,, Mm But how are we supposed to get in, then? I mean, we haven't been invited, nor have we ever been there.''

,, But we have!'' Hermione exclaimed. ,, I mean, Harry's been there just minutes ago through Voldemort's mind. And the three of us have been there through Lawrence's memories in his Pensieve.''

,, Brilliant, Hermione!'' Harry said and Ron nodded in agreement. ,, Now, the only question is, when are we going?''

,, I say we go tomorrow. It gives us little time to practise some spells and hexes and it gives Harry some time to rest after recent events with your scar.'' Hermione said.

Harry wanted to protest; he didn't need to rest. But that would've been a lie; Harry was exhausted and could do with a good night's sleep.

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