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Flashback in Time


Book 1: 💚Earth💚

Chapter 1: Flashback In Time

Izuku’s POV:

“HURRY UP DEKU, IT’S GONNA BE YOUR FAULT IF WE’RE LATE!!!!” Yup, I know what you’re thinking. “That’s how you wake up in the morning?” And if I’m speaking honestly most the time I do. That’s my childhood best friend Katsuki Bakugo, you may know him as our village savoir or the most powerful fire bender in the fire nation, and it’s true.

I mean he is the prince and heir to the throne of the fire nation but nobody knows that except me and my mom. Katsuki’s parents had some... problems and now because of that he does to. Anger issues to be specific. He grew up in an abusive home until a couple months ago and ran away. We were friends during his time at the castle but his parents didn’t approve of our friendship which only caused more problems. From then on we became best friends and even made nicknames for each other, that’s why I call him Kacchan.

He was never allowed to do anything but train, that how we met and became friends. You see my mom, Inko Midoriya, worked as a physician in the Royal Palace and one day when I was six I ran away from school to see her. I knew where she worked and snuck into the castel with the help of my favourite guards. I snuck out back to the training courtyard where I found my mom in the garden picking some herbs for medicine and that’s where I bumped into Kacchan for the first time.

My mom had always told me the prince was different in special ways, ways one day I would understand, but was also different in other ways, like the way he would always clean his own armour instead of letting the maids to do it for him, or the way he would go down to the kitchen and help cook the food and clean up with the chefs, or the way he would help the gardeners out in the big gardens of the palace. His parents didn’t seem to like this, mostly his mom was always the problem, but either way they both got stricter with there son.

Kacchan would wake up early in the morning train, eat breakfast, do schoolwork, train some more, eat lunch, do more schoolwork, train, go to bed, and repeat the same thing everyday. All in all, Katsuki was a genius and a natural at everything he tried, it didn’t matter if he was trying it for the first time or the hundredth, cause he’d always do it perfectly. So late at night he would sneak out to the armour shed and meet up with me to hang out playing board games, card games, or he would teach me how to fight.

Eventually he had enough and ran away, that’s when we took him in and ever since he’s been super grateful. Now we’re to high school and all the girls (even some guys) crush on him. I mean I can’t deny it he is good looking but we have always seen each other as brothers. He was always protective of me when bullies would try to hurt me and I was always there when he had a relapse in his PTSD. It doesn’t happen too often anymore cause he’s been taking his medicine.


“I’m coming I’m coming!”

When I get to the kitchen I’m not surprised to see Katsuki already done his breakfast and showing plate of eggs, bacon, and toast in my face.

“Eat fast we gotta go.” He says, more agitated than usual. That’s

when I see the newspaper on the table in front of me.

The headline reads;

“Prince Katsuki Bakugo Has Still Cease To Be Found After Five Months, Queen Mitsuki And King Masaru Of The Fire Nation Kingdom Have Put An Award Of 100,000 Golden Piece To The Person(s) That Find And Return The Prince To The Castel Safe And Sound!!”

I turn to look at Kacchan, “sooo...”

“Tch- like I care, I am not going back to that hell hole.”

I finished my breakfast and we walk to school. It’s not too long of a walk but while were walking I noticed that Kacchan forgot to put his eye colour changing contact lenses in. To make sure he doesn’t get recognized he wears a disguise, contact lenses that make his eyes look blue because only the royal family has red eyes and he uses a temporary dye that washes out with water to die his hair black. He only does this when we go out though. As I am about to suggest we go back home so he can get his contact lenses he interrupts me.

“My contacts are in my backpack dumbass I’ll put them on before we get to school. Now hurry up already!”

“O-ok,” I respond.

How is it that he always knows what I’m thinking?

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