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Yolanda the yellow bird


Yolanda the bird was a special gift for jasmine and what jasmine didn’t know is that Yolanda the yellow bird could talk but only to her. will jasmine ever tell anyone that she has bird that can talk to her or she gonna keep it a secret from everybody?

Nicoleta Bard
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Chapter 1 Yolanda the yellow bird

‘jasmine you got a present!’ yelled her mom from downstairs.

‘what is it mom’? said jasmine coming down the stairs.

’this came for you dear’ replied mom holding the package in her hands.

jasmine soon opened the box and a bird flew out of it.

’wow mom I didn’t know that you got me a bird’ replied jasmine with a surprised look on her face.

’well I’ll leave you to it jasmine’ said her mom as she exited the room.

while jasmine was alone at last she decided to try to make small talk with the bird.

Yolanda opened up her mouth and spoke with such beautiful elegance and beauty.

‘hi I’m Yolanda how are you doing today I know you haven’t heard me talk before but hear me out I could only talk to you jasmine’ replied Yolanda the yellow bird.

‘why could you only talk to me?’ said jasmine with a perplexed expression on her face.

‘because none must not know that I could talk you have to keep it a secret’ said Yolanda.

‘so nobody knows that you can talk right?’ replied jasmine still confused about what just happened today.

yes definitely you mustn’t tell anyone about me replied Yolanda as she flew on jasmine’s shoulder and landed on her.

‘so I don’t get that you can talk but nobody knows that you can talk right’? Replied jasmine with the bird on her shoulders.

jasmine continued the rest of the day with the bird and they instantly became best friends from that day forward.

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