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"Wait!" Jack blocked his exit. "I'm serious! D is real! He can help you become popular, make friends, ace every test and so on!" Yoongi scoffed. "Yeah, right, kid. Even if that was true, a demon would never just help a human for free. Theres always a price to pay. Do I have to slit my wrist and sacrifice a virgin?" Jack made a disgusted face. "God, you're so morbid. No, it's nothing like that. You just have to make a deal with him. To do that, you must drink a special potion before bed. He will visit you in your dreams to make the deal." He hurried to the back of the store, rummaged for something for a few moments, and came back out of breath. He held out a vial of a deep red liquid to Yoongi. "Drink this and he'll come to you tonight." "What is this? Goat's blood?" Yoongi took the vial and held it up to the light, inspecting it. "Oh my God, it's just a sleep potion!" Jack glared. "Seriously, what's wrong with you?" Yoongi held the vial flat in his hand. He couldn't believe he was actually even considering this. But in the end, he kept it. And he drank it. And the demon visited him. The demon offered him a deal. And like an idiot, Min Yoongi accepted.

Horror / Thriller
Age Rating:


Min Yoongi kept his head down as he darted through the crowded school hallways.

Normally he hated how small his body was, and how short he was in height, but in rare situations like this, he was thankful he could squeeze through cramped places and not touch anyone.

He finally arrived at his locker and spun the dial, wanting to just grab his books and get to class so he could get out of the noisy and bustling common room area.

He hung his backpack on the hook and pulled his headphones out of his pocket, connecting them into his phone and letting the familiar heavy rock music flood into his ears.

Nodding softly to the beat, he grabbed his notebook and folder for his first class and slammed the locker shut.

Holding his belongings close, he headed to the library, where he could take a nap in peace before the first bell rang.

As he ducked and weaved through the students, he glanced up to see sophomore Park Jimin and his entourage of friends and admirers.

He couldn't hear what the popular boy was saying, but suddenly everyone laughed and a girl playfully punched his arm in an obvious flirtation.

Jimin was grinning, but the smile didn't quite reach his eyes. He looked bored. Yoongi scowled. What did he have to be bored about? Everyone loved him and he was always the center of attention.

God, how Yoongi hated Park Jimin.

Jimin looked up and met Yoongi's eyes. He smirked and waved with his fingers, shooting the older boy a wink, but Yoongi just scowled and hurried past.

He raced up the steps to the library and reached for the handle, but the door opened on its own from the other side and he almost crashed into the two people who were too busy laughing together to watch where they were going.

"Hey," Yoongi snapped, not even able to hear himself over the sound of his music. "Watch it."

He recognized the two freshmen, Jungkook and Taehyung, and was instantly annoyed. As a senior, freshmen were automatically annoying, no matter what.

Jungkook smiled at him, apologizing, but Yoongi didn't care. He slapped Taehyung's hands off when the younger tried to steady him.

The boy stepped back and said something, but Yoongi just pushed past them and hurried into the library.

He went to his usual table at the back and sat down, sighing as he laid his head on his books, closing his eyes.

This was how daily life was for him. Get in, get annoyed, get out. He lived alone as well, he had moved out to his own one room apartment as soon as he had turned 18.

And that was the way he preferred things.

He was just about to drift off when his headphones were suddenly yanked out of his ears.

He snapped his head up, but it was immediately shoved back down painfully onto the table when a fist grabbed his hair and used all the force it had to hold him down.

Yoongi winced, and even though he couldn't look up and see their faces, he knew exactly who was surrounding him.

"Hey, what's up, Mini?" Asher smirked, tugging painfully on Yoongi's soft, black hair.

"It's Min," Yoongi grit his teeth.

"Guys I think he actually got smaller since yesterday!" Mason laughed. He leaned down and rested his head on the table so he could lock eyes with Yoongi. "How does it feel to be as big as the rice you eat every day?"

"How does it feel to have the IQ of the football you can't even catch?" Yoongi spat.

"Watch it, shrimp." Asher warned, pulling his hair.

Yoongi reached up and tried to throw the boys hands off. "Let me go, asshole."

Asher just smirked and put his other hand on Yoongi's back, further keeping his torso pressed against the table. "Or what?" He leaned down and Yoongi slid his glare over. "You'll stab me with chopsticks?"

Yoongi jumped up from his chair, kicking it back against the bully. Asher yelped in pain and Yoongi smirked in victory.

The other boy, Damien, raced around the table and slapped Yoongi's ass. "Hey, he said watch it."

Yoongi hissed. "What the hell?" He tried to raise his head again but Asher growled and shoved him down again. Yoongi winced as a headache started to form. "What do you guys want? The answers to today's chemistry test? I'll give them to you if you fuck off."

"Isn't it, like, super important in Chinese culture to respect your elders?" Mason asked. "You should just shut up and listen to us."

"He's Japanese, idiot." Damien said.

Yoongi didn't bother to correct them. There were only so many Asian countries, they would eventually get to the right one. "The bell is going to ring soon, you should get to class."

"Don't tell us what to do," Asher snarled.

"What's going on here?"

Yoongi still couldn't raise his head but he recognized the voice.

Kim Namjoon came around the corner, books in his arms.

"Oh look, the nerd is here to save the day." Asher sneered, further pushing Yoongi against the table to prove his dominance.

Yoongi let out a hiss of pain, wincing. "Fuck off, leave me alone!"

He was embarrassed to have been caught in such a vulnerable position by Namjoon. He could handle these idiots on his own, he didn't need someone to step in and save him.

Asher looked Namjoon up and down. "You're looking better since the last time I saw you."

Namjoon gazed silently back at him.

"Are you okay?" Namjoon asked Yoongi.

Yoongi barely held back a scoff. What kind of question was that?

"He's fine, can't you see we're treating him right?" Mason laughed.

"Just hurry along to class, loser," Asher said to Namjoon. "This is none of your business."

"Let him up." Namjoon didn't budge.

"Or what?" Damien stepped into Namjoons face, getting uncomfortably close in the taller mans personal space.

Namjoon didn't flinch, however. "Or I'll call the librarian over."

Asher burst out laughing. "Ooooh, how scary!"

"And then you'll all get detention for bullying and the coach will make you sit out of the next game, which I believe is the homecoming one, right? I'm certain you don't want to miss that." Namjoon said.

The three boys stopped and looked at each other.

After a moment, Asher finally released Yoongi, taking a step back. "Whatever. We were about to leave anyways. Come on boys."

Mason and Damien hurried after their leader, and Yoongi finally straightened up, cursing and cringing at the pain in his back.

Namjoon walked closer. "Those guys are assholes. Sorry they pick on you. You should report them."

"It's whatever, I can handle them on my own." Yoongi muttered, rubbing his neck. "Ow, damn..."

"Are you sore? I can help."

Before Yoongi could interject Namjoon suddenly grabbed his shoulders and started massaging.

"What the fuck-" Yoongi threw his head back and gasped when Namjoon snapped his spine back in place and the pain instantly evaporated.

Namjoon stepped back, smiling. "I took a few chiropractic classes last summer."

"Congratulations." Yoongi quickly gathered up his things, wanting to be out of the library already.

"See you around." Namjoon waved as Yoongi hurried away.


Later that day, Yoongi took his seat at the very back of the classroom, boredly flipping his pencil around as he waited for the final class of the day to start.

Suddenly there was a commotion at the door, and Yoongi turned his head to look.

There might as well have been a celebrity who walked in, but it was just Kim Seokjin. Homecoming king three years in a row and about to make that four.

Students flocked around him, talking and laughing and subtly trying to touch him.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to his pencil.

Seokjin was laughing, not seeming to mind all the admirers that followed him everywhere he went. Didn't he ever get sick of that?

Yoongi told himself he was glad he wasn't Seokjin, he would hate to have people always around him.

The teacher luckily came in at that time, breaking up the group by telling everyone to get to their seats.

Much to Yoongi's dismay and annoyance, Seokjin sat down next to him.

"What are you doing?" He hissed to the senior when the teachers back was turned.

Seokjin smiled kindly at him. "You're always back here by yourself."

"Because I like to be alone." Yoongi opened his notebook.

Seokjin stole a glance. "Did you draw that? It's amazing!"

Yoongi scowled and slapped his hand over the sketch, embarrassed by Seokjin's words. "Can't you go sit up front like normal?"

"But I want to sit next to you today!" Seokjin scooted his chair closer. "I like to draw too, we should-"

"Did Asher set you up to this?" Yoongi narrowed his eyes.

Seokjin looked confused. "Who?"

The door opened again and Yoongi groaned at the person who hurried in.

"Sorry," Jung Hoseok giggled as he closed the door.

"Late again?" The teacher asked, but he was smiling.

Whenever Yoongi was late, the teacher never smiled at him.

But Jung Hoseok was different. No one could ever be mad at him. He could probably murder someone and the police would clap for him.

Hoseok spotted Seokjin next to Yoongi and speed walked over, taking the other empty spot next to Yoongi.

Yoongi could have screamed. This was torture, to be stuck between his two least favorite people in the class.

"What are you doing back here?" The junior whispered to the senior.

Yoongi bent his head down, trying to ignore them.

"Why are you late?" Seokjin countered.

Both of them were grinning and holding back laughter, as if something was funny. What was so funny? Yoongi didn't understand and he was getting more annoyed by the second.

The teacher faced them. "Quiet in the back, please."

He never said please to Yoongi, and the boy scowled into his notebook.

Thankfully, the two boys faced front and took out their own notebooks, and Yoongi sighed in relief that they were finally shutting up and-

A note flew across Yoongi's desk and landed on Seokjin's.

Yoongi blinked.

Seokjin opened it, read it, and slapped his hand to his mouth to hold back laughter.

Next door, Hoseok was barely containing his own giggles.

Yoongi gripped his pencil, his hand shaking.

Seokjin scribbled a reply, and flicked it back.

Yoongi watched it soar through the air and Hoseok catch it.

Once he read it, he looked at Seokjin, and the two shared an amused inside joke that had them both slapping their desks to keep from bursting out in loud laughter.

The teacher turned around again. "I said quiet in the back please. Final warning."

"I'm sorry," Seokjin said, not sounding sorry through his grin.

Hoseok shook in silent laughter.

Yoongi shot them both a glare. "Can you two fucking stop it?" He hissed lowly. "The teacher already hates me and I just know if he gets mad again, he'll blame me."

"Stob it?" Seokjin asked, and when he made eye contact with Hoseok, the two finally lost their battles and erupted into laughter.

Frustrated, Yoongi jumped up from his seat, sending his chair toppling backwards. "I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP!"

"Min Yoongi!" The teacher snapped. "I gave you multiple warnings and since you decided to ignore them all, maybe a detention will teach you how to listen."

Yoongi's mouth dropped open. "What? Me? But those two were the ones-"

"I said what I said. Get going." The teacher glared and crossed his arms.

Yoongi's cheeks went red as all the students turned to stare at him.

He quickly scooped up his things, wanting to run out of the room and barely restraining from doing so.

"Wait, Yoongi-" Seokjin tried to grab his arm but Yoongi shook him off harshly.

"Thanks a lot," He snapped.

"We didn't mean to get you in trouble." Hoseok tried but Yoongi shot him a glare and the boy gulped and looked away.

Yoongi grabbed his books and hurried out of the room, letting the door slam shut behind him.


Maybe those idiots did me a favor, he thought as he sat alone in the detention room.

He was by himself and all was quiet.

It definitely beat being stuck between dumb and dumber.

He still wasn't allowed to be on his phone, but he was able to sneak his headphones in when the supervising teacher left to make a phone call, and he worked on his picture silently for a few minutes.

He was getting less stressed by the second, and had even started humming to his music when the door opened.

His head snapped up and he made to disconnect his headphones, thinking it was the teacher, but it was two teenage boys.

Yoongi dropped his hand, scowling at them. "What are you two doing here?"

Jungkook and Taehyung walked in.

"Got detention." Jungkook said proudly, sticking his chest out.

Yoongi watched them as they took seats in the row in front of him.

"We were spray painting the boys bathroom when the principal walked in and caught us." Taehyung said, collapsing into his seat and running his hand through his hair.

Yoongi watched him. "Is that so?"

Jungkook studied his nails. "Yeah. No biggie. Honestly they're lucky we didn't, like, break the mirrors or some shit."

Yoongi flicked his eyes to Jungkook's hand. "Mm. Lucky, I bet."

"What about you?" Taehyung sat backward in his chair to lean close to the older boy. "What did you do?"

"Nothing." Yoongi darkened as he thought back.

"Oh come on, you can tell us." Jungkook said eagerly.

"I literally did nothing." Yoongi snapped.

"Alright, keep your secrets." Taehyung said, smiling.

"What are you two really doing here?" Yoongi asked in exasperation, throwing down his pencil and sighing.

"What do you mean? We told you we got caught spray painting the boys bathroom." Jungkook's eyes were wide.

"If that were true you both would have stained fingertips." Yoongi nodded at the boys hands, which were clean.

Both boys looked surprised and held out their hands as if seeing them for the first time.

"Uh, well, we washed them." Jungkook said, pulling his hands into his sleeves.

"Spray paint only comes out with turpentine." Yoongi said. "Which isn't something one just finds laying around somewhere, so, no, you guys didn't spray paint the bathroom. And the principal is a girl, so unless she also has a dick under that skirt, she didn't walk in on you two, so what are you really doing here?"

Both boys looked at each other, before Taehyung laughed.

"Damn, you're pretty smart." He beamed at Yoongi, who just gave him a cold glare. "Okay, you got us. We actually didn't do anything. Kookie and I have study hall this hour and we got bored so we decided to walk the halls and then we saw you sitting here so we came to keep you company."

"And you said you didn't do anything bad to get in here either so I guess that makes us all the same!" Jungkook beamed. "We should start a club!"

"Like the breakfast club!" Taehyung exclaimed and Jungkook clapped. "Yes!"

Yoongi stood up and shoved his notebook into his backpack.

"Hey, where are you going?" Jungkook pouted.

"Home." Yoongi snapped.

"But we still have forty five minutes left of-"

"Don't care. I'm done. I can't deal with this day anymore." Yoongi flung his bag over his shoulder and made for the door.


He heard the sound of the two idiots jumping up from their desks and scrambling to intercept him, but he ignored their shouts.

"Yoongi oppa! Wait, please!" Jungkook grabbed Yoongi's hand and pulled.

Yoongi whipped his head around to glare at the younger boy. "What did you just call me?"

"H-hyung." Jungkook stuttered.

Meanwhile, Taehyung leaped over a desk and planted himself between Yoongi and the door.

"Wait, let us skip with you too! Please? It'll be fun!" Taehyung pleaded, clasping his hands together.

"Yeah, you know all the best spots and how to avoid the truancy officer!" Jungkook said, jumping in place, still holding Yoongi's hand tightly.

Yoongi yanked his hand away and faced Taehyung. "Fuck off, idiots. I'm skipping to get away from you, why the hell would I bring you with me?"

"Please?" Taehyung gave him puppy dog eyes. "We won't be annoying, pinky promise!"

"You're already annoying. Get out of my way." Yoongi snarled.

"Okay, maybe not today. Tomorrow? A new ice cream shop opened just a block from here-"

Yoongi lunged forward and grabbed two fistfuls of the boys' crisp white shirt and hoisted him a few inches in the air, so they were at even eye height, and slammed his back against the door.

"Listen to me and fucking listen good, you annoying, stupid burden," Yoongi hissed, leaning close to the terrified boys ear. "I will never take you two out in public with me, ever. Not today, not tomorrow, not fucking ever. So don't ever ask me again, and if either of you ever come within a foot of me again I'll hide your broken bodies where the police will never find you. Got that?" He slammed Taehyung against the door again for emphasis, his dark eyes narrowed and piercing into the terrified wide ones of the younger boy.

Meekly, Taehyung managed a nod, and Yoongi released him.

He fell to the floor and quickly crawled to Jungkook, who immediately hugged him.

Yoongi threw open the door and stormed out.

Taehyung was breathing heavily in Jungkook's arms. "H-holy shit."

"That was so fucking hot." Jungkook stared with wide eyes at the open door.

"Hell yeah." Taehyung nodded.

Jungkook looked to his friend excitedly. "Let's ask him to sit with us at lunch tomorrow!"


Yoongi panted heavily as he sprinted down the sidewalk to his apartment.

He still couldn't wrap his mind around how shitty of a day it had been. It was like the universe had conspired to make this the worst day ever. First Asher and his gang had ambushed him, he was embarrassed by being saved by Namjoon, then Seokjin and Hoseok had annoyed him to hell, he was blamed and sent to detention where the two most annoying freshmen had lied to him and tried to hang out with him -(fucking as if)- and now the fucking truancy officer had spotted him leaving the school early and was chasing him down the street in his van.

He risked a glance behind him and saw the van gaining.

The driver, a man who Min Yoongi despised more than anyone, stuck his head out the window and grinned.

He honked the vans horn. "I got you now, punk!" He whooped loudly. "I finally got you now! You can't escape me this time!"

Yoongi had been running from Officer Tenerife since freshmen year. Apparently he was well known in the truancy community and had a bounty on his head for whoever finally managed to catch him and turn him in.

Yoongi ignored his taunts and pressed on. Despite being small and quick, Yoongi wasn't a runner and he hated exercise of any kind, so it was only a few blocks later that he began to slow down. A stitch erupted in his side and he winced, bringing a hand to it.

He heard the van park and the door open and shut.

"You're mine now, kid." Officer Tenerife called gleefully, running over.

Yoongi spotted a tree he could climb (something he was really good at) and he leaped for the low hanging branch, arms outstretched.

The tree bark was rough and scraped his palms, but he managed to hold on despite the pain.

"Oh no you don't!"

Hands grabbed his legs and yanked him down.

Yoongi yelped and kicked out. "Don't touch me!"

He managed to strike the man directly in his face and he smirked, but his victory was short lived when the officer pried him off the branch and threw him to the ground.

Yoongi gasped as the air left his lungs, and Tenerife took the opportunity to flip him over and grab his hands, pinning them together behind his back.

Yoongi struggled, wincing into the dirt. "Oh come on, there's only like twenty minutes of school left anyways! Just let me go!"

"Nah uh," Yoongi could hear his sick grin. "I waited four years for this moment. You best bet I'm going to enjoy hauling your ass to juvey and collecting that bonus."

"Congrats to every prostitute in this county on their sudden raise." Yoongi smirked, then cried out when Tenerife grabbed his hair and shoved him further into the cold ground.

He hissed. His hair was still sore from the abuse it had endured earlier this morning. "Hey, watch it. Just because you're bald doesn't mean we all want to be."

"Talk shit all you want. You won't be so smug when you're in that cold, dark cell, surrounded by men twice your size who haven't had sex in months. You look enough like a girl to do the job, I think." Tenerife clasped the handcuffs around Yoongi's thin, pale wrists and grabbed the back of his shirt, hauling him to his feet.

Yoongi sucked in a deep breath now that he wasn't being crushed into the earth. "Don't get a boner at the thought."

Tenerife scowled and led him back to his van. "Get in, punk."

Yoongi resisted. "Wait, come on! We can talk about this! I've got a hundred bucks in my bag, you can have it if you let me go! It's all I have! How much is the bounty anyways?"

"Six grand." The man said, pushing Yoongi forward. "Now get in."

Six thousand dollars?! Yoongi was in shock. "How can it be that high?!"

"The number of times you've skipped combined with all the trouble you've caused me and my coworkers adds up. Now get in the fucking van." He shoved Yoongi and the boy stumbled, barely catching himself in time.

He eyed the open back doors of the van warily. "Wait, wait, come on!" He laughed nervously, jerking his arms, trying to get free of the metal rings. "We go way back, doesn't that earn me like one free pass? Just one?" He batted his eyelashes innocently.

"Nope." The officer shoved him again and this time Yoongi only stopped himself from being pushed in by quickly raising his leg and placing his foot against the van, struggling against the officers weight.

"Wait, fuck, just wait!" Yoongi gasped, panic starting to set in. He couldn't go to juvey, he had no friends or family to bail him out and Tenerife was right that the other inmates would make him a bottom bitch within the first five minutes. "Waitwaitwait!"

"No more waiting! Get in or I'll use force!" The man shouted, growing frustrated.

Yoongi's eyes darted around, looking for an escape. His mind raced but he wasn't thinking clearly due to the panic.

He shook his head. "No! You'll never take me, you fat bitch!"

He threw his head back, and it cracked against the officers nose.

The man shrieked, falling to his knees and cupping his face. Blood leaked through his fingers.

Yoongi didn't wait around for him to get back on his feet. He took off running, taking a shortcut into the woods.

It was hard to run with his hands still restrained, and he was still tired from running earlier but he forced himself to press on.

Eventually the woods patterned out and became more sparse. Buildings and streets popped up, signaling he was in civilization again, but he still didn't stop.

He rounded a corner of an alley and abruptly crashed into something tall and heavy.

He gasped, falling backward.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

The figure reached down to him before he hit the ground, and everything went black.

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