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HEATHER noah beck


in which a girls falls in love with her best friend but she can’t express her feelings because he’s interested in someone else......

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

Brooklyn’s phone lit up beside her, a text from Noah saying he was at her house, and to wait for him by the window. And she did, without responding.

It was mesmerizing to brooklyn to watch her best friend grab the two year old ladder that had been buried in the tall grass for months, just waiting to be picked up again by him. To be honest, she missed this. She hadn’t seen her best friend for over a few weeks, but it felt like years to the two. If it wasn’t for him, she would’ve been in a grave by now. But, he stuck around, helped her through school and hung out with her as much as he could.

But soccer got in the way so they only ever hung out on weekends, and once she got invited to one of his games and cheered for him the crowd with his family. That was a fun, abnxious weekend but she’d do it again.

Noah had been with her since the second grade, and plans on being there forever.

Brooklyn waits patiently when watching the ladder shake a bit and Noah’s curly hair pops up first before a three bags are being thrown on the roof. She just stares at his every move like a total creep until he was about to turn around, she zoomed back to her bed where a t-shirt and a duffel bag had been lying.

Three gentle knocks let her know he’s there, even though she knew that in the beginning and she wondered why she was so embarrassed for him to see her staring. Maybe it was the long time period from their last meet up and she felt the insane amount of butterflies flutter in her stomach.

She had a crush, but just didn’t know it yet.

Brooklyn unlocks the window latch and opens the window for Noah. When he gets inside, both feet standing in her room she can’t help but feel a few tears prick at her eyes. “Hi.”

Her voice, soft and squeaky, the nerves building up by every second. A low chuckle escapes his lips. “Hi.”

They stare at each other before Noah speaks again. “Come on, dork. Give me a hug.”

She smiles, and snuggles into his hoodie, the warmth settling on her cheek. Noah’s strong arms tangle around her small figure and he squeezes tight. They stay like that for a while.

“I kinda wish i didn’t have to pack.” Brooklyn says, breaking the silence. But, her muffled voice didn’t make its way to Noah’s ear so he asks again, “What’d you say?”

They laugh together, and she lets go of him. “I said, i kinda wish i didn’t have to pack

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