Chapter 20

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Harry was still searching for a place he and Hermione could call theirs, a secret spot only for them, a home within Hogwarts. He had picked apart Hogwarts: A History in the hopes that the book may hold some answer to this, but the only thing vaguely promising was the mention of a secret Chamber built by Salazar Slytherin named the Chamber of Secrets. Yet this was mere rumour and Harry had no idea if the place even existed, let alone how to find it. It was, however, his only lead, and so he attacked it with all of his wit and drive.

Harry and Hermione were sat at their usual spot at the back of the library, Hermione doing homework, Harry combing through all the books he could accumulate that even remotely dealt with Hogwarts and its grounds.

Hermione chewed absently on the end of her quill, reading back through the passage she had just finished to double check it. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Harry glaring at one of his books. Curious, she scratched out a quick message and held it out under his nose. Harry blinked, looked up in surprise, as if he had forgotten she was even present, and then took the note from her hand to read it.

What's wrong?

'Nothing,' Harry said dismissively, and went back to glaring at the book.

Hermione wrote another message quickly and again thrust it under his nose. Why are you glaring at that poor book then?

Harry's lips quirked at the poor book line. 'I'm looking for something.'

What are you looking for?

'Have you ever heard of the Chamber of Secrets?'

Yeah, it's in Hogwarts: A History. Why are you looking for that Harry? Hermione looked worried all of a sudden.

'I think - if it really exists - it would be a good place for us to get some privacy.'


'You're surprised?'

Hermione paused with quill on paper, her expression thoughtful as she tried to find the right words. How long have you been looking for a place like that?

'Since Christmas,' Harry admitted.

Hermione turned her head, hiding a blush behind her hair. She wrote another message and pushed it across the table to Harry without looking. Why?

'Why?' Harry laughed. 'Why wouldn't I? Christmas was… perfect. I want that time back… don't you?'

Hermione felt her blush intensify. I guess I never thought about it. I just assumed we couldn't have it back… do you really want it back? You really mean it?

'Of course I do,' Harry said emphatically. 'I told you Hermione. You make me happy. Before I met you, I didn't know what that felt like. Not really. Now all I want is to spend ever second I can with you.'

Hermione wiped a tear from her eye.

'Hey,' Harry said, 'will you look at me?'

Hermione nodded and turned to face him. She smiled, her eyes wet with tears of happiness. Harry smiled back.

'I promise I will find a place for us here. Somewhere that's just ours. Whether it's the Chamber of Secrets or something else entirely. I'll find it. And we'll be able to spend as much time there together as we want. It'll be our home.'

Hermione bobbed her head, still smiling. She wrote, I'll help, and then reached for one of Harry's books.

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