Chapter 23

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When Harry woke in the morning, he found Professor Snape sat, fully dressed in his long black robes, at a long table filled with all kinds of breakfast foods, similar to those found within the Great Hall, only much smaller.

Harry walked over, still dressed in his pyjamas and rubbing his eyes, and sat down across from his Head of House silently. There was so much breakfast food scattered on the table that he had no idea were to start, from golden brown toast to heaps of crispy bacon.

Harry finally decided on a combination of three, those being toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon, loaded all together between two slices of toast. As he took a bite, his eyes glanced up for the first time to see Snape watching him.

'What happened last night?' Snape asked, not bothering with a greeting of any kind.

Harry chewed and thought, before swallowing. 'My whole life, at least for as long as I can remember, I've had these dreams. In the dream, there's this snake, made up of fire, and it talks to me. And sometimes, when I have this dream, when I wake up, there's been a fire. It happened at my aunt and uncles. At the foster homes the Muggles put me into.'

Harry took another bite before continuing.

'At the hospital, I was sedated, and didn't dream, but since coming here, I've been having them again. I had the dream last night, but this time, I understood what was going to happen. That never happened before. I knew if I didn't wake up, everything would be ash when I woke. So I tried to wake up, but the snake wouldn't let me. It taunted me and said it could control my power. It said it wouldn't let me wake up. Suddenly I felt my wand in my hand, and I knew what to do, so I did. I cast a spell… I can't remember what it was… and then I woke up. There was a flaming green skull burning on the ceiling in front of me… at least for a few seconds…'

'Then what?' Snape prompted, his expression carefully blank.

'You know the rest,' Harry said, but answered anyway. 'My bed was on fire, and there was a streak of flames cutting Malfoy and those lot off from the door. I put them both out.'

Snape sat back thoughtfully. 'The snake spoke to you?'

Harry nodded.

'Did it have a name?'

Harry chewed his next bite slowly. 'It… I used to ask in the dream, all the time, but it never answered me… until last night. It said it's name was Voldemort.'

Snape pinched his lips. 'You should not say the Dark Lord's name.'


'Because he can find you, if you do.'

Harry nodded. 'So he is still alive…'

'What makes you say that?'

'The snake said so.'

Snape tensed. 'What, exactly, did the snake say?'

Harry shrugged. 'I'm not sure, exactly. Something about being inside me, but outside as well.'

Snape closed his eyes, his hands, which now gripped the table, tight and white.

'You didn't know?'

Snape sighed. 'Not for certain. And if he is alive out there… he is weak.'

'How do you know that?' Harry asked, very curious, and suspicious, now.

Snape waved it off. 'You have given me much to contemplate. Finish your breakfast, and then go get ready for class. I must speak with the Headmaster.'

'Hey,' Harry said, but Snape was already on his way, and then out the door, slamming it behind him.

Harry stuffed the rest of the food into his mouth on his way to the door, but when he opened it and peered out into the hallway, Snape was gone. Even more questions filled his mind now, on top of those he had put out of his mind last night, chiefly among them… how did Snape know Voldemort was weak?

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