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Kim Namjoon, a alpha who has it all.. mansions, gold, companies, and he has a mate.. but he can't help that he's a tad greedy.. he always wanted three beautiful fertile omegas to fill his needs and his home full of pups. But is it going to be easy when the two omegas he finds runs away from him every time?

Romance / Drama
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Kim Namjoon

•is 29 years old

•an alpha

•is mated to Kim Jimin

•overly possessive

•loves to treat his omegas

Kim Jimin

•is 23 years old

•an omega

•formerly known as Park Jimin

•was childhood best friends with Kim Taehyung before moving away to seoul

•is mated with Kim Namjoon

Kim Minam

•is 2 years old

•is a spoiled baby

•mommy and a daddy's boy


•a baby alpha

Kim Taehyung

•is 23 years old

•an omega

•a famous model and singer

•isn't mated

•was childhood best friends with Kim Jimin before he had gone to move to seoul

•has a crush on Jeongguk but is very unaware that he has a crush on him too

Jeon Jeongguk

•is 21 years old

•an omega

•a famous model and singer

•isn't mated but high key wants to mate with Taehyung

•his role model is Taehyung aka V in the celebrity world, in every interview he has had he'd mention that he always wanted to do a song with him

About this universe;;

(Notice!¡: this universe may be very different then other stories in the abo history but please enjoy 🥰)

•omegan people tend to wear feminine things

•Omegas cannot mate with each other by themselves

•Mating is basically marriage.. just without the rings or decorations and extra stuff

•Mating includes a knot and a bite.. it cannot be any different which is why most alphas have more omegas because they need an alpha to become a family

•Mpreg.. the man will push the baby out of their anus (ass if you prefer,,, I don't wanna weird you out with saying ass)

•Omegas have all parts to conceive and give birth but can't get other omegas pregnant

•Omegas do not have strong male hormones(??)to get a strong build like muscles, they're bodies are more feminine with curves to hold their pups

•Omegas have small cocks.. (I'm pretty sure you guys know why 👀)

About this story!¡

•Jeongguk does have muscles as he does in real life and there's a reason and a how he can get like that

•Jimin and Taehyung were friends since they were babies but they both grown up and were apart for years so they somewhat forgot what each other looks like

•Kim Namjoon owns a music company named SG Entertainment or better known as Sexy Genius Entertainment

•Jeongguk and Taehyung are under SG Entertainment but never met the owner

•Namjoon treats his omega but never lets him do things on his own like going outside and he's not even allowed to work until he meets his other mates

(AN;;Okay that should be it, I'll add anything later if I feel like I missed something 👉🏻💝👈🏻)

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