This is all the notes from BTS - The Most Beautiful Moment In Life (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa) It has 21 notes. It kind of tells the story behind the music videos. I hope you will enjoy it. Credits to original owner : MINMINMI_ © All Rights Reserved

Mystery / Thriller
Barsa Khan
Age Rating:

Kim Seokjin - 2 March Year 19

2 March Year 19

I followed my father into the principal office that had a damp smell. It had been 10 days since I've returned from America, I heard that I had to start a year lower because the education system is different.

"I am leaving him in your hands." My father said.

I flinched without knowing when he puts his hands on my shoulders.

"School in general is a dangerous place, we need order and control." The principal said staring deep into my eyes.

Everytime he spoke, the fat around his wrinkly cheek and area around his mouth would shake, and the inside of his black lips were dark red.

"Don't you think so as well?"

I was hesitating at the abrupt question and my father squeezed my shoulder harder. The strength caused shocks to go up and down the muscles of my neck.

"I trust that you'll do well."

The principal persistently continue to make eye contact and my father squeeze me tighter. He clenched his fists around my shoulders to the point that my bones felt like they would shatter. My body was shaking and dripping with cold sweat.

"You have to tell me right now. You have to be a good student." The principal told me with a straight face.

"Yes." I squeezed out a response and the pain disappeared.

I heard the laughter of my father and the principal. I couldn't raise my head. I could only see the brown shoes of my father and the principal's black shoes. I didn't know where that light was coming from but it twinkled. I was scared of that twinkle.

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