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Teach Me | Yoonmin


"Teach me what, Mr. Min?" A hybrid, Park Jimin, was up for adoption in an internet site when a young man, Min Yoongi, happened to look for cats.

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Chapter 1

“Help me take off everything you want,”

Min Yoongi

All I ever wanted was to have a cat but I don’t know where to find one since I can’t leave the house because I’m babysitting my sister. It’s sometimes boring when my baby sister sleeps, I have no one to talk to. I don’t want to talk online since I find it boring. I told my mom that I’ll buy one or just adopt, I never experienced taking care of a pet.

“Where to find? Hmm,”

Then, my phone vibrated as I was scrolling down on my Facebook newsfeed on my laptop. I opened my phone beside me, bored to see who it was who message me. It was Namjoon, I’m not surprised but I’m a little bit curious as to why he texted me.

Namjoon’s been my best friend for 11 years now, we started off like High School buddies until now.

Namjoon: I’ve seen something that you might like.

It made me think since I never told anything to Namjoon this day so I replied to him. I continued scrolling down my newsfeeds then looking after my baby sister that’s peacefully sleeping in her wooden crib. Then my phone vibrated again and I know that it’s Namjoon, he’s the only one who texts me and mom too.

Namjoon: It’s a site wherein you can choose a hybrid or someone you might like.

I read Namjoon’s message for a minute but I still can’t process what he just said. I’m not interested in anyone if that’s what he wanted to suggest but what kind of site does he offer? I replied and minutes passed by, Namjoon hasn’t replied yet. I’m getting curious minute by minute.

Namjoon: Chill, it’s a site where you can adopt hybrids.
Namjoon: I know you wanted a cat so much that’s why I’m offering you something.

Offering me something? I’m not even interested in hybrids, all I want is a cat and that’s it. It’s not even worth my time so it’s best to turn the offer down. There’s nothing to lose anyway. I notice that my mom’s a little bit late today, she told me she’ll just go grocery shopping then it’s getting dark. My baby sister’s going to whine any minute but she’s still asleep so it’s fine.

Namjoon: I’ll send you the link of the site if you’re interested.
Namjoon: Your mind will change soon, I swear it’s good.

Kim Namjoon sent you a link.

It took me a while to think whether I’ll check the site or not but I feel like I’ll pass. It’s not that important and I don’t rush things. I’ll just think this out if I’ll go with it or not.

Yoongi: I don’t know, let me think.

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