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Butterfly Doki Doki


Aimi Batafurai A.K.A Glitter Butterfly has come to Earth only barring bad news. More enemies have come. The girls must become as strong as ever. But, Aimi is cold so they can’t get close with her. (This is a fanfic and isn’t work from the author)

Fantasy / Action
Ms. Tsundere
Age Rating:

In dreams

Aimi: Glitter warriors, I am Aimi Batafurai. Come and find me at school. A new enemy is coming. I will explain when you find me. Goodbye for now.

-At school-

Maya: What a weird dream!

Rachel: I know!

Clara: But Maya it seems she could use a little doki doki hehe!

Mackenzie: Yes; But she could be a threat.

Rachel: She’s right let’s go find her.

|Lunch break|

Maya: Does anyone know where to find an Aimi Batafurai?

Student: Oh! You mean the ice queen!

Rachel: Ice? Queen?

Student: Yeah she puts all Ice princesses to shame!

Mackenzie: Well where is she?

Student: Well she’s in 10th grade...

Clara: What she’s not our age?

Student: No but she’s on the second floor.

Rachel: Thanks!

-second floor-

Maya: Aimi! Where are you?

Rachel: Maya! You can’t just go screaming people’s name’s!

Aimi: ! Maya,Rachel,Clara,and Mackenzie. I’ve been expecting you. Let’s go.

Mackenzie: Not so fast!

Aimi: Calm down we’re just going to Johny’s.

Clara: You know Johny!

Aimi: Yes But That not the point.

Mackenzie: But we’ll miss school!

Aimi: I’ll take care of that. Now stop giving excuses and let’s go.

- At Johny’s-

Johny: Ah! Aimi! You’re back!

Aimi: Hey Johny. How is Dina?

Johny: She’s good. But girls you look confused.

Aimi: Don’t worry. I’ll explain.

Mellow: Ready!

Aimi: Yes.

Mellow: Then just add Love!

Aimi: L-O-V-E. Glitter arrow.


Glitter Butterfly: From head to toe I am Glitter go to go. Free and beautiful as a bird. I’m Glitter Butterfly.

Mackenzie: What’s That supposed to do?

Glitter Butterfly: Just wait. Hold hands. Ready. Let’s have a blast from the past.


Clara: Where are we?

Glitter Butterfly: Splendorious wasn’t the only place that got attacked. This is my kingdom; the golden palace.

Maya: Looks gloomy.

Glitter Butterfly: Yeah, It has that vibe.

Rachel: Well then get to it!

Glitter Butterfly: Ok. Once The Golden palace was a happy place. A place to come to forget all your worry’s. But then the Dark Ones came. They tore apart our home and my sister Queen Angelica said I should go to Earth. So I left.

Mackenzie: What.... it’s not possible! How could the Queen have not told me about her sister!

Aimi: Yeah it’s hard to believe.

Rachel: How are you so cool about everything?

Aimi: I just stopped caring.

Mackenzie: How could you! The Queen risked her life to save someone like you!

Aimi: Don’t judge me! You don’t know my pain. You know what! Johny! You can explain the rest to them! I’m leaving! Bye Johny.

Johny: She’s not all bad. She just has had a rough time. She’ll come around eventually!

Rachel: Well then let’s get right to it!

Johny: Ok! So the Dark Ones, they are villians stronger then the mercenars. There goons are worse then anything we’ve ever faced. Only Glitter Butterfly can defeat them.

Maya: Well then we’ll learn how!

Johny: Well it’s not that easy. It takes great sacrifice.

Clara: And What is that?

Johny: ... turning your Doki Doki into a weapon.

Mackenzie: No wonder she seemed so depressed!

Johny: That’s not why...

Rachel: Then why?

Johny: She’ll have to tell you. I swore not to say anything.

Clara: Ok thank you Johny!

Maya: But we should inform Natalie!

Johny: Yes. You should, Go!

Clara: Thank you Johny!

Johny: No problem.

/On the way to Natalie’s/

Maya: Since Natalie is part of Queen Angelica do you think she might remember her?

Rachel: It is a possibility.

Mackenzie: I feel bad. I was rough on her.

Clara: Don’t worry you can tell her sorry-


Maya: Oh no and Aimi’s not here!

Mackenzie: I guess we’ll just have to do without her!

Kippie: Ready!

Rory: Ready!

Lance: Ready!

Davi: Ready!

Kippie: Then...

Rory: ...just

Lance: ...add

Davi: ...Love!

Maya: L!

Rachel: O!

Clara: V!

Mackenzie: E!

Doki Doki!

Maya: Glitter Bow!

Glitter Heart: Overflowing with love! I’m Glitter Heart!

Glitter Diamond: The light of wisdom! Glitter Diamond!

Glitter Clover: Warm and bright as the sun! I’m Glitter Clover!

Glitter Spade: The blade of courage! Glitter Spade!

Glitter Ace: Enemies of justice, beware! In war,just like cards! Nothing beats an Ace!

All: Listen to the heartbeat of love!

Heart: Aghhhh! Ace! When did you get here!

Ace: I saw you transform so I did too!

Spade: Well let’s go!

Diamond: We’ll fill you in on the way!

{With Aimi}

Aimi: I shouldn’t have lost my temper like that. Mellow do you hear that?

Mellow: Yeah a dark heart beat!

Aimi: Let’s go!

Mellow: Ready!


Mellow: Then just add Love!

Aimi: L.O.V.E. Glitter arrow.

Glitter Butterfly: From one to four, I’m Glitter go for war. Free and beautiful like a bird. I’m Glitter Butterfly!

Butterfly: I have to go!

Mellow: Those girl’s are in grave danger!

|The battlefield|

Heart: Five of a kind; Straight royal flush!

^ba-ding bing!!!^

Goons: Ha! You think that’ll defeat me!

Butterfly: Doki doki!

Spade: Huh?

Butterfly: From the skies to the seas! You can feel the doki doki ! Butterfly wings! Shot!


Goon: AGHHhhh!

Butterfly: Well that’s that.

Clover: Thank you!

Butterfly: Let me fly down.


Aimi: Mackenzie, I apologize for my short temper. I hope you aren’t angered.

Mackenzie: No! Not at all! I’m sorry too!

Aimi: Thanks, I’ll go now.

Natalie: What’s happening!

Aimi: Nat-Natalie!

Maya: ! You know Natalie!

Aimi: Yes, I was the one to make her age quickly. I recognized she was Marie Angelica.

Natalie: Do I know you?

Aimi: ... No.

Rachel: But Aimi!

Aimi: It’s fine. Goodbye for now Glitter force.

Clara: What a strange girl!

Rachel: I wonder what she meant when she said she’ll take care of school!

|School the next day|

Maya: So you mean to tell me you don’t remember yesterday anybody?

Student: It’s all foggy.

Clara: Now I still wonder what she did!

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