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The New Girl (Werewolf Story)


Mila is a sixteen-year-old werewolf ready to take on the world. Moving to California with her mom seemed like the best idea. Untill she meets her mate Garrett Nightmoon, A soon to be alpha that wants to take Mila away. But Mila has an entirely different goal in life that doesn't include Garret.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1- The New Girl

Mila's P.O.V-

*flashback Starts* (i know...its early)

"you bitch!" I screamed.

I swiftly felt my wolf surfacing, while looking at the blond who had spilled her all over my shirt.

Correction new shirt that wasn't cheap. This shit cost me 40 bucks.

"Woops silly me, let me help you with that."

She then begins to pour her milk over my head.

I swear Ms.Flat ass has a death wish or something.

"See now you look much MUCH better babe." She sneered.

I glowerd back.

Being a werewolf was..confusing. Even though a couple of years ago when we came out to the world and were able to have the same rights as humans. There were still a lot of people who despised us. Not to mention...me being black. Just dug a deeper whole in my ass.

At that point, my wolf was in complete control. I effortlessly flip over the table, grabbed a chair, and threw it towards the blond's face.

Well, now she'll have an even better excuse to get that nose job that she wanted.

Taking back control of my wolf I rush over to the blond bitch on the floor.

"I am so sorry, my wolf took control I-I didn't mean it," (yes I did) "Here let me help you," I said as I stick my hand out for her to take.

Blondie looked at my hand and grimaced

"I don't need any help from you savage beast,"

And with that blondie ran back to her group of Pick Me's. I began to stand back up and wipe the meatball off my shirt the most I could. When I looked up I found a but load of iPhones staring back at me

"Shit." I cursed under my breath

"shit indeed." my wolf lucy agreed


After the incident at school... and many others like that, my mom decided to move us to someplace where there were more werewolves. California. I didn't really care considering I had no friends, Plus, I heard that the weather out there was great.
Apparently my mom also got a new job out there that paid way better. Her old one was as a target clerk. She couldn't really find a good job where we were staying because no one wanted to hire any werewolves.
It's just been me and my mom ever since I was two. My moms mate and my dad died from a rouge attack at a local werewolf bar. My mom doesn't really talk about him much, just little things like how I looked a lot like him and how I got my smarts from him, but that's it. I didn't really bring up the topic because I didn't want to make my mom feel bad so its usually is not brought up.
*3 hours later*
I woke up from the abrupt stop of the car. Rubbing my eyes, I slowly got out of the car and looked at the small flamingo pink house. It looked to be built around the '90s so it's not that old.
I reached for the trunk door and pulled out my luggage and headed for the door.
"You ready to go inside." my mom said excitedly
"Yea, sure." I smiled at her
She then took out her keys and opened the door. The house was really nice, it was modern built and my mom already had the furniture placed inside. It also looked bigger than it did outside so that's a plus too.
"Beautiful huh, well you gon'e ahead and get unpacked while I cook dinner, okay love."
"ok, mom," I said while hurriedly walking upstairs.
I decided to choose a smaller room on the right. I was never a fan of really big rooms. I guess it is because its takes longer to clean and I really only have about 5 minutes of patients.

After I finally finished unpacking, I hurried downstairs to meet the smell of delicious cornbread, mash potatoes, and fried pork chops. Obviously it's a celebration because usually, our diner would be 70% more vegetables.
"I wanted to cook your favorite meal for dinner in celebration of us moving, my new job, and your new school."
New school? Ohhh!!! Damn, I already forgot that I had school tomorrow. oh well.
After dinner, I gave my mom a quick kiss and headed upstairs. I took a long shower to wash the day off my body, Conditioned and blowdried my curly kinky hair and put it in a tight bun, and jelled my edges.
I then glided over to my bed and jumped into the covers listening to the howling wolfs sing in unison. While drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

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