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Morning Coffee


Running the countries best coffee shop is one thing, but running a coffee shop where you can meet any fictional character from any book ever is entirely different. Carmen Kyes has been running Kyes Cafe since her mom passed away five years ago, ever since she has been upholding the tradition of letting readers come to meet their favourite characters. The magic that lay in the walls of the shop was outstanding until one day. The magic was beginning to fade from the shop, and Characters where beginning not to appear. Carmen must team up with the most unlikely companions as she tries to save the magic of Kyes Cafe before it's gone forever.

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I was 21 when the keys to Kyes Cafe were given to me by my mother. Now five years later, I was running it.

I put the key into the door and opened up the shop. The smell of fresh ground coffee beans runs thick through the air, the small booths lay to one side of the vast store, tables and chairs lay waiting for the day’s customers, and the sun lights up the shop and all the things within including the new coffee machines I had just bought.

" Okay, everyone time to get to work,” I say, putting down my purse. I hear yawns coming from outside my office, a seventeen-year-old Harry Potter walks by and smiles in.

" Morning, Miss Kyes, ” He leans in the door frame.

" Morning Harry, you’re on counter service with Thorin this morning,” Thorin walks by his hair tied back wearing his uniform.

" He better be up for the job, now come on Harry we got customers coming in ten!” Thorin hurries along.

I start up my computer and look at the books. The store was doing great financially, I just needed to put in more orders for flour, coffee and other ingredients.

" Miss Kyes,” I turn to see Annabeth Chase looking at me, her blond hair tied back, and she looked distraught.

" Yes, Annabeth” I pat the seat beside me, and she sits down.

" I’m nervous, today is only my second time here what if I get something wrong” I look at the 12-year-old girl in front of me.

" You appeared because some kid wants to talk to you about being a demigod or about your story, just be yourself and tell her all about camp half-blood” I give her hug and send her on her way.

I walk out front to see my regular staff and the new characters arriving for today’s customers. Dean Winchester fell into place beside me.

" You know every time you smile, I think you will blow something up again” I whack his shoulder as he chuckles.

" I would never blow something up, Dean now get to work’ I laugh.

I open the door, and customers flow in. I watch everyone sit down and start a conversation with all the different characters in my small shop. I loved seeing everyone so happy, I guess this is how my mom looked at it when she ran the shop.

I watched as a young girl walked in with her mother. They walk up to the counter where I was. I smile.

" What can I do for you two today?” The little girl places a bunch of buttons and loose change on the counter.

" It’s her birthday today, she wanted to pay for it herself I can...” Her mother starts.

" Here is your change” I hand her down a few buttons, and she smiles ” Now, what’s your name?”

" Emily, I want to meet Thor!” She smiles.

" Honey, don’t you want to meet someone more girly then Thor,” Her mother starts, but I grab Emily’s hand, walking her over to a booth.

" Do you want to meet the comic Thor or Thor from the movies, think really hard which one Emily and he will come.”

She sits down in the booth and scrunches her face looking at the seat in front of her. Thor appears wearing his regular armour; I slide him a note saying it was her birthday. He nods and looks at the little girl.

" Now Emily, Miss Kyes say it is your birthday now a goddess like you should be sitting with a crown” Emily smiles as her mother sits down next to her.

I love my job, especially when I could prove that girls can like guy things. Thorin stood in beside me, chuckling as always.

" What’s got you so happy?” I smile at him.

" She reminds me of you when we first met, so excited about the magic of this place, little did I know I would be working hereafter that I should have run,” He laughs, I punch his shoulder.

" Little did I know I would be running a coffee shop with fictional Characters” He rolls his eyes.

The magic of Kyes Cafe was as old as time as my mom used to say it had been around for centuries, but after that day, something went wrong with the magic after he stepped foot in the shop something changed and he was the problem.

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