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Sunken Fire 🔥🌊


That girl also did not live a normal life in her own world! She also did not like the life she had built for herself. But with the appearance of twarla, the world of Gods and goddesses everything changed. The girl realized that the throne had been waiting for her all these years ... Shohua, a sunken fire that has to go to war with the god of the ocean and water, Taehyung! Now Shohua has to decide ... Will it go out, or will the reflection of its orange flames on the ocean still show itself? And only one person deserves to be chosen as the main heir, and to dominate all the realms. who is it? Shohua or Taehyung? Maybe Shohua's chances would have been better if he had not been found and Taehyung would not have read that spell ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - I did not know that I was going to get wet, between the drops of water of existence, and I did not know that I was going to be a fire that I could not ignite beside you.

Fantasy / Mystery
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I took a shaky breath and took another step. I could hear the sound of leaves under my feet again. But this time louder ... I liked their voice. But only I knew what pain was hidden behind this pleasant sound of the leaves. I was like this leaves, many persons foot on them for their own pleasure. I also became powder and the wind took me with it. Yes, my past is like this.
For as long as I can remember, my future and destiny have always been in the wind. I had no role in it myself. I was the only one who was wasting oxygen. Isn't it?
I am tired of living like this, is it called life at all ?? I'm just breathing. The dark and aimless future that I have towards me is running towards me, it worries me more and more every day. How capable am I? Do everyone feel this bad taste of life? Maybe I'm sitting on this damn point. My life has no color, as if my brush was not supposed to dance and paint like a brush on paper from the beginning. I want to live happily, but my life chance cards have all been set on fire ... Really ... did I set them on fire myself or the others?
Maybe both ... the others set it on fire, but I thought if I set the water on fire, every thing will be fine... but later I realized what I had done wrong. Even if I wanted the ashes of this life to remain, it would be better than a burnt life drowned and immersed in water ...
I just wanted to have a part in this life. I wanted to try my last chance. But ... I think he came out of the water burnt.
Sometimes the only thing I can do is sit down ... sit down and see when this movie ends.
Will it end at all ?? Or is it my destiny to run like this in the ruins of my life and not get anywhere? Maybe that was my punishment.
Punishment for breathing
I was a fire drowned in water (:
A sunken Fire!

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