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The Don 🖤Jikook🖤


I suck at descriptions but give it a chance.

Action / Erotica
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Chapter One

Jeon Jungkook was a name feared everywhere. The mafia king has never been defeated since he took the reigns and no one dared cross him unless you had an agonizing death wish...

The mafia king has never been interested in long term relationships , he was a play boy and he enjoyed using both men and women only to discard them the next day. If they were clingy, they would find themselves with a bullet hole between their eyes.

He was envied by everyone for having the physique of a God and the heart of the devil. Everything about him was about work. He lived for killing and torturing his victims , he loved the smell of their blood drenched around him other than that, nothing has interested him except for his friends and loyal colleagues.

Yoongi, his right hand man, was just as brutal as his boss but loved to sleep and be with his soul mate Taehyung.

Taehyung is a deadly vixen; seduces his targets before slitting their throats. He lives for one thing..MIN YOONGI.

Namjoon is the big brother figure of the mafia. Although he is a deadly assassin, he sticks to being an advisor to the young don. He doesn't resort to violence unless it's expected of him.

He helped raise Jungkook but he never understood why the young Don had an insatiable bloodlust .

All of them loved Jungkook but they were also terrified of him.

He had the aura of the devil.

One night after torturing his latest victim for some missing shipment, he decided to go to one of his bar/restaurant to have a drink with Yoongi.

"Sir is there anything you need me to do?"

"No..I'll call you when I'm done."

" Yes sir." The driver closed the door as Jungkook went inside the bar walking like a sex demon on the prowl...he looked good and he knew it...

"Yoongi..tell me again why you called me here?" questioned Jungkook sporting an uninterested face.

"I just thought we could have a drink or two outside work, plus you overwork yourself.."said yoongi yawning.

"Oh is that so?..You know I wouldn't be where I am nor be who I am if I didn't take what I do seriously." Jungkook said scanning the room while sipping his custom whisky.

"I know that I take what I do seriously too but I have time for happiness. While you don't seem to be interested in that. "said yoongi folding his arms looking straight at the young Don.

But Jungkook wasn't concentrating on him...no his eyes where on the blonde Angel walking towards them to take their orders. The way his jeans were gripping tight on his curves as his hips swayed , his walk was effortless , the beautiful angelic face with lustfully plump lips , squishy cheeks and a hella heart attack inducing eye smile..

Damn, Jungkook could feel his pants tightening just by looking at him and that never happened to him...EVER!

"Hello...my name is Park Jimin I'll be your waiter.

Is there anything I can get for you?"

"We'll have another round nothing else more." said yoongi looking at Jungkook smilling.

The boy smiled while taking a bow and left to get them another round.

When Jungkook saw that eye smile again his heart skipped a beat or two causing him to loosen his tie and down the entire contents in his glass. He looked around and saw how everyone was eye fucking the said boy and to say he didn't like it was a massive understatement.

"That boy..."

"Park Jimin?"


"What about him? "Asked yoongi

"He's mine..."

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