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For the sake of love


Nandini Murthy, only hier of one of India's fast growing business, is all set to get engaged to Raghav Singhania, who is also one of the top industrialts in the India. However, just on the day of engagement, when Raghav was about to slip ring into her finger, she breaks off the proposed alliance. Did she loved someone else? Was he cheating on her? Are they not meant to be? And on the other side, there is Manik Malhotra deprived of every good thing in the world. Let's be with Manik and Nandini, in their drive of life!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter .1 - Choices

Nandini's Pov


I walked ahead, in the woods that were shouting nothing but darkness. But, I guess, this is the only place where I can find my lost peace.

After walking for about 30 minutes, I reached there, to my fathers's grave. My Dad died 2 years ago from brain tumour and he wished to be burried in the midst of this jungle. Do you know why?

Becoz, he met the love of his life, here. He met her for the first time when he came for camping trip from his college. And it was not love at first sight for him atleast. Though, he always claimed proudly, that she gave her heart to him, right at their first eye lock.

I was thinking about his love story and his face was flashing in front of my eyes. The shine in his eyes when he talked about her, the smile that crept on his lips when he used to take her name, and everything about his undying love got me zoomed out for.....ummm..don't know for how long.

My journey down the memory lane got to a standstill when my phone buzzed and "Maa" flashed on my phone screen.

"Hello!", the only thing I could mutter as I know that she will bambard me with all her questions at one time. Well, what else can you expect from a mother, whose daugher went missing after saying "No" to her fiance, who was wating for her, all dressed up like a groom. Offcourse, that's what he was a few hours ago, till I denied this engamement, in front of everyone.

People were gawking at me for daring to deny the Raghav Singhania, most handsome eligible batchelor, that too a few seconds before he was about the slip ring into my finger.

"Where are you since past 6 hours? And how could you do this to me, to him, to everyone who loves who?" , she said and anger was reflecting clearly from her words.

"Sorry Ma!", the only thing that could come out of my mouth.

"Nandini", she sighed and continued, "Come home soon baby. We are worried for you" , she said in a concerned tone and disconnected the call when I said nothing .

I know, she is worried for me. I know, she understands that something is not up with me. After everything I did tonight, she is still concerned about my well being and not her reputation. That's the love of a mother.

I feel so blessed to have such parents who have always put me before everything in this world. My Dad, my hero, my role model....he chose me over the love of his life and married my mother for the sake of me. And my Ma, she put even her career beside, her dad's busniess whose only hier was her and chose to bring me into this world.

Yeah, my dad was not in love with my mother and my Ma couldn't love anyone else other than me. That's the irony of our life. We are tied together even though we never wished to be .

Life sometimes comes as a big challenge and you need to gather strength to bat for every ball of hardship life throws at you. For me, or I shoulod say for us. By us, I mean Ma, Dad and me. It has always been a volcano, ready to burst any moment and destroy all of us. But, we always chose to live happily. That's what Mom and Dad did and thats what I am gonna do.

Making up my mind, to take a stand for me and for my happiness, I stood up and went outside the forest towards my car and drived home.

I was standing outside my home, gathering the much needed courage to face the people wating inside, to eat me up for what I did last night.

When I was looking at my house, I realized that I have everything one could ask for. My dad worked his ass hard to give us a luxroius life . Anybody can make it out, from the palace in which I live. But, few things are more important than all this luxory. And I am gonna put all this at stake for keeping some unrequited promises.

Just then, I heard birds chirping and a fresh beam of sunlight peeked through the mountains standing stiff .

I sighed and took this as sign of god, as if he is asking me to go ahead and take a step towards my new life and fulfill my father's last wish, which now has become my only obsession.

I entered inside, and saw my mom walking to and fro, wipied off of all her energy. I looked ahead and saw him sitting with his mom and dad on the sofa in the hall.

As I took another step, I heard him shouting my name and marching straight towards me.

"Nandini", he growled.

"Where the hell you were after all that drama of yours?"

He held my shoulder firmly, making sure that I don't run away again.

"It wasn't any drama. I had reasons", I replied meeting his glare.

I know, he has all the rights to question me. He desrves to get answered. But I am afraid, whether he would understand me or not.

His grip on my shoulders tightened and his eyes were shooting only disgust.

Disgust? Did I do something that disgusting?

"Stop beating around the bush" he yelled. "And get straight to the point, why you exactly left me stood up?", he yelled again

May be, he would understand. May be, he is not that bad. May be, I should give it a chance. I should tell him the truth.

"For the sake of love", I said meeting my mother's eyes peeking through his shoulder.


The end!


What is your opinion about life?

What do you think? Why would have Nandini denied for the engagement. with Ragav?

Does it has anything to do be Raghav Or is it solely Nandini's decision?

What do you think about Raghav's outburt on being stood up?

Tell me in comments!

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