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Still With You [Taekook Reincarnation Story]


Warrior Jungkook and Prince Taehyung were forbidden to love but their hearts couldn't help and knotted the strings of unbreakable love together, making them drown in each other's immense love which eventually cost them their lives. They had promised each other to still be with each other, relive everything that they couldn't get a chance to live together in their past life. Their resolution finally comes true when fate gives them a chance to rebirth and recreate everything in their after life. The feelings, the souls are the hearts are the same but different lives. Long chapters! TopKook BottomTae DISCLAIMER It's all just imagination based content for entertainment purposes. Don't take this seriously. It's written with no intention of hurting any person, community or place. No hate for any character will be accepted. Every picture used in this book doesn't belong to me, credit to the rightful owners. Plagiarism is a crime, don't copy or repost our original work. Many things mentioned in this book can trigger you. © Dippy08

Romance / Fantasy
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♔ Prologue/머리말 ♔

Lanterns were lit up in every hanging corner of the kingdom but the town was in pitch darkness. It was as if the kingdom had artificial light bloomed all around to cover its wretchedness.

The eternal moon, the sign of love was always there, but today she was hidden amongst the dark clouds. The shining pearl shunted her light away, not bearing to witness the ruthlessness of the brutal King.

The loud noises and cries following the spirituals of sacrificing an innocent's life had echoed in the town violently. The dreadful voices had people terrified and hidden inside their homes.

Everyone was in sorrow. The thought of losing one amongst them had them in deep mourning.

Another innocent was being sacrificed as per King's command because he would say so. Just or not, it had to be done or the King would simply destroy all.

He misused his powers but no one ever told him how wrong he was. No one ever had guts to talk to him.

Who knew that would be his last sacrifice, changing everything and would be written as in golden words of remembrance of an unsaid heroic love.

The king's men walked through the empty dark alley, dragging the man forcefully to the kingdom who showed them no sign of terror. He was numb because he knew what he did was not a crime and that he was helpless, helpless to prove the world that he was not wrong.

All he believed was that maybe in another life, another chance. He wishes the Moon would stand by his side when he proves the world he was right. He would get to have all of that back because he loved someone wholeheartedly. His love was true.

He was forced to kneel down on the ground. His body had already lost hope and will to fight against anything anymore. He just wanted an escape out of this misery. He was close to his death and he flinched when he heard approaching footsteps with the shrillness of a sharp sword cutting the air.

He hung his head low in an inoffensive manner. Being blindfolded made his hearing finer which went mute when a familiar face walked into his mind.

Plum lips forming a wide smile, soft giggles echoing in his head. His memories reeked out in the form of teardrops because he knew he would not be able to see that beautiful face ever again.

A devilish laugh echoed in the kingdom. Every heart skipped a beat, knowing what was coming and in a blink of an eye- the kneeling man was far gone with his heroic deed and said words left.

To him, his love could never die and his fate decided then with the power of the valiant Moon.

Another life, another chance for his love.

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