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Still With You [Taekook Reincarnation Story]


That faint voice of yours

that grazed me

Please call my name one more time


The kingdom was lit up with lanterns in every corner, the aroma scented with fresh food from the stalls of the decorated streets. Today was the eighth day of the 4th lunar month celebrated as Buddha's birthday.

Temples lightened up bright to symbolically transmit the wisdom and compassion of Buddha.

The streets of the town were filled with people for the Yeon Deung Hoe Festival or the Lotus Lantern Festival. They were ready to join each other for the parade that happens once in a year where they lighten up lanterns to brighten their own hearts as well as the world.

The people as per custom wore traditional hanbok and were ready to perform ceremonies in celebration of his birth. Children were busy cheering and enjoying togetherness, adorning the meaning of the celebration with their small giggles. The traders of neighboring towns were welcomed to sell goods for the occasion.

The town was in pure bliss after a very long time.

It was a highly anticipated period because the kingdom was in a deep mourning after the loss of their King a year ago in one of the greatest war of the seventeen century. The town forbade themselves from any celebration last year but now that the Queen herself encouraged them all to enjoy again, they all couldn't be more joyful.

They were now in peace because of the sacrifice their King made and the people of the town dedicated their gratitude towards the King with a sculpture, in order to celebrate their victory from war.

Every single person of the town awaited for this day, including a certain young male who just returned after mastering in poetic skills and language.

The young prince of the Kingdom, Min Taehyung, youngest son of the Royal Mins, the one to lead the dynasty like his brother, Min Yoongi.

He was known for his mischievous nature and his cheerfulness, making him undoubtedly everyone's favorite. He went far away in search of knowledge, to learn skills and now that he was back in his kingdom and that too during the festival of lanterns, he was more than just happy.

The beauty of the town attracted his attention towards the festival. Being far away, he heard many stories and even witnessed it in childhood a lot of times but only through the windows of enchanted walls. Taehyung had always been desperate to be amongst the crowd like everyone else, exploring and watching the festival closely.

After returning from royal phrontistery, his brother would just not allow him to visit anywhere. After hearing the same recorded lecture to act like a grown up man and to engage himself with his responsibilities as a Prince and so on.

Taehyung obviously would never listen.

Taking advantage of his brother's absence who was with his horsemen out for a spiritual activity happening in the ancient temple, he sneaked out of the kingdom stealing clothes of one of the knight guards.

He removed his tied headband and shook his head, giggling afterwards as he saw his reflection in the well of the fountain. The charming Prince sneaked out of the kingdom behind the crowd of horsemen camouflaging himself expertly.

He laughed when he finally succeeded in fooling the court men and the guards when he sneaked right in front of their eyes on a horse.

He cheered happily, patting his horse and encouraging the friendly animal to lead him ahead in the town, away from locked rooms.

Just when he reached the town, he found a plain green land in midway. He got off, tying the rope attached to the horse to one of the trees. Taehyung decided to go into the depth of beautiful lights all alone on his feet.

"It's your feast. Eat well." He spoke, patting his horse before leaving to check in the town.

He held his hands behind his back, walking into the crowded streets of the town, adorned with lanterns everywhere around which women and children excitedly prepared to light up in the starry sky.

His eyes instinctively widened when he was instantly melted to the crowd, Taehyung felt safe for some reason. Of course, he had never seen something like this before. Everything was new for him to discover and the town was barely explored.

"Hello young man, what are you looking for?" A soft voice called the Prince from behind. Taehyung turned his head to find an old lady, owning a stall with designed pots.

"Huh...wow." Taehyung gasped, wandering his eyes on the pottery designs as he saw them, ignoring the lady's question.

"Beautiful." He complimented, as he lifted up a delicate cup in his hands to admire the art on it.

"Does it suit your liking, young man?" The old lady asked and he nodded his head repeatedly.

"Did you make this?" He asked with an astonished expression and she nodded to which he was very much surprised.

"So pretty."


"Yah, Jeon Jungkook, I know this would happen every year! They are here to rob us poor people, it was not even close to three coins and he asked me for five? Can you believe that? He thinks he's a clever man. Not as much as me."

Two males walked together in the crowded street, wearing their freshly designed hanbok for the festival. One of the men went on to bicker about the injustice because the shoe trader couldn't agree to trade them at the said man's preferable rates.

"Seokjin hyung! Stop bickering now. We just entered the market, that means we can still look for another stall with better rates." Jungkook assured his friend who yeeted his fists up in anger, hitting them on nothing in air.

"Ah, those shoes were pretty though." Seokjin whined now and Jungkook just chuckled.

"You are seriously one of a kind."

They walked, peering at the sides, checking the stalls to find something to buy to their desires. Seokjin peeked over in every stall, embarrassing his friend who just sighed and continued walking.

"Oh yah, dumplings!" Seokjin exclaimed loudly. He does that when he sees food but anyway. The hot steam fanned across their face, the delicious flavor of kimchi dumplings filling their noses.

The owner of the stall leaned over the counter, wiggling his eyes at Seokjin but Seokjin just shook his head and the owner sat down on his stool again.

Taking this opportunity the older of the two quickly carried dumplings, shoving them in his mouth before running with the speed of light.

Jungkook couldn't believe his friend but he rolled his eyes, immediately following his friend who ran away with a hot dumpling in his mouth.

When Jungkook caught him, he put his hand over his wide shoulders and laughed at Seokjin's face who had his mouth open because of the hot dumpling but he somehow managed to gobble it down.

"You pabo, how dare you leave me behind after stealing a dumpling? You didn't even think of me, at least could've stolen two."

Jungkook complained and Seokjin smiled sheepishly. He took out the other dumpling he stole and proudly raised it to him. Jungkook laughed and ate up the dumpling his dear friend saved rather stole for.

"Ah... shoes...." Seokjin's eyes now caught one stall of shoes and he ran like a child.

Jungkook chuckled, leaving his friend on his own as he now started looking for some lanterns.

Not too soon because he got distracted when his eyes fell on a certain stranger in the crowd and Jeon Jungkook was dazed out as soon as his eyes fell on him.

His charcoal black eyes fell on a certain male, eyes brown and doe, round cheeks, plum lips, long straight hair falling on his face and back with delicate long fingers, tracing the designs of pottery plates.

It was as if the moment slowed down when Jungkook's eyes fell on the certain male, wearing sky blue hanbok, looking extremely alluring. He was mesmerized by his every gesture and when the other one smiled, it was like firecrackers busted in his heart, tingling his chest.

Jungkook gulped timidly. He had never seen someone as pretty as him. That boy was the definition of ethereal. He literally forgot how to blink when his eyes fell on such beauty.

"Jungkook ah! Are you lost? Didn't I tell you those shoes were worth only 3 coins? See, I bought these with 2 coins from here."

Jungkook finally averted his gaze as he was interrupted by his friend's voice.

"Good, good." He whispered and turned his gaze again to look for the male but he was out of his sight now.

Jungkook looked everywhere around desperately but he was far gone and was nowhere to be seen.

"Are you even listening you coconut? What are you looking for?" Seokjin asked and Jungkook just shook his head.

He looked down with pure disappointment and bit his bottom lip. He rubbed his nape, blaming himself to see a daydream.

"Nothing, let's go."



"You heard of the taekwondo match going on? The winner will be rewarded with 100 coins."

Seokjin informed and Jungkook just nodded his head as he spaced out, head occupied with thoughts of the mesmerizing beauty he saw moments back.

"You are a Taekwondo champion, you are getting us 100 coins!" Seokjin said with a smile, resting his arm around Jungkook's shoulder as they walked and Jungkook just nodded without even thinking.

"And here we are! The Taekwondo championship." Seokjin exclaimed and Jungkook was forced to brush his thoughts away when he found himself standing in front of a ground filled with many youngsters like him.

"I wanna challenge you to fight with Jeon Jungkook, my friend." Seokjin shouted, pushing Jungkook ahead and the men standing there smirked.

"Wait what-" Jungkook still didn't know what was happening but he was too late, he was already pulled into the wrestling ground.


Jungkook gulped after looking at his opponent, almost double in size than him.


Taehyung was mesmerized by the art of pottery designs and he wanted to buy a cup for himself but he had no coins so he decided to leave.

Fortunately the lady was kind enough and also was influenced by his adorableness, she gifted him a purple cup. Taehyung was indeed very happy when he strolled through the crowd, holding a tiny bag in his hands.

He walked into the depth now, eyes wandering on every corner but soon his attention was caught by sounds of cheers and shouting coming from a far.

Automatically he followed the voice, only to find himself in front of a ground where some men were fighting, he guessed it as a Taekwondo match.

He shifted in the crowd to get to the front, wanting to have a look at the two players. He gasped when he saw how one was almost the size of a monster.

"Aish, why did this man even challenge himself with this giant. God save him." Taehyung rolled his eyes at the smaller man's over-confidence. He decided to walk away but as the crowd roared loud, he turned around again.

The smaller male lifted the giant, smashing him onto the ground, taking control of the match and people cheered for him.

Taehyung walked closer now, eyes couldn't believe what he just witnessed. Though the man might seem small as compared to the other giant but he was muscular, tall and very strong.

Taehyung's eyes followed his every action, from knocking the man down to carrying him and throwing him out of the field now, making almost everyone gasp.


Taehyung's eyes then fell on a crazy man who was freaking out in happiness.

"Yes, he is my friend! Jeon Jungkook. He is my friend Jeon Jungkook." Seokjin exclaimed repeatedly and Taehyung chuckled at him.

He then saw Jeon Jungkook, standing straight with his fists on his hips and head looking above, challenging others but no one dared to.

"Hundred coins to Jeon Jungkook!"

By this time, Taehyung was mesmerized by his looks, his body and his strength. Especially the eye catching belt.


Clearly immersed in the match, he didn't realize his surroundings. Younger Prince Min turned around when he felt pats on his shoulder. Taehyung's eyes widened in shock to see one of the court men.

"You should not just roam around, Majesty. King Min is very upset."

Boy, he was in trouble, the lecture from his brother was sure to have a comeback again.


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