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The magic flower


One day there was this girl named Lexi who had a sister named Bella they were outside in their new three-story house. When they saw this flower it was pretty and when they touched it it gave them superpowers.

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New house

Come on Bella we are going to be late. Where are we going? We are moving didn't Mom tell you. No she never tells me anything said Bella. OK then let's hurry up and get in the car we're going to move to three-story house and it's gonna be so exciting said Lexi. Well if you insist said Bella what if there is a huge backyard I can't wait to move I'm gonna get my own bedrooms and Bella. Yep me you were going to get her in bedrooms mom and dad shared just gonna be me and you that's gonna be the best day of our lives said Lexi.

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