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Choose Me (Reddie)


After that day in the Neibolt House Richie felt as if his life had ended. Seeing his best friend of almost thirty years lying lifeless in his arms had killed him. When all the Losers ran from the house a part of them was left behind in the wreckage. A part that they thought would never come back. Eddie Kaspbrack, struggling with asthma and god knows what billion other issues, never knew that his life will come to an abrupt stop when his past will reveal it self again. He never knew that he would lose his friends that he had reconnected with only a few days ago. He never knew that when he kissed Myra goodbye on his doorstep that was the last he will ever see of her. Almost last though. They say that your fears build you and then break you and then build you again. Death changes you either for better or for worse. You never know that for sure. But dead don't come back from the living that is what everyone knows. The Losers Club will never be the same again. With a threat on the inside, when they assumed that troubles had ceased they came back in a diffrent form. A form that will stricken the Losers. A form that only fate will decide the course of.

Mystery / Thriller
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Author's Note

So this will be a Reddie story. It's not your basic story where Richie has saved Eddie at the end of

IT: Chapter Two. The characters are pretty much alive but with a slight twist. Which you will just have to wait for a little while.

Please remember this is fiction completely. The characters will be resembling the book and the movie. There are certain facts that I have taken from the books but mostly I am following the movies. There will be some changes in the story, but most of it will remain similar.

There won't be immediate Reddie so if do go ahead and read it please be patient with their relationship. It will be quite slow. I have taken a different approach to their relationship in this book, but it's slightly more realistic than others.

There will be weekly updates for this book. I am slightly more invested in this book for which I don't know the reason for. But still stay in for the first chapter. I will be updating this book every Sunday at 12 noon (IST)

By the way this book might contain some spoilers from the movies and books so if you haven't read the book or seen the movie it might be a little difficult to relate.

So this book also has a playlist called Choose Me (Reddie) on Spotify. Go ahead and put it on while reading the chapters...

Started on: 6th August, 2020

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