Kayla Hamada

Chapter 2

I wake up in a blinding hospital room, and as soon as the ceiling comes into focus, I close my eyes. My whole body throbs with the beating of my heart. my head pounds like a drum, following the beat of my heart. My legs emit waves of pain, and a tear rolls down my check. I open my eyes again, and the entire room comes into focus. I see a light blue curtain, and the rhythmic beeping of the emergency room plays in the background. I turn my head, and I see the boy, the one that I stood up for, but this time he has a black eye. He stands with another woman, which might be his mom, but could just as easily be his aunt. Seeing that I've awakened, doctors check on me, but my eyes still skirt the room. A feeling of disgust forms when I realize who I'm looking for: Yamma. I can't believe I want him here. Suddenly, an older boy with a ball cap, who looks like the brother of the boy I stood up for runs in, holding a red box.

" Sorry I'm late. I needed to get this." He places the box on the ground. At the same time, one of the doctors accidentally bumps into my leg.

" OWW!" I yell, tears rolling down my face. Not even a second afterwards, I hear three beeps, and out from the red box inflates a giant squeaky marshmallow robot. Or at least I think it's a robot. It walks over to me and raises its hand.

" I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. I was alerted to the need of medical attention when you said: Ow." Baymax informs me. Woah. This thing is awesome. " On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?"

" Umm, 5?" I replie. Everyone in the room is astounded.

" I will scan you now." Baymax tilts his head up and down my body. " You have a break in your: lower left leg and lower left leg." Oh his chest, a body appears, showing my wounds. "You also have cuts and bruises on your: face, arms, torso, and legs." Woah. I didn't know I was that bad.

" How does he…" One of the doctors start.

" You already have a cast for your: Legs. I suggest a spray for your: face, arms, torso and legs." Baymax lifts the blanket off my body, and applies spray from his finger. I don't even look at my body. Baymax's cartoon was good enough. The woman gasps. I close my eyes and mouth when he sprays my face. He puts the blanket back on me. "I cannot deactivate until you say: I am satisfied with my care."

" I'm satisfied with my care." I say. Baymax walks back to box, and packs himself away. The Doctors surround the boy that brought Baymax at once. They ask him questions, but I don't listen. The boy from the alleyway walk over to me.

" Hi. I'm Hiro Hamada. Nice to meet you. You know. Not in an abandoned alleyway." He nervously giggles.

" Nice to meet you too, Hiro. I'm Kayla." I tell him.

" Hi Kayla." Hiro says. " That's my older brother, Tadashi. He made Baymax. The woman over there is our Aunt Cass."

" Cool." I replie. "Umm, can I ask what happened after I blacked out?"

"Suurre." Hiro sighs. "So after the man through you on the ground, on of the other men pinned me, and gave me this." Hiro points to his eye. " The man that knocked you out took your legs. And he." Hiro closes his eyes. I can tell he doesn't want to say it again.

" Its ok, you can stop." I tell him.

"No. Its fine. Really. He took your legs and broke them like some one would a broom. Then the other man went and they both just started punching you. Thankfully the police came before things could get worse. Then they called an ambulance And it took you to the hospital. Aunt Cass meet us there." He finishes.

"Thank you. For telling me." I replie. "Can I ask some more questions?"

"Sure." Hiro replies.

"Why where you there to begin with?" I ask.

He sighs, and leans and whispers in my ear. " Bot Fighting."

"What?" I ask, trying to inch away, but casts can make that hard to do.

"Yea. I beat Yamma, so that's why he was mad. Why were you there?" Hiro asks.

Its my turn to sigh. "Looking for my older brother. Yamma actually. But I'm not evil! I was the one that called the police, actually. Its just Yamma disappeared every night, and came home rolling with cash, so that's a little suspicious, so I followed him."

"Your brother left you with them?!" Hiro asks, shocked.

"He's not exactly known for his compassion." I replie. "Your big brother must be really nice."

"Yea. Tadashi's the best." Hiro tells me his sneakers becoming suddenly fascinating.

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