Kayla Hamada

Chapter 3

"Don't be ashamed!" I tell Hiro. "Just because I have an evil brother doesn't mean you can't have a great one. Also, what time is it? I don't know how long I was out."

"It's 7:52 am, you've been out for 8 and a half hours." He replies, and walked back to his aunt. The doctors finish their questions and turn to me. A woman in a black pantsuit walks toward me, and sits down in a chair.

"Hello, I'm Marie, I am your social worker. While you were unconscious, the doctors did an x-Ray on your legs. The brakes require surgery, which they've scheduled for this afternoon." Marie the social worker tells me.

"Wait, don't they need my dad's permission?" I ask. "He's out of town. They wouldn't be able to reach him."

"Normally yes, but there have been some developments that have prompted your guardianship to be removed from your nuclear family." Marie the social worker informs me.

"What kind of developments?" I ask. Marie the social worker sighs.

" When your home was searched, the police found the bodies of your parents in the shed. Yamma admitted to killing them. I'm so sorry." Marie the social worker tells me, her face impossible to read. Hiro's aunt gasps. I close my eyes, and I let a tear down my cheek. For a whole month, I've been living with a murder?!

" It's alright." I tell the doctor. "Yamma said my was killed in a car accident, so I've already grieved her, and I never knew my dad, I only moved here a month ago." Hiro's Aunt mumbles something to herself.

"Where will Kayla go?" She asks, concern in her eyes. Marie the social worker stares at her.

" She shall live in a foster home until she is either adopted or a relative is found." Marie the social worker tells Hiro's aunt.

"Can I talk to your for a minute, in private?" The aunt asks.

" Sure." Marie the social worker replies and walks out. Doctor come over to me, one with a video camera. They surround me, looking at my healing body, and make chatter. But I ignore them. I have more important things to thinks about.


When the doctors finally leave me, Tadashi walks over, and sits in the same chair that was once occupied by Marie the social worker.

" Hey." He opens, looking me over. " Are you ok?"

"Yea. Baymax helped. " I tell him. "Thank you."

"Your welcome." He tells me. "I'm sorry about your parents."

"Thanks." I replie. An awkward silence fills the room. "Soo, you made Baymax."

"Yep. I programmed him with over 10,000 medical procedures. I build him at my school, SFIT." He answers

"It must have taken you forever to do that. I mean I can put stuff together, but I usual have an instruction manual." I tell him. Tadashi looks at me and smiles.

"It took me two years to get him how he is now." Tadashi tells me.

"Woah!" I exclaim. "Two years?!"

"Yep, but it's worth it." Tadashi replies. "Do you want me to get you the bed remote? Then you could sit up."

"Sure. That would be great." I tell him. Tadashi reaches down and grabs the remote, which had fallen onto the tiled floor. He hands it to me, and I push the back of my bed up until I'm in a sitting position. "Ohh, that's SO much better. Thanks Tadashi."

"No problem." He tells me smiling. Then the curtain rings changers slightly, as Hiro's aunt and Marie the social worker come back in. Tadashi offers Marie the social worker his seat, but instead she turns a chair to face all of us.

" Thanks to modern medical care, after the surgery, you'll only remain in casts for 3 weeks, Kayla. The only complication is that you won't be able to walk. Due to the fact that we haven't found you a foster home, you'll have to stay in the hospital until we find a foster home that's suitable for a wheelchair, or until your legs heal, then you will move into either your adoptive family or a foster home." Marie the social worker tells me, flatley.

"A wheelchair?" I ask. The thought of spending 3 weeks crippled is almost more than I can bare at this point.

" Yes, Kayla, your injuries are zero-weight bearing. It's the only way." Marie the social worker tells me, with her monotone voice. How did she become a social worker in the first place?

"Hold on a minute! You said move into my adoptive family!" I exclaim, mentally kicking myself for just realizing this now.

"Yes I did say that Kayla, there's no need to raise your voice. has expressed interest in adopting you. But her home isn't wheelchair compatible. So if she were to adopt you now, you would have to stay in the hospital for three weeks while your legs heal." Marie the social worker tells me. Woah! I could be adopted right here and know, and not even have to worry about foster care! I look over at her. A tear rolls down her cheek. Her eyes are full of sadness, like she wishes she could have me in her home.

"So, would you like to come live with us?" She asks me. After a few seconds, she adds. "If you need a minute, you can have it. I need to speak with Tadashi and Hiro for a minute anyway." I watch them leave, and the crowd disperses. The doctors start to prepare for my surgery, while the doctor with the video camera calls to have me moved to a hospital room, to make more room in the ER.

I sigh. Live with these people I had just met? They seemed like a really nice and wonderful family, and had cared more about me in 9 hours than Yamma had in a month. I haven't been in a good place since I came here last month, and the Hamadas seem like my best bet. But there is one daunting problem. Their home isn't compatible for a wheelchair, so I'd have to stay in the hospital for three weeks if I decide to let the Hamadas adopt me. But I remember that look gave me, of sympathy and agony. She doesn't want me to be in this hospital more than I do. And after the story comes out, people will only want to adopt me out of sympathy, or for bragging rights. The Hamadasisn't like that, I can tell. Some part of me just knows. I close my eyes and sigh. I've made my decision.


When Hiro, and Tadashi come back in, I get ready to tell them the news. The news that will change our lives forever. Ms,Hamada carries the look of concern she carried when she left the room. Tadashi and Hiro carry the same look, not not nearly as severe as their aunt. I clear my throat. They look at me in a flash.

"Umm, I'll come with you guys." I tell them. The tension in the room collapses, and 's face becomes full of joy.

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