Kayla Hamada

Chapter 4

As the doctors well me into the operating room, Aunt Cass walks with me. Marie the social worker is working everything out. Aunt Cass is going to be my official guardian, just like she is for Tadashi and Hiro, my new brothers. (We're not officially a family yet, as Marie the social worker point out. She also pointed out how that I'm technically going to be Aunt Cass's daughter, and Tadashi and Hiro will be my cousins, but I could care less. How did she ever become a social worker in the first place?) Aunt Cass has to do a lot of paperwork to do, not to mention all the legal work to get through. But none of us care. We're just happy to be all together. A doctor pushes a button, and the doors to the operating room open. Aunt Cass stops. She's not allowed to go in the operating room. The doctors push me into the operating room, brighter than the sun. One puts a mask on my nose and mouth, and I inhale some awful-smelling gas. I fall asleep instantly.


I wake up in my hospital room, my legs aching. The ceiling is tiled with foam squares, that look somewhat like crackers. Hiro, Tadashi, and Aunt Cass wait in the standard blue hospital chairs around my bed. Aunt Cass is in the chair on my left, and has paperwork in her lap, but it cascades over the small clipboard like a puddle of printed papers, all blank, damp, with none filled in. Her eyes watch over me, nervous something went wrong, that I wouldn't wake up. Hiro and Tadashi sit on the right of my bed, smiling at me. Hiro also has a clipboard in his lap, but the paper is wrinkled from his nervous fingers. I see a pen next to the paper, a pen that must have been clicked hundreds of times. His eye is much better, he must have had some of Baymax's spray. Tadashi holds a comic book, but the ends are crumpled. A tear streaks down his cheek, his smile wider than the horizon.

"Kayla? Kayla can you hear me? Are you ok?" Aunt Cass asks me, happy tears streaming down her face. She reaches her hand, but holds it back, afraid to go to fast. I give her a nod, and she reaches out to stroke my hair, I think the way only someone who truly loves you can. It feels nice, to be loved again.

" I'm fine. Really, I am." I tell her.

" That's great. Amazing. And three weeks will be up before you know it." Aunt Cass reassures.

" We'll come every day." Tadashi tells me.

" We're still on summer break for about 5 more weeks, so we'll have a lot of free time." Hiro tells me. "Not that it matters, I actually just graduated high school."

"Congrats!" I tell Hiro. "I actually graduated myself before I came here"

"Sweet! Yea, our bro is pretty smart. Been trying to have him check out my lab, but he's not too interested." Tadashi tells me.

"I'd come see your lab! It sounds sick!" I tell Tadashi.

"Thanks Kayla." Tadashi smiles. "SFIT is wheelchair friendly, so maybe we could ask the doctor about a field trip?"

" That would be SO cool!" I tell him.

" Well it's bound to happen, I mean you're gonna take a break from this joint next week." Hiro points out.

" What do you mean?" I ask, confused by his statement. Aunt Cass sighs.

" There's going to be a trial Kayla, for those men that hurt you and your—brother. You're going to have to testify." Aunt Cass explains, more tears forming in her eyes. "But don't think of that right now, that's not until next week. Just think of how much fun you're going to have when you visit Tadashi's school. Marie and I are trying to get all of the legal stuff out of the way so we can be a proper family."

" Sorry, I didn't mean to worry you," Hiro apologizes." I just wanted to help you feel better, that's all."

"It's ok Hiro." I tell him. A doctor comes in to give me a chalk-like tablet, and a glass of water.

"Here's some pain medicine." He says, handing me the tablet. I take it, stuff it into my mouth, and drown it in water. Buck! It tastes like chalk too! (Don't ask me how I know what chalk tastes like. I was a very imaginative child when I was 5.) My head starts to go fuzzy, and I close my eyes. I feel like I'm going to throw up. But there's no use in complaining, I'm only going to get more tablets. And it beats constant agonizing leg pain.


Once I'm stable again, Marie the social worker comes into, carrying a black leather folder.

" I'm just going to ask you some questions about your life in San Fransokyo. Since your father was killed before you could be registered for anything, your history is basically non-existent. So, why did you come to San Fransokyo?" Marie the social worker asks.

" Well, It started in after my graduation, my Mom said that it was time I get to know my brother and my father. My parents split shortly after I was born, my father and my brother came here, while me and mom stayed in Massachusetts. She knew how much I loved to travel, so after I agreed, she bought me a plane ticket, and I flew to San Fransokyo. That was the last time I ever saw her." I sniffle. Thinking of Mom is too hard, especially finding out how she really died. "So when I came here, Yamma was at the gate, but my father wasn't. I knew it was him because I had a picture."

" Thank you Kayla." Marie the social worker finishes her notes. "Now, what was life like with Yamma?" She asks.

" Well After the airport, we took the bus to our apartment. Yamma directed to my room, and after I put my suitcase down on my bed, he pointed out the window to the shed. He told me never to go in there, and never to follow him to his job. Then he left me to unpack. I went about my own business, I never bothered him, and he never bothered me. The next morning, he said that he had gotten a call from dad, and that he had to go on a business trip. He also told me that Mom died in a car accident. For two whole week, I just sat in my room, letting the grief control me. But then I noticed a closed laptop under my desk, I opened it, and turned it on. I found this really addictive game called 2048. It basically gave me a purpose in life, as silly as it might sound. Then I started to get curious about my brother's 'job'. He was always really lazy at home, so I didn't think he actually have a job. So I went into his room one day, and I find an entire microwave box stuffed with money! And I got very suspicious, because we lived in the not-so-great section of San Fransokyo. So I went to the shed to confront him, but as soon as I opened the door, Yamma literally pushed me out, and there was even a bruise on my arm for a week." I tell Marie the social worker.

"Umhm, has Yamma ever hurt you, besides the shed confrontation?" She asks, and sits on the edge of her seat, as if she wants to leave.

" No, just that once." I tell Marie the social worker.

"Good, know what happened last night at the bot fight?" She asks. Hiro finds his sneakers fascinating again.

"So I saw Yamma leave, and I quietly followed him to the bot fight. Once I saw what he was doing, I called the police. I waited for them at the end of the alleyway, where the cars had to stop. But then I heard a loud roar, and I rush to the scene. There I see Hiro, getting thrown at the wall by Yamma, some men I'd never seen before behind him. Then I yelled at Yamma, and he whispered something into the ear of one of the men. Then Yamma left. I ran in front of Hiro, and told the men what I had done. But when I tried to run away, the same man Yamma whispered to tackled me. My head hit a robot, I fell unconscious, and I woke up in the hospital." I tell her. Aunt Cass blinks away tears, Hiro still stares at his shoes, and Tadashi just looks at me, his eyes full of sympathy. Marie the social worker puts her notes away and looks at Hiro.

" We already have you sorted out, Hiro. You don't need to hide it anymore." Marie tells him. And walks away.

" Ok, I'm missing something here." Tadashi tells Hiro, eyeing him suspiciously.

" Hiro was bot-fighting last night." Aunt Cass tells him. "But don't ask questions, it's all sorted out. Right Hiro?"

" Yea Aunt Cass." Hiro replies, in the long, drawn out dialect which is most commonly used when the speaker is in trouble.

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