Kayla Hamada

Chapter 5

When I wake up the next morning, I don't know how I feel. On one hand I feel excited, and ready to move. On the other, I feel nervous. Todays the day I get my wheelchair. Well it's the day I try it out, the wheelchair will still belong to the hospital. I reach to the table next to me, and open the middle drawer. It contains a handheld mirror, a brush, some scrunchies, and some other hygiene products. I take out the mirror, and look at my face.

I take after the Japanese side of the family, with my fair skin, and almond eyes. But I have curly red hair that goes down to the bottom of my neck, from my Mom's side. I take the brush and two pink scrunchies and awkwardly try to put my hair in low pigtails. But it's hard to do it one-handed, so drop the mirror and use my scalp as a guide for the pigtails. When I look in the mirror, my hair is half decent, which is good, considering I wasn't looking. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.

" Come in." I tell them, hastily putting the hair supplies back. The door opens, and in comes Tadashi, Hiro, and Aunt Cass. " Hey guys!"

" Hey Kayla!" Hiro replies, smiling.

" Didn't want to miss your first expedition." Tadashi comments, also smiling. Aunt Cass carries a red folder, thick with paper work. She works in it whenever she can, to get it done as fast as possible.

" Are you excited?" Aunt Cass asks, her smile tainted with nerves.

" I guess so. I'm also kinda nervous." I tell them.

" There's nothing to be nervous about, lots of people use wheelchairs." Tadashi reassures me. " And besides its only temporary. You'll be walking around in no time!"

" That's not what I'm nervous about." I sigh.

" Then what are you nervous about?" Hiro asks, curious to know more.

" The trial. I was using the laptop the hospital put in my rooms, and it's scheduled for Monday, and that's in five days."

"Oh, Kayla, don't be nervous! It will be ok, no one can hurt you there." Aunt Cass tells me. She comes over and gives me a hug. It feels amazing.

" Ok." I tell her. " Do you know the plan for when wheelchair training starts?" I ask.

" The doctors will be over in about 10 minutes, and they'll get you into it. Then you'll be pushed down to the cafeteria, where we'll eat breakfast. Afterward, you'll have a chance to try it for yourself. The doctors say that most people get the hang of it pretty quickly, so there's nothing to be afraid of." Aunt Cass informs me. A silence falls over the room.

"Do you guys wanna watch some T.V. or something while we wait for the doctors to come?" I ask. The silence must be broken!

"Sure." Hiro replies as he sits down in a blue chair. Tadashi and Aunt Cass follow suit. Aunt Cass starts on some paperwork. I grab the remote, and turn on the T.V. In the room. The dead screen bursts to life, and the morning news fills up the small surface.

"And now to our weather..." Weather reports sound boring, so we flip through the channels, looking for something interesting to watch, but like most times were you flip through channels on the T.V., we find nothing worth watching. So I turn off the T.V.. The door opens, and incomes some doctors, pushing this gigantic thing into the room. Tadashi and Hiro jump up, and remove their chairs to make room for the gigantic thing. The doctor behind the one pushing the gigantic thing pushes a gray wheelchair. My wheelchair. The big gigantic thing looks like a crane, but has a big piece of cloth attached to the crane with chains. The doctors set up the crane next to me bed, and the wheelchair next to the crane. The doctor who pushed the crane in lifts me up, while the other doctor pushes the cloth under me. Once I'm secure, the first doctor pushed a button on the crane, and the cloth picks me up off the bed!

" Woah!" I exclaimed. "I'm flying! Flying!" Everyone on the room starts to chuckle.

"She's going to get along great with Fred." Tadashi tells Aunt Cass, I don't know who Fred is, but the the cloth bends my knees and seats me perfectly in the wheelchair. The doctor's lift me and remove the cloth, leaving me in my wheelchair.


I speed down the empty hallway, A.K.A. ' Unofficial Wheelchair Training Field'. The Doctor showed me how to use it, and it's easy. I just have to push the small metal parts in the wheels, and off I go! Hiro and Tadashi run after me, laughing.

"Catch me if you can!" I yell to my new brothers.

" Challenge accepted!" Hiro yells back, and they continue to chase me until we get to the ends of the hallway. I come to a screeching halt. I turn to the doctor.

"How do you turn it around?" I ask, my cheeks turning red. But my fingers somehow know what to do, so I figure out how to turn around in a flash. The chase continues, until the doctor and Aunt Cass tell us to stop.

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