Kayla Hamada

Chapter 6

I wake up with my heart in my stomach. It's Monday, when I have to face Yamma and his minions that beat me up. And of course it's happening all on live TV. I will never understand why a formality trial for a toadie beating up a kid need not be on live TV. I mean, this is San Fransokyo, not the Hunger Games!(witch I don't like, because it's murder on live T.V.)

I get ready in some nice court clothes that Aunt Cass picked up for me, and brush my hair. My outfit is just a simple gray dress that I can easy slip on over my head(and casts!). There is a dark gray bow on the waist, and a cardigan of the same dark gray. Aunt Cass is the best. She, Tadashi, and Hiro are going to be here by 6:30, so we can get onto the van that will drive us to the courthouse. Tadashi's girlfriend, Honey Lemon, is going to meet us at the courthouse. She says that she wants to be able to support us. I haven't met her, but Hiro says that she's really nice. The trial for Yamma's minion starts at 7:00 in the morning. (In case the trial goes on forever, but I don't understand why a formally trial would take longer than two hours tops.) Marie the Social worker is going to be at the trial as well, but she isn't going to do much. She's going to be more heavily involved with Yamma's trail. Thankfully, I don't have to go alone, Marie, who is a social worker, will be my 'official spokesperson'. She usually represents kids from abused houses at the abuse trials, in case coming face-to-face with the abuser is to traumatic. Marie has very clearly stated that she believes going face to face with Yamma after today will be too much for me, and I can't say I disagree.

I look at the clock on the room laptop, and it's 6:25. The doctors should be here to get me into my wheelchair soon. Sure enough, in they come, and silently place me into the chair. I really want to re-paint the gray thing, but the Doctors said no permanent decorations. Apparently painting the wheelchair to look like the uniform from one of my favorite anime, Lucky Star, counts as permanent. I week down to hall, to the front entrance, where I meet, Marie the social worker, Aunt Cass, Tadashi, and Hiro. Marie the social worker is in her usual pantsuit, while Aunt Cass, Hiro, And Tashi are in more formal, gray, outfits. Seeing Hiro in dress pants, a tie and dress shoes almost makes me giggle. Almost.

"Hey Kaya. Nice dress." Hiro greets me, clearly uncomfortable. He doesn't seem to be any more excited the trial and I am.

"Thanks." I replied.

"You ready to go?" Tadashi asks, in a sympathetic voice. I can see that he's trying to cheer me up, but the trial is really wearing down on his happiness. He doesn't even have his SFTI ball cap on. I just what the trial over and done.

"Yep." I sigh. Marie the social worker starts to chat about the order of the trial as we head to the van, but I already know how a basic courtroom works. I will give her the credit of trying to break the silence. She's good at that.

The courthouse is bleak and unpromising. A tall blond girl with medium skin and pink glasses. waits outside. Tadashi sees her and waves. That must be Honey Lemon. Lawyers are there too, also waiting for me and Hiro. I start to shake in my chair. Tadashi looks over.

"Kayla? Are you alright?" He ask. I almost nod my head yes, but rears form on my eyes, and before I know it I'm shaking my head no.

"i'm just scared." I stutter, the tears leaking down from my eyes.

"Kayla, don't worry. Noone can hurt you. Not one single person will lay a finger on you. Everything will be over before you know it. And went the tria is done, we can go to STIF. I know you want to go, and you need a serious pick me up. How does that sound?" tadashi asks me. I nod my head yes, that would be nice.

"The prosecution would like to call up Kayla Alice Matsumoto-Anderson to the stand." My fingers shake so violently that I can barely make it up to the witness box from where I'm sitting/parked. I put my hand on the bible and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Then I make my shaking way over to the box.

"Miss. Anderson, what were you doing on the night of July 18th 2015?" The prosecution lawyer asks. He is in a gray suit, and he has dark skin and black, curly hair.

"Well, I was following my brother to what he called his job. I didn't think he actually had a job, so I went to investigative. When-" The prosecution lawyer cut me off.

"That's enough . Can you tell me what happens when you followed, your brother to what you believed to be his job?"

"I found that he was a bot fight. I was shocked, I didn't think Yamaha would do something illegal. so I went to a payphone and called the police. after I had been waiting for a few minutes, I heard a big roar from the crowd, so I went to check it out. There I saw Hiro getting conned by Yamma and some other men." I tell them.

"Can you name the other men that were surrounding ?"

"Well was sort of the head of the group. I don't know the names of the other two men." I replied.

"What happened next?" The prosecution Lawyer asked.

"Well I yelled a Yamma to stop. I told him that I called the police and then he told something to . Yamma walked away, and i tried to run away but tackled me and my head hit a robot, then I woke up in the hospital." I breath a sigh of relief.

"How do you know that was the one to attack you?"

"When I was running away, I looked back for an instant to see him chasing me." I reply.

"The prosecution has no more questions at this time." The prosecution lawyer says.

"Does the defense have any questions for the Victim?" The Judge asks. She's an older Woman, she looks to be in her 60's, and had a full, round face. her gray hair and pale skin completely congrats the black Judge's robes.

"Yes." The Defense Lawyer answers. She, unlike the Judge, has a very sharp face, with high cheek bones and tiny lips. Her hair is a light auburn, and is pulled back into a bun, like the Judge's.

" , do you have any recollection of the event after you fall down?" She asks Ina

A fast, no nonsense, voice.

"No." I reply, shrinking in my chair a little.

"So tell me , how do you know that the Defendant assaulted you?" She asks in a retort cal manner,

"Hiro told me that beat me when I was in the hospital." I reply, my voice shaking a bit.

"Alright , but what was Mr,Hamada doing that night?" The defense Lawyer asks me.

"OBJECTION!" The prosecuting lawyer cries,"What was doing that night has nothing to do with the defendant getting assaulted by the Defendant directly!"

"Overruled. One more question ." The Judge replies.

I sight. I see where this is going, and I don't want to throw Hiro under the bus, but I did swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. "Hiro was bot fighting. From my understanding, he beat Yamma and that's why Yamma had and the other men cornering him."

"So, , if was breaking the law, then how do you know he wasn't lying to you?" The Defence Lawyer asks. The court becomes full of noise, and I see that Hiro has turned white as a sheet. A tear drips down my cheek. I don't want to throw Hiro under the bus, but the defense lawyer has only one card to play.

"Because Hiro hurt too, so I don't believe that he would lie about something this important. And even if he only cared about himself, with he doesn't, it wouldn't make sense to lie when he was hurt was well." I reply, trying to be confident, but my whole bosh shakes and tears start running down my cheeks.

"The defense has no more questions at this time." The defense lawyer tells the Judge.

I'm allowed to go back to Tadashi, Aunt, Cass and Hiro.

"I'm sorry." I tell Hiro, before tears starts to pour out of my eyes.

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