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Todoroki x reader


You’re sitting in your bedroom then all of a sudden you hear a strange noise. As you approach the kitchen, you hear it again. As you go to check it out you find something..... oddly adorable. (PICTURE IS NOT MINE!!!) ( CREDITS GO TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER)

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one: the meeting

One cold, fall day you were sitting in your room, wondering what you should do. Then as you were getting off of the bed you heard a strange noise outside. As you approached the kitchen, you heard it again and decided to check it out. You walk outside and see an odd looking cat. It had a red patch on it’s left eye but the rest was white. You walk up to it and it goes and hides behind a bush. “No, it’s ok. I won’t hurt you.” You say in the most gentle voice possible. He slowly comes out from behind the bush. He then decided he could trust you and turned into a person, but he looked odd. He had cat ears and a tail. He was a neko. You were shocked but still decided to see if he could talk. “Hey there.” You say to him. “Can you talk?” He responds with a nod. “What’s your name?” You ask him. “Shoto Todoroki” he said. He asks “what’s your name?” “Y/n.” You say. You were sitting on the ground and he crawled over and sat next to you. He sat really close to you. You blush and ask “why are you sitting so close?” He says “Because I think your kinda cute.” You blush even harder and look away. “Heh, adorable” Todoroki says with a slight smirk. “I wonder if I should invite him inside” you thought. “Maybe I will” you thought again. “Hey do you want to come inside?” You ask him. He says “sure” and you both get up to walk inside. “Nice place” he said. You say “thanks” and tell him he could sit anywhere he wanted. “Sooo uh- what should we do?” He asks. “I dunno” you responded. “Maybe get to know each other?” You ask. “Probably the best thing to do right now.” He says.

Author’s note:
Hey guys so I really hope you enjoyed this Todoroki x reader! If you did please let me know if you would like a second chapter and I’ll get to work on that right away. Have a blessed week and remember that you are good enough for this world and you don’t need to change who you are for someone. You are perfect just the way you
are!! Also sorry I know it’s kind of short but ya know, writers block and my grammar is really bad. Ok for real now byeee lovelies!

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