The Unforgettable Camping Trip


My eyes can only see the blue police box. It's a navy color, and made out of wood. It has white windows that I can't see into. There's a notice in the door I try to read, but before I can, the door creaks open, and out walks a man I have never seen before.

"Hmm, now where are we?" He asks himself. The man wears a blue suit, with a red tie, and red shoes. He has brown eyes and brown hair that sticks straight up in some places. He turns and looks at us, as of he knows us. He is quite speechless as well.

Somehow, I find my voice. "Excuse me? Mr.? How are you?" My senses come back. I need to find out who the heck this man is.

He snaps out of his gaze. "I'm The Doctor." He says.

" Just 'The Doctor'?" I question.

" Yes." He answers.

Camilla finds her voice too. "I hate to be rude, but what are you doing in our campsite?"

" My TARDIS brought me here, I'm pretty sure it's broken." He explains.

" Whats a TARDIS?" Camilla asks him.

" Its a spaceship. It can travel anywhere in time and space." He tells us.

" So the police box is a spaceship thingy, and it brought you here?" I ask.

" Yes." He replies. " The only problem is I don't know where here is."

" This is the Lake Paisley camping grounds in Massachusetts." Camilla told him.

" Thank you. Now what are your names?" He asks. Normally, if a complete stranger whom I'd just met two minutes ago asked me my name, I would have run away. But I had this strange feeling that I'd met him before, so I pushed all common sense away.

" I'm Amara, and this is Camilla." I tell him

" Nice nice. Would you two like to see my TARDIS?" He asked.

" Sure." We respond, and follow him to the TARDIS. He opens the door, and we both let out a gasp.

On the outside, it looks like some dingy little british police box. But on the inside, It's a gigantic spaceship! The wall is lined with circles, the circles filled with light. Of the walls, there are structures that are the color of pretzels, and vaguely resemble teardrop shaped pill capsules. The floor in made up of glass plates, and in the center of the room is a giant cockpit structure with a giant illuminated tube on top. The cockpit itself is filled with bizarre buttons, switches, and screens. There's a beeping sound coming from the cockpit.

" What's the beeping?" I ask The Doctor.

" I don't know, but lets have a look!" He motions for us to come inside. I go up to the cockpit and find that the source of the beeping is comedy from a radar with three dots on it. The beeping has gotten louder.

"I found the source!" I tell everyone.

" Nice work Amara!" The Doctor tells me, as he pulls out a pair of glasses. " Hmm, thats strange."

" Whats going on?" Camilla asks.

" Well, this radar can detect a certain extra terrestrial species called Time Lords. I myself am a Time Lord-"

" So the radar is detecting you?" I interrupt.

" No, I was able to add a DNA sample so it doesn't do anything when it detects me." The Doctor explains.

" Well it must be detecting something, its going nuts." Camilla points out.

" Yes, thats the issue." The Doctor mumbles. He pulls out a thing from his overcoat. Its long, and silver. It kind of looks like a robot wand. There's a blue light at the end, and when The Doctor presses a button, it makes a sound. He bends down under the cockpit and starts shining the light in different places.

" Whats that?" Camilla asks.

" A sonic screwdriver." The Doctor answers.

" What does it do?" I ask.

"It can scan things, open doors, lock them, fix things, and much more." He says, continuing his work. "Oh my."

" Whats wrong?" Camilla asks him.

" Its not broken." His face has the complexity of a piece of paper.

" Isn't that a good thing?" I question.

" Yea, just very, very unlikely." He answers, and pulls a stethoscope out of his overcoat.

" Whats that for?" I ask.

" A distinct characteristic of a Time Lord is that they have two hearts." He explains. "May I?" He gestures with the stethoscope. I can take a hint.

" Oook." I replie. My heart is racing, my palms are getting sweaty. He puts the stethoscope on my chest, and listens. I see his hand shake as he moves the stethoscope to the other side of me chest. I can feel the tension pressing against me. He listens, and his eyes grow wide.

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