The Unforgettable Camping Trip

The Barrier


The Doctor does the same check on Camilla, and gets the same result. We are Time Lords. No one speaks for the longest time. The only noise is the beeping of the radar, and six hearts beating faster than light.

" Can you tell me about your history?" The Doctor asks.

" Sure," I respond. " When I was three and Camilla was one, we were found in a park. There was a study to try and find out who we were, but the only source they could come up with was three year old me. They pretty much disregarded everything I said, accept for our names and birthdates. I don't remember anything, but there's a whole document of all that stuff. After they interrogated me, they put us in foster care and we were almost immediately adopted by a really nice family. So that's pretty much it." I look down at my watch. It's only 10:38. My entire life has changed in an hour.

" Excuse me for asking, but where are the other Time Lords?" Camilla asks.

" There was a planet once, called Gallifrey. The Time Lords peacefully lived there for thousands of years. But there was a terrible war, and the planet was destroyed." The Doctor informs us.

" Were there any other Time Lord planets?" Camilla asks.

" No. Only the Time Lords away from Gallifrey survived." The Doctor tells her.

" Are we the only ones left?" Camilla asks, her bottom lip quivering.

" I'm sorry, but yes." The Doctor replies.


Some time later, we exit the TARDIS. It's getting to be very dry and hot. Camilla and I begin to pack up our supplies. Once we get the parts of the tent in the bag, My phone rings.

"Hello?" I say.

" Amara?" My dad asks.

" Yea, what is it?" I respond.

" Witch campsite are you at again?" My Dad asks. Typical.

"We're at 173" I inform him.

" Are you sure?" He questions.

" Yea, I'm looking at the sign right now." I tell him.

" There is no 173" He tells me.

" Are you sure?" I question.

" I see 172, then right next to it I see 174." He informs me.

" Dad, the odd numbers are on the other side of the path, I can see you now." I tell him.

" Ok, I'm turning around." He tells me. " Amara, get you sister and get out of that campsite."

" Dad, Its ok, I can explain the police box and the man in the overcoat." I tell him.

" I didn't notice that, now I'm coming in." He tells me. I hang up, because I can see him, so I walk right on over. Dad goes to walk in, but he hits the air like its a brick wall!

" DOCTOR! Camilla!" I scream. My Dad is stuck in an invisible wall! I put My hand up and I feel a cool, bubble like fluid. My hand search all around, looking for a opening.

" Amara! Stop touching the barrier its only going to make it smaller!" The Doctor tells me. My Dad says something, but I can't hear it. Suddenly, the barrier pushes me back. Then my Dad leaves, only to come back with a shovel.

I can see The Doctor's eyes, full of fear, as he tries his hardest to prevent what my father is going to try to do. Dad brings back the shovel and hits the barrier hard.

The barrier still stand, and a frightening new development begins. Hexagonal plates that make up the barrier become visible, and begin to block out the light!

" GET IN THE TARDIS!" The Doctor yells. We don't have to be asked twice, and we all run to the TARDIS. The Doctor opens the door and we quickly get inside. Once the Doctor has reached the cockpit, we're off.

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