The Unforgettable Camping Trip

The Doctor's Daughters

" So, where exactly were you two planning to go once you left the campsite?" The Doctor asks us. The TARDIS is parked in an alleyway.

" The plan was that Dad was going to get us at 12:45, bring us home to drop of our stuff, then go to the airport to get our Mom." Camilla explains.

" What time did you need to meet your mother?" The Doctor inquiries.

" 3:30." I tell him.

"Well, its 3:00 right now, so lets head to the airport." The Doctor suggests.

"Good Idea." Camilla tells him.


We sit in the waiting area the airport designed for non-passengers. I fiddle with my braid, thinking about what just happened. I look next to me, and the Doctor's eyes are vacant. He mindlessly sticks his fingers through his hair, causing it to stand up. His eyes are like Camilla's, the same chocolatey brown.

" Doctor?" Camilla asks.

" Yes?' He replies, snapping out of his gaze.

" Do you know where our Dad is?" Camilla quizzes. Oh my god. I haven't even thought about him!

" I have no idea." He respons.

" Wait!" I exclaim. " I can call him! I put my phone in my pocket before we left!" I grab my phone and enter Dad's number faster than lighting.

" Hello?" His voice answers.

" DAD!" I replie. He's ok! I see Camilla, curled up in a ball, with the biggest beam across her face.

" Amara!" I hear his joy radiat through. " Are you alright? Where are you?"

" We're at the airport, and yes, we're fine." I replie.

" Great. I'll drive over now. See you later sweetheart." He tells me, then hangs up.

" That will make things easier." The Doctor says to himself.

" Make what easier?" I inquire.

" I wouldn't have to break the news twice." He tells me. I was also thinking in how best to tell Mom and Dad that their daughters are extra terrestrial.


My eyes are drawn to the door. Mom's flight got in a few minutes ago, she should be arriving any minute. And to my relief, she is the next one to open the door.

" MOM!" Camilla and I scream running toward her.

" Girls!" She exclaimed, hugging us. "I missed you so much." She looks around. " Where's your father?" She questions, concerned.

" He's on his way." I tell her.

" The how did you two get here?" She inquires.

" The Doctor gave us a ride." Camilla says, gesturing to him. My mother gives him the biggest stare.

" Who are you?" She asks him, storms forming in her eyes. " And why do you think you have the right to bus my children to an airport!?"

" I'm The Doctor, and I have everything under control." He replies.

" No. Who are you really?" Mom questions.

" Mom!" I tell her. "Trust him."

" Amara, he's a stranger." Mom tells me.

" Mom! Listen to me!" I yell. " Look at his eyes!"

" Young lady! Amara so help me!" Mom threatens.

" JUST LOOK!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

" FINE!' Mom yells back. But even though she scared the begbies out of me, I don't care, because as soon as she looks, she sees what I want her to see. " Doctor, do you know my daughters?"

" I just met them today, why?" He asks.

" Than why do you have the same eyes as my youngest daughter?" She quizzes. The doctor looks in Camilla's eyes.

" It cant be." He mumbles.

" What can't be?" I ask.

" I need to tell your family something." The Doctor says.

" Do we have to wait for Dad?" I ask.

" Yes." Mom and the Doctor say simultaneously.


It takes Dad 25 minutes to get to the waiting room. When he does, Mom goes up to him, and whispers in his ear. Then they come and sit next to Camilla and I. The Doctor moves to a seat across from us.

" I said I needed to tell you something." He starts. " A long, long, time ago, there was a planet called Gallifrey. It was home to an extraterrestrial species, Time Lords. I myself am one. I lived on Gallifrey, and I had family, two daughters. When my eldest was two, another species called Daleks declared the time war. At this time, my youngest had just been born.

" The Time War was deadly. Homes were destroyed, cities were incinerated, and Time Lords were killed, including my wife. I knew I needed my children away from Gallifrey. So I made plans to move into my TARDIS. I was extremely protective of my daughters, I never let them out if my sight. Bit there was one moment when I wasn't looking, and when I looked back. They were gone."

" That's awful." Mom replies. "What were their names?" The Doctor takes a deep breath.

" Amara and Camilla." The entire room goes quiet.

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