The Unforgettable Camping Trip

A Mother's Farewell

For the second time today, my life is flipped upside down. The Doctor of my father! I begin to think back to when I read the case file that contained by interview with the police when I was first found. In the case file, three-year old me had talked about fire and the robots. I close my eyes.

The red sky was filled with the cries of dying Time Lords. A young child runs behind her father, holding his hand. In his other hand he holds his other daughter. Behind them, the house the just ran out of explodes. " MARYA!" The father screams.

I open my eyes, and shake my head. The vision fades. I look around the dingy waiting room. It's not fancy, and just a smaller version of your average airport seating in a beige room with glass double doors. My Parents and the Doctor are speaking in the corner, quietly, so Camilla and I wouldn't hear. Camilla is in the seat next to me, again curled up in a ball. Instead of beaming, she is rocking back in forth. The bottom of my braid is so tangled that its going to take a chainsaw to work out the knot created by my nervous fingers.

" Girls," My Mother calls. " We need to discuss something with you." We silently walk over to our Dad and The Doctor.

" As you know, The Doctor is your biological father, and the last of your species," Our father tells us, his voice shaking. " He personally knows more about Time Lords than anyone in the universe.

"So, we thought it would would be a good idea for you two to spend some more time with him." My Mother finished.

" But we don't want to enforce him on your lives." My father continues.

" So we're going to let to go with The Doctor when you deem yourselfs ready." My mother tells us.

" So," The Doctor begins. " Would you two like to travel with me?"

This is happening too fast. Just this morning, I was a normal girl with a bad tent and a lot of rain. Now I'm a Time Lord and am being asked to leave my life behind. I know that I must go with The Doctor sooner or later. He can teach me things that my parents don't even know exist. He has a box that can travel anywhere in the universe. I could be free.

" Doctor." I say, in a weak voice. " Yes."

" I'll come to." Camilla repates.

Back at home, Camilla and I pack for our new home.

" Thank you." Camilla tells me.

" Why?" I ask.

" For speaking first." She replies.


Camilla and I stand in front of TARDIS with our suitcases. Our parents stand next to us. The Doctor was going to invite us in once our rooms were ready. We all stand quietly. My Mom motions me to flow her. We go into her room, where she takes a necklace out of her jewelry box.

" Amara, on the day they found you, you were wearing this necklace. I was going to give it to you in your 18th birthday, but I believe you are really for it now." My mother hands me the necklace. It has a shining, thin, silver chain, and on it is a large sparkling green diamond, encased in a glittering silver circle.

" Thank you Mom." I whisper as I put it on, tears flowing down my cheeks. I hug her. " Good bye." We walk out in silence. Once we get back to the TARDIS, The Doctor is waiting for me.

" You girls ready?" He asks, with a smile on his face.

" Lets do this thing." I say, as I walk into the TARDIS, leaving my life behind.

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