Harry Potters Grandauther

Chapter 10

Nymphadora felt dizzy after traveling by Floo Powder. The world seemed to spin. But at least she went to the right place. Once the ground became stable, she saw how big Aunt Angelina and Uncle George's house was. It was a red brick two-story house with balconies and a huge backyard.

" Now Nymphadora, if you want to go home, let us know. We can just go. I get it if it's too much." Grandad said.

"Thank you." Nymphadora said. They walked to the living room. It was bright and big and full of happiness and holiday spirit. Before Gran, Grandad, and Nymphadora could get to far, Aunt Angelina stopped to collect their coats.

" Hello everyone! Dinner is cooking, and there are snacks and drinks on the counter over on the left near the living room. Now all the kids are downstairs in the basement." She said.

" Feel free to go where ever you want." Gran said to Nymphadora.

"Thanks." Nymphadora wandered around until she found the entrance to the basement. It was a staircase that was where a door would have been. Nymphadora heard voices, and listened before she went down stairs.

"She's NOT coming, Collin. Her sister died 3 weeks ago." A girl said.

"How do you know that she isn't coming?" Another girl said in retort.

" 'Cause people don't go to family events after the family went to their house for their sister's funeral" Then Nymphadora walked down the stairs.

"NYMPHADORA!" Collin said. " I told you she would come Melody!"

"Fine , your little brain got it right for once in your pathetic little life." Melody said

" Melody stop being so mean!" a boy said. " I'm gonna tell Mom!"

" Shut up Aberforth." Aberforth stuck his tongue out at Melody and stormed upstairs.

"That's my big brother." Collin said. "He's 8! Melody is 13, but she's mean." Then everyone told Nymphadora there , Ableforth and Melody were Uncle Albus's kids. Auntie Lily's kids were Harmoni(15) and Tony(10). Auntie Rose had Jeremy(16) and Minerva(8). Uncle Hugo didn't have any kids, While Uncle Fred had 4 kids, Ana and Ani(11), Mark(11), and Zack(14). Auntie Roxanne had Orla(13) and Jack(9). Uncle Louis had Collett(14) and Connor(11). Auntie Victoria and Uncle Fred had Remus(22) and Andromeda(19). Although adults, they still were in the basement with the other children. Auntie Dominique had Corey(16), Samantha a.k.a Sam(13)

"So thats pretty much all of us." Harmoni said.

" But Louisa, Tyler, Ariana, and Fredrick are in the living room being goodie little two-shoes and doing boring stuff". Zach said. " It's much better down here."

" Yep." Ani agreed. "What to go explore? Gran and Grandad did just buy this house last week."

" Last week! I thought they bought it last month!" Connor exclaimed.

" Well they moved in last last week, so it doesn't really matter when they bought it. All I know is that we are in a big unexplored house, and my antsy side is starting to kick in". Ana said. " Let's go explore!"

So all the kids who wanted to go explore the new house went up the stairs, and the the people who didn't stayed in the basement. Nymphadora went upstairs with Ana, Ani, Harmoni, Orla, Conner, Leia, Andromeda, Jack, Jeremy, Abeloth, Sam and Colin to see the rest of the house. No one could decide where to go first, and It exploded into a huge argument between Leia and Conner. But they heard footsteps coming closer and closer to the door, so everyone scattered so no one would get in trouble and have to sit with all the grow ups. At that point, there was no re-forming the original group of 13, so the exploration continued in mini- groups.

Nymphadora was with Ana and Ani, who were 11, Harmoni, who was 15, and Andromeda, who was 19 and a full-fledged witch. First they went upstairs and left, but all they found at first was the master bedroom, a balcony, and a bunch of bathrooms. Then they found some guest rooms, which were more fun, but still boring. Then at the end of the hall, there was a closed closet. So the girls did what should be done when there is a closed closet at the end of the hallway, which was open it and see what was inside. To their delight, there were several Nimbus 2000's, a few Cleansweeps, and most helpful, some directions to the indoor flying room. So Ana, Ani, Harmoni, and Andromeda grabbed the Nimbuses, (and left the Cleansweeps untouched) .

" Hold up ladies, there's a problem. Are there any kiddie brooms?" Ani asked.

" Nope. Didn't see any when I searched the thing looking for better brooms." Ana said.

" I bet there's some in this flying place were going. Harmoni said. So the girls put back the brooms and followed the directions to the indoor flying room. Lucky for them, it was close. The flying room was sort of like a track room, but with brooms and quidditch supplies. They found a few Firebolt threes, but unfortunately, there was no toy booms, and the shortest regular broom was taller than Nymphadora.

"What are we going to do?" Ani said. "We can't just go on these awesome brooms and have Nymphadora be left out!"

"Does anyone still have a kiddy broom at there house? They could go get it." Andromeda said.

"Nope. Our's were switched out for good brooms ages ago." Ana said.

"Tony doesn't have one anymore." Hamoni said. " WAIT! do you have one Nymphadora?"

"Ummmm, umm yeea."

" Cool." Said Ani. " Can you go get it?"

" Ok."

" I'll go to." Said Andromeda. Nymphadora let out a sigh of relief. Having Andromeda would make her less nervous. Andromeda took the directions to the flying room and they wandered until they found the living room.

The living room was enormous, and there were sofas and loveseats all around they were a Raspberry red and the carpet was a deep orange. There were adults sitting and talking, their voices like rain. Over in the corner, a enormous Christmas tree stood, decorated with moving figures, and multicolor lights. Underneath was a train, and in the cars were rainbow presents with silky red bows. Nymphadora could have looked at the tree for years and never get tired of it. Her attention was soon stolen by four kids, getting people food. Zach was right. They were goodie little do gooders. It looked boring. Then she saw her Grandparents. She and Andromeda went up to them.

"Um Grandad?" Nymphadora asked.

"Is everything ok?" He asked." Are you alright?"

" Yea. But can me and Andromeda gggggoo" She got too Nervous to continue. Fortunately, Andromeda finished.

" To your house to get Nymphadora's toy broom?" We found an Indoor flying room and there isn't short enough brooms here."

" Of course dear." Gran said, her voice full of relief. "Andromida can come with you." But before anyone could say anything more, Auntie Angelina came out saying dinner was ready. Everything was amazing. But the need for brooms were forgotten completely. It was very late when Nymphadora and her Grandparents were finally home. Nymphadora took no extra time getting her pajamas on and climbing into bed. And for the first time since Veronica's death, she had no nightmares.

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